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The benefits of Being Bilingual - Top Job Options If you are bilingual then you are at an advantage over people who can only speak one language in the employment world. Many companies now have dealings and trade throughout the world meaning there is a high demand for people who are bilingual to fill bilingual jobs. There are many different industries where a bilingual person may be employed and on average a person who is bilingual will get between five and twenty per cent more salary than a monolingual person. Employing a bilingual person will save company money in the long term by eradicating the need for translators for documents and interpreters for conversation. Below are some examples of bilingual careers; Bilingual Job Opportunities You will be surprised at the diverse range of industries that currently have bilingual positions available. The airline industry is one of the major industries employing bilinguists as cabin crew, ground crew and customer service assistants either in airports or call centres. Another related industry to the airline industry is travel; there are many bilingual careers within the travel tourism and hospitality industries. Immigration authorities throughout the world employ bilinguists to deal with lots of international people applying for immigration to a country. Bilingual Spanish Jobs If you are bilingual in Spanish then you will find that there is a high demand in the business world for your skills. As technology and communications make the world an increasingly smaller place the demand for bilingual Spanish linguist’s increases. Many of the positions are in the customer service arena, but with lots of vacancies also in the areas of financial management, healthcare and managerial. With a reputed 500 million speakers of Spanish and is the second most studied language after English. It is easy then to realise why there are so many openings for bilinguals who speaks Spanish in today's business world. Bilingual Sales Jobs There are many openings for jobs if you are a bilingual sales person. If you can offer your language skills to a company and are in sales then the company will usually pay handsomely for your skills. You are able to offer and increase sales for the company into a completely different market place. Many bilingual sales jobs include talking to customers on a daily basis as well as written communication via email or letter.

The overall benefits of being bilingual are huge and if you are considering taking a new career and you are bilingual then the world literally is your oyster with hundreds of job opportunities for you to choose from. Author’s Bio: has one of the largest selections of bilingual jobs in one place. At Bilingual Crossing we only offer bilingual jobs, careers, work opportunities in USA and list all the bilingual jobs in Fortune 500 companies with a proactive approach ensuring you get access to the all of the best bilingual career opportunities.

The benefits of Being Bilingual - Top Job Options