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About WFUNA The World Federation of United Nations Associations is a global non-profit organization working for a stronger and more effective United Nations. Established in 1946, we represent and coordinate a membership of over 100 United Nations Associations (UNAs) and their thousands of members. Guided by our vision of a United Nations (UN) that is a powerful force in meeting common global challenges and opportunities, WFUNA works to strengthen and improve the United Nations. We advocate the principle that global peace, justice and prosperity depend on multilateral cooperation, for which the UN is the key facilitating organization. We work

to inform, engage, and activate national UNAs to support the principles, values, and activities of the United Nations through our projects, campaigns, and educational activities. By combining education and action, WFUNA is actively helping to shape the UN’s agenda and making a difference in countries around the globe. Today, through our national UNA members, WFUNA connects hundreds of thousands of people to the United Nations—from all walks of life and in every region of the world.


Mission We work to build a better world by strengthening and improving the United Nations through the engagement of people who share a global mindset and support international cooperation– global citizens.

What we do WFUNA educates and engages our member UNAs through advocacy, outreach, and program opportunities. Our program of activities includes projects related to the three pillars of the UN— Peace and Security, Sustainable Development, and Human Rights. By participating in our programs, our member UNAs build capacity, acquire tools to educate their members, and learn new ways to communicate with their respective media outlets, academic institutions, and governments on the important issues facing the international community. Through our work, WFUNA aims to increase the ability of all member UNAs to effectively advocate at the national level for the principles of and activities at the United Nations.


Programs Peace and Security WFUNA reaffirms and promotes the concept of human security, and the links between peace, development, and human rights through our Peace and Security programs. In 2011, WFUNA launched a project for member UNAs in support of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) concept. Responsibility to Protect- Mobilizing Public and Political Will addresses the need to prevent and react to large-scale loss of life including genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, and works towards its development, strengthening and proper application. Through our project, member UNAs will gain the knowledge and skills to become effective R2P advocates in their countries. In 2010, WFUNA implemented an annual project for youth in the field of Disarmament, a priority issue for the United Nations. The Zero World project engages

youth by hosting a multi-media design contest. WFUNA’s aim is to find sustainable solutions to conflicts by guaranteeing that disarmament, including the elimination of nuclear weapons, is a political priority for governments, and that relevant UN treaties, protocols, resolutions, and decisions are implemented and adhered to. Sustainable Development Through our Sustainable Development program, WFUNA implements projects geared toward advancing the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and addressing climate change. The MDGs call for a global partnership to alleviate extreme forms of poverty by 2015, and include objectives such as ensuring environmental stability and promoting gender equality. WFUNA’s Youth Impact Africa project addresses the prediction that no African country will achieve the MDGs in time. The project begins with a Model UN experience

and, through WFUNA’s training and resources, grows into youth-led MDG community-service initiatives that impact thousands of African citizens. Working with African UNAs, the aim is to provide skills, training, networks and guidance to young people to take action on the MDGs. Youth Impact Africa will be the first in WFUNA’s Youth Impact Series and serves as a model for the program, which will be adapted to various issues and regions. Go Beyond, WFUNA’s new climate change project, aims to educate on the interconnectedness of the climate problem as it relates to consumption and global issues. It will challenge consumers to go beyond viewing consumption as merely an individual act, and urge businesses to go beyond the bottom line. Go Beyond will promote innovative social solutions for combating climate change in the context of the relationship between developed and developing countries.

WFUNA reaffirms and promotes the concept of human security, and the links between peace, development, and human rights through our Peace and Security programs.

Human Rights Through our Human Rights program, WFUNA is working to ensure that our UNAs are fully equipped to take a lead role in the international human rights system. Our Civil Society in Action for Human Rights project partners with UNAs to build their capacity to engage effectively with human rights actors. Through training and ongoing support, WFUNA will provide UNAs with the fundamental knowledge and tools to directly contribute to the work of the UN on human rights, to carry out effective advocacy work on human rights issues, and to facilitate national civil society engagement with the UN human rights system. Acquiring these tools and strengthening capacity will allow UNAs to approach their governments to ensure that they are upholding human rights standards and report on government progress to the human rights treaty bodies. Youth Programs WFUNA is dedicated to engaging youth in all of our program activities. Our youth program has various projects including: Youth Seminars, which aim to develop youth programming at national UNAs, educate youth on important activities and priorities at the UN, and create ways to involve youth in project creation at their national UNA; Model United Nations, which are an effective way to educate students about the UN and global issues; and the production of various educational materials, including our recent publication of Youth at the UN. Through our activities, WFUNA hosts seminars and Model United Nations around the world and works with UNAs to encourage youth support for a strong and effective UN.

Through our activities, WFUNA hosts seminars and Model United Nations around the world and works with UNAs to encourage


youth support for a strong and effective UN.

How you can help Donate : By donating today you are joining us in meeting the goals of the United Nations and working towards a more peaceful and just world. Each tax-deductible dollar you donate will go directly to educating, strengthening, and mobilizing our member UNAs and hundreds of thousands of citizens around the globe.

take action : Visit us online to find your national UNA, inform others of our work, and sign-up for our newsletter. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter to help us spread the word!

partners of WFUNA WFUNA’s work is made possible through the generous contributions of governments, corporations, foundations and individuals. We extend our appreciation to the following donors for their support:

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WFUNA Overview  
WFUNA Overview  

World Federation of UN Associations (WFUNA) is a global nonprofit organization working for a stronger and more effective United Nations.