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The victim’s mother, Ms Mastah Jeh-u-ma, believed that the reason for her son’s disappearance related to his status as a witness of the DSI.28 The village is in a ‚Red Zone‛ and it is possible that he was abducted by insurgents. The victim’s wife, Jeh-Rohaning, was later shot at point-blank near her house (Beujang village, Bor-Gnor subdistrict, Ra-ngae district, Narathiwat province) on 29 August 2011, at about 4.45 p.m. OFFICIAL ACTION: Jeh-Rohaning reported him a missing person to Ra-ngae Police Station and the Director of DSI, the Colonel Kingkeat, on 12 December 2009, after seeing the motorbike of her husband at the army base as mentioned above. On 18 December 2009, Lieutenant Colonel Chawal Wongrade of Ra-ngae Police Station, together with a staff of the DSI, an assistant Rag-nae district officer and soldiers, came to question the victim’s wife to start the investigation. To date, the local police had not passed the investigation files to the public prosecutor yet and the DSI had not accepted the case as a special case yet. Even if the DSI has cooperated with the local police in investigating the case, but there has been no progress so far and no government officials have been proved responsible. Incident 37 NAME: Mr Doromea Jaelea DATE OF INCIDENT: 17 March 2010 APPROX. LOCATION OF INCIDENT: Jabangtigaw sub-district, Pattani district, Pattani province DATE OF REPORT: 26 September 2011 ADDRESS OF VICTIM: 34 village no.3, Bara Ho sub-district, Pattani district, Pattani province AGE OF VICTIM: 46 (approx.) ETHNICITY: Malayu SUMMARY OF TESTIMONY: Mr Doromea Jaelea – a goods mover at the market and father of six – disappeared on his way to work on 17 March 2010. He left his house on his motorbike at around 5 a.m.; neither he nor his motorbike has been seen since that day. Concerned that her husband had not returned yet, his wife, Ms Patimo Ma Moh , first sent her son to the market to look for him. Doroemae’s friend told the son that the victim had not been to work that day. The family went to the Mueang Pattani Police Station to try to report the disappearance, but the police refused for

Information provided by Angkhana Neelapaijit based on research by the Ministry of Justice Working Committee to gather information and pursuit missing person and to heal the wounds caused to people in the Deep South from actions perpetrated by security forces. 28


Enforced Disappearances in Thailand  

Enforced Disappearances in Thailand