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My Most Hated Question, $$$ & Tip #9… Hello People! I want to hit the ground running with today’s marketing lesson! Yesterday we looked at getting you to think about your mindset…I introduced you to my early failings and how I misled myself to believe this business was an easy one… Today we are going to explore a little deeper and start to solve some of those early problems that you may be having with your business. Every day I go around different forums, answer my emails and make notes on what questions people are asking about the industry. Recently I am finding a whole load of these type of comments: Frustrated Newbies are scary “Hello Newbie here” “How can i earn Online?” “How can i earn more?” “How to get traffic on my website or blog?” “How much can a newbie actually earn? “Complete newbie, want to start marketing…” “A slightly dejected newbie….” So lets get working on some of those! Tip #9- Getting Started QUICKLY! Regardless of whether you are a complete newbie or have some experience, getting started is the hardest bit. Especially if you are out of luck and really need to make a few quick $$$ to pay your rent, or even to pay off the hosting and autoresponder fees. The most important thing is to sit down and make a quick plan of action….and by quick I mean DAMN quick! You need to outline: • •

What niche you are going to go for. How you are going to monetize it (Where are the $$$ going to come from)

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CLICK HERE • When are you going to do it for? (Set deadlines) My most hated question…. The question I really do hate is “How much can a newbie actually earn?”…. It really does kill me! There is nothing wrong with wanting to earn some cash….that’s what we are all here for ultimately. But if that is your #1 concern then you are in it for the wrong reasons. I love to teach! I actually enjoy teaching new skills to people, watch them learn and see how they succeed using the stuff I give them. The fact that I am getting paid to do that makes it better….it’s my perfect scenario! So I would rather people ask….How can I earn? A plan of action You have a plan….you want to earn…. You’ve now started to work on a blog in your niche, but you need some $$$ to keep you going… Here is a step-by-step solution to getting some short term income in whilst learning the tricks of the trade… 1) Write down all the potential skills you could offer. e.g Writing, Video editing, Installing WordPress, Graphic Design, Link building, Keyword research… Literally make a list of anything you could offer as a skill (NOTE: Normally the most boring ones are the most sought after e.g link building, writing) 2) Choose the skill that you find the most interesting and easiest and create a portfolio (If Required) For example, get a few articles done or some samples of your work to show potential customers. 3) Offer your services online. Time to offer your services to people (Look at the resources list below) 4) Provide GOOD quality service and always OVER DELIVER! If you are good and you over deliver people always come back to buy off you again…it turns buyers into repeat customers. REMEMBER:

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CLICK HERE You are offering these services at the SAME time as building your own business…..this is a short term solution to get some of that initial $$$ coming in! Do not neglect your own blog/site! To Summarize… To finish up….. We decide what niche we are going to work on and get started making our site etc etc etc… If we need to get some $$$ coming in (And who doesn’t nowadays..) we offer a service to get some cash flow! Places where we can offer our services are…   Remember that we are also continuing to build our business at the same time….our own business will be our long term source of income, our services will be our short term income! AGREE? DISAGREE? COMMENTS? GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK BELOW P.S. This is the program that has every member dying to get their next “fix” Check it Out

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Internet Marketing For Beginners: My most hated Question