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2011 product book

the Graeham Owens story Back in 1998 we purchased a little company from a friend in Portland, Maine. That little company had been importing handmade lokta paper from Nepal. We loved this paper and the products made from it and envisioned new colors, new papers, new products… The new company was called Graeham Owens (I had two young sons at the time – Graeham, 3, and Owen, 2). Oliver came along in 1999. The little company grew and grew. We were soon shipping lokta paper and product to almost every state in the country and several customers in Canada. The color palette and the product line expanded, as did sales. We were on to something here! Now, more than a decade later, we continue to evolve and expand. We’ve many customers who’ve been with us for more than 10 years and we are indeed grateful. New customers are finding us every month. We’re grateful for that too! We’ve been green before being green was hip. The lokta plant, from which our paper and products are made, is a renewable and tree free resource that grows wildly in the Himalayas. The plant completely regenerates from the same root system after harvesting. Our paper is made in rural, mountainous villages without the use of electricity or petroleum, as it was hundreds of years ago. Did you know that Tibetan Monks have used lokta paper for almost one thousand years for their manuscripts? Having travelled to Nepal many times over the past twelve years, I’ve met the folks who make the paper, seen the process, befriended many Nepalis. It’s a fascinating place. I’ve had the extraordinary opportunity to take each of my 3 sons to Nepal, to meet the hospitable Nepali people, to experience a completely different world and culture. We believe in paying fair prices for the paper and products we import from Nepal. This is simply fair + just + right. Our partners in Nepal deserve to benefit from the fruits of their labor and ingenuity equally as much as we do. Is there any other way? We have every confidence that our earth friendly and socially responsible paper and products will delight you and your customers! On behalf of our Nepali partners and our little company here in New Hampshire, we thank you!

Back Packer Journal The soft cover of this journal is a “leather” textured vegetable dyed lokta paper with a convenient elastic closure. It contains 100 natural lokta pages. At just 4½” x 6” it is the perfect companion for recording your thoughts, wherever you might be headed.

Cutch • GO-JBPCUT Walnut • GO-JBPWAL Wholesale: $8.60 | Retail: $17.50 Order in multiples of 3 per color

800•805•0012 | Graeham Owens |

Himalayan Journals These classic, stylish journals are hard bound with a signature sewn binding and a black spine. Each contains 80 pages of natural lokta paper.

4” x 6”

6” x 9”

Cactus • GO-JH4CAC Chocolate • GO-JH4CHO Periwinkle • GO-JH4PER Terra Cotta • GO-JH4TER

Cactus • GO-JHCAC Chocolate • GO-JHCHO Periwinkle • GO-JHPER Terra Cotta • GO-JHTER

Wholesale: $7.00 Retail: $14.50

Wholesale: $10.50 Retail: $22.00

Order in multiples of 3 per color 800•805•0012 | Graeham Owens |

Hemp Journals

Though we’ve always been dedicated to lokta paper, Hemp is also an eco-friendly alternative to traditional tree-based papers. We’ve carried hemp paper in our line since the beginning, and this year we’ve added a Hemp Journal available in 2 sizes. The hard cover, signature sewn journal has 80 natural Hemp pages. The vegetable dyed lokta paper spine and end leaf pages add an organic elegance to this exceptional journal. 4” x 6” (GO-J4HEM) Wholesale: $7.50 | Retail: $16.00 6” x 9” (GO-J6HEM) Wholesale: $13.00 | Retail: $26.50 Order in multiples of 3 per size 800•805•0012 | Graeham Owens |

Patchwork Journal A mosaic of brightly colored blocks create a quilted effect on the cover of this beautiful 6” x 6” book. There are 80 acid free Natural lokta pages inside. GO-PATCH Wholesale: $7.50 | Retail: $16.00 Order in multiples of 3

800•805•0012 | Graeham Owens |

Trekker Journal A lightweight journal accented with a bamboo stick and string closure that wraps around a wood button. A best seller for years. 7” x 4½”, 48 pages

Cactus • GO-JTKCAC Chocolate • GO-JTKCHO Periwinkle • GO-JTKPER Terra Cotta • GO-JTKTER Wholesale: $4.30 | Retail: $8.75 Order in multiples of 3 per color

Pocket Journal A little soft cover journal with a bamboo stick closure. 3¼” x 4½”, 48 pages. Cactus • GO-JPCAC Chocolate • GO-JPCHO Periwinkle • GO-JPPER Terra Cotta • GO-JPTER Wholesale: $2.40 | Retail: $4.95 Order in multiples of 6 per color 800•805•0012 | Graeham Owens |


Guest Book with Box An 8¾” x 6¾” Guest Book with 42 lined natural pages. The book is signature sewn and lies flat for writing. The keepsake box, same color as book will protect the cherished book for years. Periwinkle • GO-GBPER Natural • GO-GBNAT Chocolate • GO-GBCHO Black • GO-GBBLA Wholesale: 14.50 | Retail: 29.00 Order in multiples of 2 per color 800•805•0012 | Graeham Owens |

Lokta Paper Gift Bags 6” x 4¼” x 9” handmade lokta gift bags, with grommets and twine handles. Sold in packages of 50 assorted colors. $1.00 each

Recycled Newspaper Gift Bags 6” x 4¼” x 9” gift bags made from recycled Nepalese newspapers with grommets and twine handles. Sold in packages of 100 bags. $0.35 each 800•805•0012 | Graeham Owens |

Lokta Twine Natural, organic, “green”. Can be used for wrapping gifts, art & craft projects, book binding... let your mind wander. 50 meters per roll

Natural • GO-TWNAT Cranberry • GO-TWCRA Chocolate • GO-TWCHO Terra Cotta • GO-TWTER Periwinkle • GO-TWPER Cactus • GO-TWCAC

Wholesale: $4.60 | Retail: $9.25 Order in multiples of 3 per color

800•805•0012 | Graeham Owens |

Bag of Scrap Paper Lots of random, fun pieces of our handmade paper inside. This goodie bag may include large rectangular pieces, cut-out flowers, polka dots, silk screened pieces, and skeletized pipal leaves. Package has header and hole punch for hanging. One size only ~ each is different and way fun! (GO-SPB) Wholesale: $3.90 Retail: $7.95 Order in multiples of 6

800•805•0012 | Graeham Owens |

Lokta Art Paper A time tested favorite of our line is now available in four additional colors, and we’ve added a new size! This masterly crafted heavy, deckled lokta paper is a fantastic medium for oils, acrylics and chalks.

Available Colors: Natural (NAT) Terra Cotta (TER) Cranberry (CRA) Chocolate (CHO) Periwinkle (PER)

Size (Code)

{Price per pack of 10 sheets} Wholesale Retail Natural | Colors Natural | Colors

5 x 8 (GO-AP5)

$3.50 | $4.75

$7.00 | $9.50

8½ x 12½ (GO-AP8)

$5.50 | $6.90

$11.00 | $14.00

$11.00 | $12.60

$22.00 | $25.00

14 x 21 (GO-AP14)

800•805•0012 | Graeham Owens |

Card Stock & Envelopes {color is natural, like this book}

Your customers can create their own invitations with our inkjet printable cards & envelopes. Great for weddings, parties, and corporate events. Price per package Sold in packs of 10. Single Response Card 3 1/2 x 5 1/4 Folded Response Card 3 1/2 x 5 1/4 Response Envelope 3 3/4 x 5 1/2 Single Invitation Card 6 x 4 1/8 Folded Invitation Card 6 x 4 1/8 Invitation Envelope 6 1/4 x 4 3/8 Large Invitation Card 5 3/4 x 8 3/4 Large Invitation Envelope 6x9

code GO-CSSR

W R $0.95 $1.95


$1.90 $3.90


$1.55 $3.25


$1.20 $2.50


$2.35 $4.80


$1.65 $3.50


$2.25 $4.70


$3.25 $6.60

800•805•0012 | Graeham Owens |

8½ x 11 Paper We commonly refer to this as “computer paper” simply because it prints so nicely with laser and inkjet printers. The uses are many including Resumés | cover letters, wedding & party invitations, corporate events, marketing pieces, store signage, etc. Sell it by the sheet or by the pack. Packages of 25 sheets, unless noted otherwise. Solid Colors (W. $6.90/pack) Buttercup (BCP) Cactus (CAC) Sage (SAG) Rainforest (RAI) Oyster (OYS) Eggplant (EGG) Bordeaux (BOR) Lavender (LAV) Hemp (HEM)

Charcoal (CHA) Black (BLA) Camel (CAM) Wheat (WHE) Terra Cotta (TER) Spice (SPI) Chocolate (CHO) Blueberry (BLU) Salmon (SAL)

Periwinkle (PER) Turquoise (TUR) Royal (ROY) Tangerine (TAN) Cranberry (CRA) Fuchsia (FUC) Red (RED) Kiwi (KIW)

Product Code • GO-CP_ _ _ (i.e. Cranberry 8½ x 11 paper: GO-CPCRA) Natural • GO-CPNAT (W. $5.25/pack) Natural • GO-CP100NAT (W. $20.00/pack 100 sheets) Lokta/Jute • GO-CPLJF (W. $7.25/pack) Lokta/Hemp • GO-CPLHF (W. $7.25/pack) Assorted Colors • GO-CPA10 (W. $2.30/pack 10 sheets) Assorted Colors • GO-CPA25 (W. $5.50/pack 25 sheets) #10 Natural Envelopes • GO-E10NAT (W. $5.40/pack) 800•805•0012 | Graeham Owens |

20 x 30 Paper

Your customers will find so many uses for our wide selection of beautiful papers. Things like → Book Arts, Printing, Lamp Shade making, Wall Papering, Gift Wrapping, Letter Press, Matting, and many other DIY projects! Our Selection... {price per sheet} * Purchase in multiples of 10 per color or design * Solid Colors - 20 gram (W. $1.50) | 40 gram (W. $1.75) Buttercup (BCP) Cactus (CAC) Sage (SAG) Rainforest (RAI) Oyster (OYS) Eggplant (EGG) Bordeaux (BOR) Lavender (LAV) Hemp (HEM)

Charcoal (CHA) Black (BLA) Camel (CAM) Wheat (WHE) Terra Cotta (TER) Spice (SPI) Chocolate (CHO) Blueberry (BLU) Salmon (SAL)

Periwinkle (PER) Turquoise (TUR) Royal (ROY) Tangerine (TAN) Cranberry (CRA) Fuchsia (FUC) Red (RED) Kiwi (KIW)

Product Codes: 20 gram • GO-LT_ _ _ 40 gram • GO-HV_ _ _ Natural • 20 gram GO-LTNAT (W. $1.30) Natural • 40 gram GO-HVNAT (W. $1.40) Lokta/Jute • GO-LTLJF (W. $1.70) Lokta/Hemp • GO-LTLHF (W. $1.70) Hemp • GO-LTHEM (W. $1.70) 800•805•0012 | Graeham Owens |

20 x 30 Paper

Batik Papers • (W. $2.50) Batik Leaf: Natural (GO-BLN) Terra Cotta (GO-BLT) Sage (GO-BLS) Periwinkle (GO-BLP)

Batik Marble: Orange (GO-BMO) Green (GO-BMG) Indigo (GO-BMI)

Vegetable Dye Papers Solid Vegetable Dye (W. $1.80): Indigo (GO-VDIND) Aspen (GO-VDASP) Walnut (GO-VDWAL) Cutch (GO-VDCUT)

Carrot Leaf (W. $1.80): Aspen (GO-VDCASP) Walnut (GO-VDCWAL) Indigo (GO-VDCIND) Cutch (GO-VDCCUT)

Leather Papers (W. $2.50): Indigo (GO-VDLIND) Aspen (GO-VDLASP) Walnut (GO-VDLWAL) Cutch (GO-VDLCUT)

Fern Leaf (W. $1.80): Aspen (GO-VDFLASP) Walnut (GO-VDFLWAL) Indigo (GO-VDFLIND) Cutch (GO-VDFLCUT)

Gift Wrapping/Silk Screened Paper • (W. $1.50) Giraffes: Elephants: Tangerine (GO-LTELETAN) Tangerine (GO-LTGIRTAN) Buttercup (GO-LTGIRBCP) Buttercup (GO-LTELEBCP) Lime (GO-LTGIRLIM) Lime (GO-LTELELIM) Terra Cotta (GO-LTELETER) Terra Cotta (GO-LTGIRTER) Lokta Tissue

20 x 30 Natural Tissue 50/pack • GO-TPNAT (W. $17.00) 800•805•0012 | Graeham Owens |

Terms & Conditions

Minimum opening order: $200 Minimum re-order: $100 Under minimum charge: $10 Orders of $500 or more ship freight free within the continental U.S. Payment terms: Credit Cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express NET 30 Days with credit approval after 6 months

Swatch Book Our 2010 paper swatch book is available for a fee of $12.00. Please call us to order one. We will cheerfully send you a swatch book with your order at no charge if requested. (Limit one per customer)

Our Catalog We consciously chose to print our catalog on our own renewable, tree-free paper. Rather than print thousands of catalogs on commercial paper (which are stagnant documents once coming off the press) we do our printing in-house and thereby have the flexibility to make changes along the way AND eliminate waste.

Simple. Green. Direct

Graeham Owens Catalog 2011  
Graeham Owens Catalog 2011  

Graeham Owens Handmade Paper Products from Nepal