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order by monday, november 19. Before placing your order, please inform your order taker if a person in your party has a food allergy. Thank you.

check with your local store for holiday hours. connecticut *glastonbury 55 Welles Street 860-652-9800 | *west hartford 50 Raymond Road 860-523-8500 | west hartford Bishop’s Corner, 340 North Main Street 860-523-7174


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It’s time to give thanks and celebrate family, friends and food. But not to worry—with Whole Foods Market, your holiday can be as easy as, well, pie. Inside you’ll find everything you need to make your meal memorable and stress free—from turkeys and prepared meals, to side dishes and appetizers. Oh, and did we mention pie?



It’s all about the bird. Breast or whole, cooked, brined, herb-rubbed— we have it all—the perfect turkey for your holiday homecoming.

whole turkeys

cooked turkey breasts

whole foods market™ free range R Our Whole Foods Market™ free-range turkey has 54% more white meat and 55% less fat. Raised by Jaindl Farms, it’s been the turkey of choice at the White House for more than 50 years. $2.49 lb | 8–30 lbs

herb-rubbed, ready-to-roast R Prepped, rubbed with herb butter and packed in a roasting pan with a mirepoix mix of carrots, celery and onions. Cooking instructions provided. $2.99 lb | 8–30 lbs

brined R Our exclusive brine is made with a flavorful blend of kosher salt, brown sugar, dried orange peel, allspice, thyme, peppercorns and bay leaf. $2.99 lb | 8–26 lbs

whole foods market™ organic free range R Rich, moist flavor and plentiful breast meat. Raised by Jaindl Farms. $3.99 lb | 8–20 lbs

heirloom bronze free range


This popular variety is a lean bird with deep flavor and darker meat. Raised free range on Koch’s Turkey Farm. $3.99 lb | 10–24 lbs

plainville farms free range


Located in Pennsylvania, Plainville Farms boasts more than 150 years in the turkey business. They raise turkeys on an all-natural, vegetarian diet with no antibiotics. $2.99 lb | 8–30 lbs

cooked whole turkeys plainville farms whole turkey

$64.99 | 10–12 lbs | serves 8–10 $74.99 | 12–14 lbs | serves 10–12

plainville farms in-house herb-roasted, boneless turkey breast

$22.99 | serves 2 $12.99 lb | à la carte

plainville farms roasted bone-in turkey breast $11.99 lb | 3–5 lbs | serves 4

Ready-to-roast turkey breasts

brined, ready-to-roast boneless breast R Extra juicy and tender, from our Whole Foods Market™ free-range turkey. Ideal for whitemeat-loving guests. $6.99 lb | 3–8 lbs

stuffed, ready-to-roast boneless breast R Whole Foods Market™ free-range turkey breast with choice of stuffing: traditional bread, cornbread, cashew-herb, apple-raisin or apple-cherry. Choices subject to change. $6.99 lb | 3–12 lbs

and more

Ask a team member about other available turkeys including: Nature’s Rancher Frozen Turkey Misty Knoll Fresh Turkey Kosher Valley Fresh Turkey

low price great quality

R = raw C = cooked all cooked turkeys and turkey breasts require reheating.

need a larger size?

order by monday, november 19 •

an cent imal ered

an cent imal ered

pas centture ered

ou td o acceor ss

$99.99 | 10–12 lbs, serves 8–10 $129.99 | 14–16 lbs, serves 12–14

envi enriche ronm d ent

plainville farms organic whole turkey

no cno c age rowd s ing

We can accommodate your special order for Plainville Farms whole turkey, 16 lbs and up. $4.99 lb | 16 lbs or more

dinner, done. heat & serve Meals

Instead of laboring over your Thanksgiving meal, let us do the cooking. Consider our fully cooked, chef-prepared dinners. We’ll do the work, you take the credit. Now, go sit on the couch, relax and give thanks.

traditional dinner for 1 Featuring a ½ lb fully cooked Plainville Farms boneless turkey breast. $24.99 for 2 Featuring a 1½–2 lb fully cooked Plainville Farms boneless turkey breast. $49.99 for 4 Featuring a 3½–4 lb fully cooked Plainville Farms bone-in turkey breast. $89.99 for 8 Featuring a 10–12 lb fully cooked Plainville Farms whole turkey. $139.99 for 12 Featuring a 16–18 lb fully cooked Plainville Farms whole turkey. $169.99 traditional dinners include:

about our cooked turkeys

• Classic Mashed Potatoes • Traditional New England Stuffing • Green Beans with Almonds • Cranberry-Orange Relish • Rich Traditional Turkey Gravy • Rolls and Pie

Precooked turkeys require reheating. They need to be removed from their wrapping and spend some time in the oven to warm and turn golden brown (45 minutes to 2 hours depending on size). Heating instructions will be included. All you have to do is reheat, relax and enjoy.

vegan dinner

for 1 $19.99

Featuring Field Roast en Croûte A rich grain roast filled with a wild rice and quinoa sausage-style stuffing. The sweet infusion of dried figs in the stuffing and the scrumptious pastry will satisfy and delight both vegans and non-vegans alike.

vegan dinner includes: • Butternut Squash Purée • Cranberry-Orange Relish • Green Beans with Almonds

field roast en croûte is also available à la carte

$21.99 each | serves 4

health starts here dinner


for 1 $19.99

• Roast Turkey Breast • Mushroom Barley Soup • Garlicky Greens • Butternut Squash Purée

just the sides Five of our crowd-pleasing sides, bundled in servings for 2, 4 and 8.

for 2

for 4

for 8

Mashed Potatoes

1½ lbs

3 lbs

5 lbs

Traditional New England Stuffing

1½ lbs

3 lbs

5 lbs

½ pt

1 pt

1 qt

Cranberry-Orange Relish Rich Traditional Turkey Gravy

1 pt

1 qt

3 pts

Green Beans with Almonds

¾ lb

1½ lbs

2½ lbs

$20 $40 $70

This meal meets our Health Starts Here® healthy eating criteria. Learn more at

order by monday, november 19 •

V = vegan

s serves 2


l serves 4

V = vegan

signature sides

delicious on the side We’ve got your back. And your sides. Here are your traditional favorites, as well as new dishes, all created by our expert chefs and made with only the highest quality ingredients, naturally.

classic mashed potatoes

| l $10.99 48 oz for $14.99 save $2.98 | serves 8–9

s $5.99

red bliss mashed potatoes with crispy garlic and scallions s $6.99


l $12.99

mashed maple bourbon sweet potatoes s $7.99


l $13.99

traditional new england stuffing s $5.99


l $10.99

36 oz for $14.99 save $2.98 | serves 8–9

cornbread stuffing with country sausage and spinach s $6.99


l $13.99

garlicky greens s $6.99


l $12.99

glazed carrots s $7.99


l $13.99

relish & gravies cranberry-orange relish $4.99 pint brandied cranberry sauce with pecans $5.99 pint organic cranberry sauce $5.99 11 oz traditional turkey gravy $4.99 pint vegan wild mushroom gravy

roasted butternut squash with dried cranberries

$4.99 pint

butternut squash purée

family-style cornbread

s $7.99


l $14.99

48 oz for $14.99 save $8.98 | serves 8–9

corn pudding with roasted shallots

$3.99 each | serves 1–2 $19.99 6-pack save $3.95

green beans with almonds s $4.99


l $8.99

48 oz for $19.99 save $9.95 | serves 8–9

roasted brussels sprouts s $3.99


l $7.99

breads & rolls Sweet and satisfying, just waiting for some soft butter. Packed in a reheatable tray. $5.99 | serves 4–6

organic brown & serve dinner rolls

Wheat or white. Packed in a reheatable tray. $3.49 dozen

mini baguettes 4 for $4.00 save $1.56

roasted garlic creamed spinach s $7.99


l $13.99

Items available in party-size quantities, offering more savings.

Items meet our Health Starts Here® healthy eating criteria. Learn more at

for starters

The most anticipated meal of the year is starting, and your guests are about to get a taste of things to come. Bring out our tasty appetizers and brace yourself for the feeding frenzy.

cheese boards


new england artisan cheese board

portobello mushrooms with blue crabmeat stuffing

The best selection of New England cheeses from small producers. $69.99 | serves up to 10

european masters cheese board Featuring the best that Europe has to offer. $69.99 | serves up to 10

brie en croûte

Buttery Brie inside a light, flaky pastry with a delicious cranberry topping. Bake and serve. $16.99 | 16 oz

isigny ste mère holiday brie

Creamy 60% Brie from Normandy, France. Made from the rich milk of local cows. $7.99 | 12 oz

classic cheese platter

Five cheeses paired with crostini and marcona almonds. A crowd pleasing selection at a value price. $29.99 | serves up to 12 save $10

soups All are 24 fl oz and serve 2–3

creamy mushroom $6.99 each triple squash $6.99 each roasted corn & lobster bisque $6.99 each mushroom barley $6.99 each

hors d’oeuvres

Big, tender portobello mushrooms topped with sweet blue crabmeat stuffing. Heat and serve. $4.99 each

shrimp & asparagus strudel

shrimp cocktail platter

The fresh flavors of shrimp and asparagus captured in a savory pastry. $10.99 each | serves 4 –6

2 pounds (about 60) large cooked shrimp with cocktail sauce and lemons. $29.99 | serves 10–12

wild mushroom & goat cheese strudel

cooked shrimp by the pound

Flaky puff pastry filled with mushrooms and goat cheese. $10.99 each | serves 4 –6

new england crab cakes

Simply heat and serve. Comes with rémoulade. $3.79 each | serves 1

fresh fruit & crudités cut fruit bowl

An irresistible assortment of fresh melons, pineapple, strawberries, grapes and kiwifruit. m $19.99 | serves 10–14 save 25% l $34.99 | serves 14–22 save 28%

Freshly cooked shrimp for pairing with cocktail sauce or your favorite dip. $14.99 lb | 31/40 count

chris’ crab cakes

Delicately seasoned fresh crabmeat. Reheat and serve. $4.99 each

changing seas smoked salmon

Whole Foods Market exclusive. Thin sliced, cold-smoked salmon from Norway. $5.99 | 4 oz $9.99 | 8 oz $18.99 | 16 oz

fresh crudités bowl

Grape tomatoes, celery, carrots and broccoli with your choice of dip: Roasted Veggie Ranch, Italian Gorgonzola or Parmesan Peppercorn. m $14.99 | serves 10–14 save 25% l $24.99 | serves 14–22 save 28%

order by monday, november 19 •

pies 9-inch, serves 8–12



apple $11.99

blueberry $11.99

Easy as pie…we told you so. Whether you’re looking for traditional pumpkin, pecan or apple pies, we’ve got it covered—irresistible endings that are worth an encore .

cherry $11.99

pecan $14.99

vegan $10.99 pumpkin

365 everyday value


vegan apple crumb



allegro® celebration caffé

Perfected by Allegro’s roastmaster, this year’s Celebration Caffé is earthy, plush and spicy. It brightens any holiday celebration. $7.99 | 8 oz whole bean or ground $7.99 | 8 oz ground decaf

365 everyday value winter blend coffee ®

Limited edition—spicy, full-bodied Sumatra beans and sweet aromatic coffees from El Salvador create an enticing, rich reprieve from the cold days of winter. $14.99 each | 24 oz

hot chocolate allegro® drinking chocolates Rich and delicious; includes three single-origin flavors and three blends. $9.99 each | 7.5 oz

and more… holiday pound cake

Cranberry-orange or pumpkin. $3.99 each

oatmeal raisin cookie pack

$10.99 each | 20 cookies

save $16.81

chocolate chip cookie pack

$10.99 each | 20 cookies

save $16.81

whole foods market™ celebration toffee In dark or milk chocolate, these rich toffees are studded with Allegro® Celebration Caffé coffee beans. $9.99 | 8 oz Please note: Toffee, coffee and hot chocolate are not available by preorder but can be picked up at your local store.

order by monday, november 19

candles Candles can accent or illuminate a Thanksgiving table and also make a thoughtful gift for your Thanksgiving host. Visit our whole body department to see our wide selection.

mole hollow hand-dipped candles tapers

Made in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, these vibrantly colored candles are made by hand and will give you hours of coziness and soft light. Available in off-white and holiday colors with six pairs to a box.

bayberry taper gift box

A New England holiday tradition sure to bring a smile to the faces of family and friends, and the host.

big dipper wax works handcrafted candles pumpkin candles

100% handcrafted beeswax. These long-burning pumpkin shaped candles make a great harvest display or unique gift.

flowers Add an elegant touch to your home or Thanksgiving table with these unique arrangements, created by our talented floral designers.


100% beeswax pillars in gorgeous colors. Hand-poured in small batches.

thanksgiving bounty

A long and low arrangement including roses, calla lilies, ornamental kale and poms. Perfect for the center of the table. $34.99 each

harvest basket

A colorful array of autumn flowers, roses and mums. Great on a side table or as a gift for the hostess. $19.99 each

*Actual arrangements may differ slightly from descriptions, depending on seasonal availability of flowers.

order by monday, november 19 •

Thanksgiving Menu  
Thanksgiving Menu  

2012 Thanksgiving Menu for the North Atlantic Region of Whole Foods Market.