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On 20 February 2008, the family was issued a summons order to receive notice of the complaint against Kamol for meddling and interfering in official matters (it was later recalled). Then on 4 March 2008, the Khon Kaen Provincial Court issued Kamol an arrest warrant. The Court also accused him of trying to escape judgement by going missing in the first place.

SOUTH Incident 17 NAME: Mr Wae-harong Rohing and Ya Jea-Dorlor DATE OF INCIDENT: 27 March 2002 APPROX. LOCATION OF INCIDENT: between Yala and Yaha districts, Yala province DATE OF REPORTS: 16 August 2005 ADDRESS OF VICTIM: house no.32 and 97, respectively; village no.4, Patoa sub-district, Yaha district, Yala province AGE OF VICTIM: unknown ETHNICITY: Malayu SUMMARY OF TESTIMONY:11 Rubber plantation workers, Mr Wae-harong Rohing and Mr Ya Jea-Dorlor, disappeared on 27 March 2002, on their way to see a policeman in Mueang Yala. On that day, the two friends received a phone call from a mutual acquaintance who is close to the police called Doloh Roying. Dolah requested that Wae-hearong and Ya come to see him to discuss a militant attack in Bannang Sata district, during which a policeman was shot and killed. It was not uncommon for Dor-Loh to request such a meeting; for years now he would appeal to the villagers in the area for information on insurgency related incidents or to try gathering intelligence on future attacks. Those who gave valuable information would often get some kind of monetary reward.

While JPF has documented this case firsthand, details here also draw extensively on the Human Rights Watch report, ‘It Was Like Suddenly My Son No Longer Existed’ published in 2007, available at: 11


Enforced Disappearances in Thailand  

Enforced Disappearances in Thailand