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Incident 12 NAME: Mr Songkran Namprom DATE OF INCIDENT: 20 September 1999 APPROX. LOCATION OF INCIDENT: Sofitel Hotel, Khon Kaen city, Khon Kaen district, Khon Kaen province DATE OF REPORT: 19 September 2011 ADDRESS OF VICTIM: village no.1, Sila village, Sila sub-district, Khon Kaen district, Khon Kaen province AGE OF VICTIM: unknown ETHNICITY: Thai SUMMARY OF TESTIMONY: On 20 September 1999, Songkran Namprom was last seen walking into the Sofitel Hotel in Khon Kaen city – he was meeting a policeman to discuss a corruption case at his place of work. A few weeks later a body that looked remarkably like Songkran was found dead in the neighbouring district. Songkran, a father of two and former Village Headman, had a business doing contract construction projects. Songkran was also a member of the office of elected the Tambon administrative Organisation -TAO. At the time of his disappearance, he had been complaining against the leader of the Sila sub-district’s elected officials’ administration team. During the victim’s previous business venture with Mr.xxxx he had come to learn that his ex-partner had not observed its main contractor’s responsibility of project specification standards in project in building a road to Sila village no.1. The victim told Mr.xxxx that he did not agree with his practices. Mr.xxxx tried to bribe the victim to not say anything to anyone, but Songkran wanted a corruption investigated by the police. A mutual friend of Mr.xxxx’s and Songkran, Mr.ssss (a former headman of Sila village no.7) witnessed Mr.xxxx saying he was going to kill Songkran. Coincidently, a policeman (a friend of Mr.xxxx’s brother ) showed up at the victim’s door under the pretence of looking for a car thief in the area. The victim took the opportunity to complain to him about Mr.xxxx’s corruption case. The policeman suggested that the two meet in private to discuss the matter in more detail. The policeman suggested they meet at Sofitel Hotel in Khon Kaen city. The last person to see the victim before his meeting with the policeman was Mr Chaiya, a former colleague at the elected government officials’ administration team office. They had both attended an agricultural conference earlier that day. Mr Chaiya dropped the victim off in front of the hotel entrance at around 4 p.m.


Enforced Disappearances in Thailand  

Enforced Disappearances in Thailand