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Avoid This #1 Rookie Mistake and Get Ready To Dominate ANY market! Who are you selling to? Avoid this mistake and deliver a knockout blow to your competitors! If you ask anybody marketing online the answer you will get most of the time is…. “Everybody, my stuff is great! It can help absolutely everyone!” And if that’s your answer your business is probably on the path to a slow and painful death. Rookie Mistake #1   “I can’t give you a surefire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time” Herbert Bayard Swope, American editor and journalist; first recipient of the Pulitzer Prize. It is so common for people starting out in this business to try to be everything to everyone! I cringe every time I ask someone starting out what niche they are delving into, since the answer is usually the Weight lost niche or the Make money niche. Don’t get me wrong…there is nothing wrong with working in these niches, but you need to get it right! Both of these niches are MASSIVE and it is going to be damn near impossible to be everything to everyone! In internet marketing you need to get a few things right if you want to succeed: 1. 2. 3.

Stand out from the crowd. Offer insane value. Build Relationships.

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CLICK HERE 4. Care about the people you are working towards helping…. So how on earth are you going to do this if you don’t know who you are selling to? Deliver a knockout Blow! Let’s take the first point: Standing out from the crowd… Well if your crowd is the Weight loss niche or Make money niche……that’s one damn big crowd….and unless you have massive neon signs and a unlimited budget there is no way you are going anywhere fast. But hang on! What if you decided to go into the Weight loss for Women niche or even the Internet Marketing Niche? Are the crowds smaller? Yes they are…..but they are still insanely huge and your chances of dominating that niche in the short term are slim…. So lets dig a bit further…. How about Weight Loss after childbirth and internet marketing for newbies? You see what I am doing here? I am digging into the niche more and more until you can get to a section of the niche that is small enough for you to compete in…..but big enough for you to profit from. In tomorrows post we are going to look at signals that show whether we have a profitable niche or not… So keep these questions in mind… Whats your niche? Can you dig down even more? Who are you selling to?

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Work Less And Make MORE! FREE REPORT


Internet Marketing for Newbies: Avoid this #1 Mistake!  

How to avoid the #1 mistake internet marketing beginners and newbies make when getting started!

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