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Tiffany Tollick


Nathalia Vallejo

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Natalie Stevenson

History Repeats Itself..................................................................................................7-8

Sean Wilke

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Ashley Yamaguchi

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Dylan Haysebert

Retro J’s..........................................................................................................................13

Priscilla Aguirre

First Friday.....................................................................................................................14

Phil LoPresti


Victoria Wong

Pac To The Future..........................................................................................................16

Anthony Bizer

90’s Cares Tiffany Tollick, 14

Do you remember carrying around Care Bear lunch boxes? Watching the show? Or hugging that bear to help you sleep better? Show the 90’s some appreciation and embrace your inner Care Bear. Which one are you? Bedtime Bear is always yawning. Bedtime Bear helps everyone sleep well and have sweet dreams. Though Bedtime Bear may look lazy during the  day, at nighttime when everyone is in bed sleeping, it is wide awake. You can find bedtime bear dozing off in history class and walking into first period a little late. 

Cheer Bear is optimistic, outgoing and intelligent. This is a very happy and perky bear, who makes everyone smile even on the worst of days. Cheer Bear is generous and usually shares its lunch with others. This bear loves hugs and high-fives! It also makes a point to say hello to everyone in the around school.  Love-a-Lot Bear is a bear who helps spread love wherever it goes. Its tummy symbol is a red heart with a pink outline and a pink heart with a yellow outline. When Love-a-Lot Bear speaks, it uses the word "love" in almost every sentence. This bear loves Valentine’s day and would be a tender companion.  Friend Bear is the best friend you can have. A kind and friendly bear who understands that the best way to make friends, is to be yourself. Although Friend Bear can get along with anyone, it has a small group of close friends rather than a large group. Friend Bear is the social butterfly at any party. 

Good Luck Bear is all about spreading good luck for everyone. He can also be a symbol for Saint Patrick’s Day as he has an Irish accent. Good Luck Bear always wins the raffle, finds money on the ground, and finds four leaf clovers. It also loves the color green!  Funshine Bear is determined and active, it often gets hooked on an idea and rarely lets go. Funshine Bear is very confident, which sometimes gets it into trouble. Funshine Bear loves to play and tell jokes all the time, but sometimes forgets that there are times in life when you must be serious. Funshine Bear loves playing games and going on adventures. 

Grumpy Bear works hard for the rest of the Care Bears. Anytime any other Care Bear interrupts, it accidentally bumps its head. It is negative and rarely happy, hence the name, but values its friends and smiles on special occasions. It talks in a deeper voice and gets extremely hungry. Grumpy Bear demonstrates that while it's okay to be grumpy sometimes, it is also silly to let grumpiness go too far. 

Blink-182 Nathalia Vallejo, 2014

If punk rock/ alternative rock is your type of music, then Blink 182 is right up your alley. It consists of vocalist and bass guitarist Mark Hoppus, vocalist and guitarist Tom Delonge, and drummer Travis Barker. The band has sold about 28 million albums since forming their group in Poway, California in 1992. On February 8, 2009, when Blink-182 attended the Grammy’s, they announced with the brief statement posted on their website saying "To put it simply, We're back. We mean, really back. Picking up where we left off and then some. In the studio writing and recording a new album." Although many years have passed by involving outcomes with broken promises and complications with the classic band, Blink 182 is recovering with having the most anticipated rock album of 2011, on shelves now all over the world. The album which came out in September last year is called "Neighborhood."  It is their first album in four years. The years apart did the group a lot  of good as they were all inspired by different types of music. For  example, DeLonge contributed some stadium rock, barker hip hop flavor, and Hoppus drives the indie rock pieces. The album Neighborhood is described by Alternative Press as "truly gigantic, both within the music industry and the record-buying mainstream." The cover of the album contains many names close to the band, including Chloe (DeLonge's pet Labrador Retriever), Ava and Jon (DeLonge's daughter Ava Elizabeth and son Jonas Rocket), Jack (Hoppus' son), Landon, Alabama and Ati (Barker's son, daughter and step-daughter, Atiana), G! (Mike Giant, designer of the cover), and lastly, a memorial to DJ AM a member that died in August 28, 2009. They got back together after grieving for the lost of DJ AM and so far Blink 182 are starting off with mostly positive feedback from many music critics. People should definitely be buying the new album. 

Goalkeepers in Gear Natalie Stevenson, 14

Goaltender equipment has made many improvements since the National Hockey League (NHL) first started and has presented us with many new styles today. Various goalies who currently play in the NHL, such as Chris Osgood, still prefer old-style gear. Osgood played on the same team as Terry Sawchuk, at one point, and they shared a similar style of equipment.

Terry Sawchuk was a NHL goalie from 1949 to 1970. He was born on December 28th, 1929 and passed away May 31, 1970. He played 21 seasons in the NHL for the Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Los Angeles Kings, and New York Rangers. Sawchuk was a Canadian hall of famer at five foot eleven inches and 190 pounds; which is still considered small today. His leg pads were filled with felt, deer hair, and/or sponge. They also had very few straps and buckles. Terry’s glove, on the left hand, was almost the same as the players and when he did switch to an actual mitt, it was a baseball glove. His blocker, the glove on the right hand also holding the stick, was just a block of foam with no protection for the fingers. Goalie masks are now custom painted for their personalities; however, Terry played with no mask. Arturs Irbe also played in the NHL from 1983 to 2007. He was born on February 2nd, 1967. Irbe played for the San Jose Sharks, Vancouver Canucks, North Carolina Hurricanes, and Columbus Blue Jackets. He is now a goaltender coach for the Washington Capitals. He is Latvian and five foot eight inches, 190 pounds. Irbe was an allstar goalie in 1994 and 1999, a hall of famer, and his nick-name was “like wall”. His leg pads had shock absorbing foam and more straps and buckles. The glove was more formed to catch pucks and the blocker had more padding; including more finger protection, which resulted in less broken fingers. Irbe wore a players helmet with a cage attached to the front, but his ears were still exposed. When Irbe played in the NHL he was stubborn with his gear; only wearing the newest style because he felt more comfortable playing in it. Antti Niemi was born on August 29th, 1983. He was drafted into the NHL in 2005 and currently plays for the San Jose Sharks. He has also played for the Chicago Blackhawks and won the Stanley Cup with them as a rookie. This Finnish goaltender is six foot two inches and 210 pounds; a lot bigger than the older goalies. Niemi’s leg pads have velcro, buckles, and straps. They also have the ledges on the sides which enable the pads to have better rebound control. The pads are also more water repellant. His glove has better netting that is stronger. The blocker is curved at the end, also for rebound control. His mask covers his neck, has protection in the back, and the cage forms better to the face. The stick is lighter, made of fiber glass, and has a curve for better control. Goaltenders are clearly used to the newer gear verse the old gear. As the equipment improves it also gets harder for the players to score. However, it is obvious that goalies would need to be safe and protected from shots coming up to 100 miles per hour. Without the beginnings of early equipment, we would not have the styles or the protection of the gear we have now.

History Repeats Itself Sean Wilke, 12

On Sunday, February 5th, 2012, the New England Patriots and New York Giants were set to square off in a well anticipated rematch. Unfortunately, the anticipation did not equate to the expectations of the Patriot’s fans as the game resulted in the Giants winning 21-17. It happened again. Another close game in which the Patriots fell short. In Superbowl XLII, the result was Giants 17 Patriots 14. In Superbowl XLVI, for most New England fans, including my father who is a passionate Patriot’s fan, it seemed the Patriots had the offense, but it could not match the Giants defensive efforts. The lack of a defensive presence for the Patriots affected he outcome, as well. Giant’s running back Ahmad Bradshaw had 77-yards for the running game, and the Patriot’s defensive line could not contain the run. Patriot’s defensive lineman Vince Wilfork was facing two offensive linemen every snap of the football, which placed more of a role on other defensive linemen, and those players could not respond. Another problem that plagued the Patriots all year long was the secondary of their defense. This really showed in the crucial points of the game. In the later points of the game, in my mind one of the most prominent plays in the Giant’s Superbowl win, Giant’s quarterback, Eli Manning threw a perfect ball to wide-receiver Manningham for a 38-yard reception, which ed to the game winning touchdown. However, the Patriot’s secondary had double coverage on Manningham, therefore the defense should have been able to keep the ball away from the receiver’s hands. The New England Patriots defense will have a long offseason, they reached he Superbowl, but that does not excuse the lack of execution on the defensive end which showed all of the 2011-2012 NFL season. As for the offense, quarterback Tom Brady, widereceivers Deion Branch and Wes Welker, running-backs Danny Woodhead and BenJarvus Green-Ellis all preformed up to par, and demonstrated why they made it into the Superbowl. Also a large applause to Rob Gronkowski, Patriot’s star tight-end, who played through a sprained ankle. The New York GIants outplayed the New England faithful in Superbowl XLVI, as they did in Superbowl XLII. In both games, the Giants had the more successful offensive game. This time around the Giants flaunted that defense, which made the right plays at the right imes, and had their quarterback Eli Manning, who made some great throws to put his team n the winning position. Once again, they proved New York can overpower New England. Coming from the New England side, I know all to well what it is like watching my avorite team lose in a Superbowl, and history repeated itself on that Superbowl Sunday. Most New England fans cringed at he thought of a loss, and unfortunately heir greatest fears came true with the New York Giants defeating the New England Patriots in Superbowl XLVI. Congratulations to the Supebowl XLVI Champion New York Giants, maybe the Giants will have a dynasty as the Patriots once did in the early 2000’s.(Official Website of the New England Patriots, The Columbus Dispatch, & NFL Gamecenter).

La Villa, Willow Glen’s authentic Italian delicatessen Ashley Yamaguchi, 13

Bertucelli’s La Villa has been a part of downtown Willow Glen for over 20 years. The line for ordering food usually wraps around the tiny store, even flowing out the door during the busy hours. It’s popular with people that want good Italian food during their lunch break, and for dinner at the end of the day. As one customer put it, “this place has an authentic charm that is seriously lacking this day [and] age” ( While it’s known for the hand-made raviolis, anything that you buy from the deli is bound to be great. It has a diverse amount of sandwich selections, hot foods like ravioli and chicken, and desserts like cake and tiramisu. While there are not many selections of pasta, their famous ravioli is what brings most people in to the store. The raviolis are described on yelp as “melt-in-your-mouth” and “delicious”. The most popular types ordered are the cheese and meat raviolis, but any of the options are a good choice. People from as far as San Francisco come to Willow Glen to try out La Villa, most leave happy and satisfied with a new favorite Italian restaurant and a new respect for tiny, almost over-looked stores. There are over 25 options of sandwiches, some not on the menu, and they all are above average in terms of taste and freshness. One of the more popular ones is the Death Sandwich, a meatball filled entree that weighs in at around 4 pounds! Also highly recommended is the Chris Combo, the ingredients are kept a secret, which is good since I know many people who would love how to know to make this highly sought after sandwich.

Some of the desserts include sfogliatelles, cannoli, and homemade cheesecake and biscotti. The sfogliatelles are little pastries that are imported from Italy. Sfogliatelle literally means ‘leaves’ or ‘layers’, the texture is supposed to resemble layers on top of layers. The filling can be composed of various items, it is usually filled with some type of fruit and nut, as well as other ingredients. The only downfall of the store is the limited space that people have to sit down and eat. Outdoor seating is available for the first 20 or so people that can find a place at one of the few tables. Catering is available for those of you who want all your friends and family to experience La Villa. Although most people can’t sit down right away to enjoy their food, it hasn’t stopped the store from becoming one of the many infamous restaurants and stores you can only find in downtown Willow Glen For more information on the menu and store hours, check out:

Wu-Tang Triumphs SF Dylan Haysbert,12

There's nothing quite like a hype hip-hop show. The legendary Wu-Tang Clan made a stop in San Francisco Sunday, January 22nd, to kick it old school with their loyal “killa bee” fans on their 2012 tour. Name aside, I am what most people might call a hip-hop addict. I breathe in classic albums like Nas’ “Illmatic” and exhale my own bass-heavy tracks as a producer and DJ. So when I heard that the Wu-Tang Clan, the royalty of hype hip- hop, was scheduled to perform at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, I took maybe two breaths before I saw the confirmation screen for the purchase of my ticket to the show. My hip-hop protege, little brother decided to throw money down on the tickets and ride along with me for the magical trip to SF. We strolled through the double doors of the Regency Ballroom to a massive crowd of people of many different styles and ages ready to worship the Clan. The lights dimmed, the group entered the stage, and they opened their set with the famous cut “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin Ta F**k With.” The fans immediately became slaves to the rhythm, and the ballroom began to look a lot like a church worship session, despite the crude lyrical content and the potent smell of skunk. I was going insane. They played their entire debut album “Enter the Wu- Tang: 36 Chambers” along with tracks from the members’ solo projects and throughout it all they displayed the most energetic show antics and enticing charisma. Their passion for hip-hop and devotion for performing were both beyond visible to the naked eye, as well as enlightening. I was really impressed when I noticed that Method Man, one of the crew’s frontmen, decided perform the entire show with a braced, broken leg and a limp. It is that drive and ambition that is missing in much today’s hip-hop. The Clan even took a small break in between two of their songs to acknowledge the absence of “real hip- hop” on radio stations today. It was truly a breath of fresh air to hear such a wise segment.With the show coming to a close, the audience was still rowdy as ever. A roaring call for an encore quickly spread across the ballroom--It was time for the final song. There was only one song that could top off the night...“Protect Ya Neck”. The heavy bass dropped, the crew and the crowd went wild. Mosh-pits broke out, and buckwild fans bounced around like pinballs in a pinball machine. The show was capped off with such high energy, it was a struggle to work up the will to walk out of the ballroom doors. I could not believe it. I had just seen the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. The show blew my already high expectations completely out of the water and easily kinged “the greatest show I have ever been to” throne. I advise anyone looking for a hip-hop experience of a lifetime to hunt down tickets for their next local show. “Straight from the slums of Shaolin”, the Wu-Tang Clan came and killed it in San Francisco. 

Retro J’s

Retro J’s Priscilla Aguirre,12

Retro Air Jordan shoes are remakes of the classic Air Jordans, either in the colors Jordan wore back in the day, or slightly modified to match with current trends. These re-releases of Jordan classics put a new twist on a timehonored style. The Air Jordan Flights (AJF) shoes have unique combinations of Nike's Air Force 1's. So far in 2012, Nike has released the following: the Concords, Chicago X’s, and the IV’s. Many Jordan collectors and fanatics, camp outside in line awaiting the release of the limited retro J's. Each store only carries a limited amount of pairs. Usually, depending on the shoe, there are two pairs of each size. The anticipation of waiting in line for many hours, for some, an entire night, becomes very tiring BUT, most people make a party out of it. Lining up with friends and HAVING LAUGHS MAKES A LONG NIGHT WORTHWHILE... ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU FINALLY HAVE YOUR KICKS IN YOUR HANDS OR ON YOUR FEET. Retro Jordans usually go for about $150.00 in the stores, but many people buy them to make a profit. Someone bought the Chicago X's (10's) for the original price the day they were released, and now they are up for sale on Ebay for $250.00. The more hype a shoe has, the more of a profit someone can make off of them. Now that you have a little understanding of the Retro J's, maybe you would be interested in experiencing the fun of waiting in line for some dope shoes yourself. The next Air Jordan Retro release date is: March 24th 2012 when the Air Jordan 10 Black Stealths are going to be released for $160, retail price. Good luck on a successful camp out!

PhilLoPresti, 14

First Friday

In Downtown San Jose art has been a part of culture for decades. From graffiti to art galleries you spot the beauty from every perspective and view point in town. A great event celebrating these spectacles is San Jose’s Market street’s First Fridays. This festival is more commonly referred to as simply First Fridays. This largely art inspired festival goes on during every month throughout the year. The event is beautifully decorated with cool artwork and great performances from body painters, street performers to live artists at work. The larger events are held during the summer time due to the warmer weather. There are several booths that range from art to clothing to all sorts of food items. The festival begins at 7 p.m and ends at 11 p.m and hosts many up and coming artists in San Jose.During the festival there is also free verse poetry and live music. You will also want to visit several of the art galleries in the area on this night such as Amino Domini and Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA) to see the both funky and exotic sculptured art and classic paintings they feature. Overall the crowd at this festival is very polite and you should have few issues with anyone there trying to get in the way of a fun experience. If you’re interested in having an artinspired venture and have an interest  in San Jose’s local artistic talent, First Fridays are for you.

iRetro VictoriaWong, 13

So. Last year, ThinkGeek debuted the iCade. It was a gag product.But this little joke became a roaring success. These little doohickeys aren’t just functional; they’re pretty darn entertaining, too. The iCade isn’t just some run of the mill stereo system. The iCade comes tricked out with an eight-way ball-top joystick and eight buttons, giving it a vintage arcade game style. However, according to a few reviews from, there’s abit of a catch that comes with purchasing this amusing iPad add-on. Currently, there’s only one iPad app compatible with the iCade’s controls: “Atari’s Greatest Hits.” Even though the app itself is free, only one game is initially free to play. More games can be purchased in 4-game bundles for $0.99 each, or there’s an offer to purchase all 99 games for $9.99. The iCade itself costs $100, which means you’ll be spending about $110 for the whole set up. But, personally (y’know, if one has that kind of an allowance), the iCade just might be worth that $110. The iCade is a snazzy looking device that’d look good on any desk, plus, it runs on two AA batteries; it’s portable. ‘Seems like a perfectly good source of entertainment for both adults and teens. Developers are already on the task of creating some new iCade-compatible apps, and already, new the iCade family is growing to include wireless remotes and portable joystics. So, it really looks like the iCade is definitely an attractive purchase to consider. After school or work, it’d be fun to unwind with a classic arcade game of Asteroids.

PAC TO THE FUTURE AnthonyBizer, 12

The name Pac-Man is well known and brings to mind the the yellow circle with a mouth gobbling up white circles and pixel cherries while also attempting to avoid the four different colored ghosts attempting to catch him. Pac-Man has been a favorite pass time for many since the day it was released. Although everyone knows about Pac-Man, it is rare to find one who knows the history behind this legendary game.      Pac-Man is a arcade game which was released in Japan on May 22, 1980. The company which first licensed its release was Namco, although it was sold to Midway when it was distributed to the Americas. The game begin to go into development in early 1979 by just a nine-man team! The primary developer was a man names Toru Lwatni. The game was based on the concept of eating with the original Japanese title of Pakkuman (パックマ ン). The name was inspired by the Japanese slang turn paku-paku which means “the sound of the mouth movement when widely opened and then closed in succession”.        Although Pac-Man is now a one of the most legendary retro arcade game, it was not always on top. At the time of its release there were a few games that dominated the industry. Some such as “Space Invaders”, or “Asteroids” and even “Pong”. When it was launched in Japan it did not receive the response from the gaming community as expected. With the other arcade games already dominant it was difficult to wedge a new game into the world. At about that time a game called “Rally-X” was being released and was absorbing all of the spot light. Then when Pac-Man managed to make it’s way over to North America the industry just exploded. The game was a huge hit overtaking “Asteroids” as the best selling arcade game grossing over $1 billion just in quarters being used to play the game within a year. Also over 350k arcade cabinets, or game stations, sold for over $1 billion also.This game brought in a higher revenue than that of Star Wars, which grossed around 1.4 billion. Overall the Pac-Man franchise was a tremendous success.                Pac-Man will forever be remembered as one of the most legendary arcade games in video game history. Although video games may be ever growing and improving this retro and simple game will always have a place in our hearts.

Married To God Jocelyn Vann,12

Hundreds of people flooded the copper-roofed temple in Kathmandu, that is lit by butter lamps and filled with incense smoke. Eighty girls between the ages of six and nine waited for their turn in the ceremony, they are draped in long strings of yellow glass beads and red and yellow brocade bridal dresses. Hundreds of Nepali girls set to take part in the rite that weds them to the God Vishnu. They wed during that entire month because it is a symbolic time of weddings according to tradition in this deeply religious, majority Hindu nation. One nine year old girl named Bhintuna exclaimes "It is fun. I am happy to wear new clothes and be with so many friends."Â The ritual, which takes place before a girl reaches puberty, is one of three weddings that girls from the Newar community undergo in their lives. Sequentially, in the second ceremony at the age of eleven or thirteen, she will "wed" the sun by spending twelve nights in a darkened room, a rite that earns her additional protection.

Her final wedding will be when she is around twenty five to her real, human husband. Rajendra Rajopadhyaya, the priest who conducted the ceremony to Vishnu, said that this tradition dates back at least several centuries. During the first ceremony many little girls held trays of offerings such as rice, bananas and vermilion powder as they sat on the laps of their parents before being "married" to the fruit of the wood-apple tree, which is a representation of Vishnu. After the ceremony the bride is offered a meal of rice with buffalo meat and the home-brewed liquor called "aela," which is like vodka. Bhintuna’s mother said "I think my daughter will be emotionally independent and capable of taking care of herself under the protection of her divine husband", she also mentions that she feels good because they’re saving their religion from disappearing over time. This tradition may seem abstract to other people but to the people of Nepal, this is how they keep their culture and their religion alive throughout the centuries.

RAMPages, Volume 4  
RAMPages, Volume 4  

This is our retro issue where we take a look back!