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June 26, 2013


Florida District School Superintendents

From: Julie Jones Executive Director Ref:

Driver License Handbooks

It has come to my attention that recently, principals of your local high and middle schools received shipments of driver license handbooks from the National Safety Commission (NSC). I feel it is important for you to be aware that distribution of these books was not authorized or requested by this department. The NSC has no active contract with the department for this service. Claims in the cover letter from the NSC to your principals that the distribution of handbooks is in accordance with Florida Statute, 283.58 are misleading. Your schools are not obligated to distribute these books as was requested by the NSC. In the event that the books have already been distributed to students, please be aware that these handbooks were not prepared under the supervision of this department and the department cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in the books. For the official handbook, students should either visit the department’s website at , utilize our electronic book or visit a driver license office. If you should have additional questions or concerns, please contact Steven Fielder, Deputy Division Director at 850-617-2600.

Florida district school superintendents driver's ed booklet  
Florida district school superintendents driver's ed booklet