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Company Statement in response to Lauren Mayk, Investigative Reporter, WFLA-Tampa: Florida Blue truly appreciates the patience our members have shown during the marketplace enrollment process. Marketplace enrollment is new to everyone involved. The process relies on the converging of data from a number of independent systems from both government and private organizations. The complexity of this gathering and verifying of data has resulted in the entire process taking much longer than we anticipated. It is important to note that last week we mailed ID cards to member with a Jan. 1, 2014 effective date who had not previously received their ID cards. Members should have their card within the week. Whenever possible, we are working directly with our members and their providers to help verify coverage until the new Florida Blue ID cards are in the hands of our members. We ask our members to continue to reach out to us for help, either by phone, through our website or at our retail centers. If members have their ID cards and have questions about coverage, they should call the toll free number on their cards. If members have not received their ID cards, they can call Florida Blue at 800-352-2583 for assistance.

Florida Blue Statement  
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