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SAFETY BY DESIGN WFE Safety is a specialist supplier and creator of personal protective equipment (PPE). Our business is based on producing, distributing, hiring and servicing specialist equipment throughout Europe. Established in North Wales 2012, WFE Safety has worked closely with end users and manufacturers to create its own brand WIN TECH. Highly qualified and experienced personnel have highlighted areas for improvement in traditional pieces of equipment to increase comfort and usability. WIN TECH was the vessel in which these developments could be explored and tested upon. The result being a range of highly integratable, practical and long lasting professional safety equipment.

WIN TECH SOLAS SUIT SOLAS approved constant wear suit with breathable fabric and Kevlar padded reinforcements. Suit bag doubles as changing mat. • Hardwearing, breathable, fabric with watertight heat seal taped seams and inbuilt socks. • Waterproof, highly flexible YKK zipper. • Kevlar reinforcements at high-wear areas. • Neoprene gloves and hood. • Highly reflective SOLAS tape. • Multiple pockets including chest pocket and glove pocket with ID badge window. • Pocket whistle and buddy line with clip. • Fold away hood with weather visor. SOLAS WOSS IMO Resolution MSC.48(66), IMO Resolution MSC.81(70)

WIN TECH TRANSIT SUIT Constant wear suit with breathable fabric and Kevlar padded reinforcements. Suit bag doubles as changing mat. • Hardwearing, breathable, fabric with watertight heat seal taped seams and inbuilt socks. • Waterproof, highly flexible YKK zipper. • Kevlar reinforcements at high-wear areas. • Neoprene gloves and hood. • Highly reflective SOLAS tape. • Multiple pockets including chest pocket and glove pocket with ID Badge window. • Pocket whistle and buddy line with clip. • Fold away hood with weather visor.

WIN TECH SHOCK SUIT Made of waterproof, lightweight fabric the Shock Suit is designed specifically for transferring from different working stations. An economic suit which packs into its own integral shoulder bag. Integrated hardwearing gloves with additional Neoprene abandonment mittens. YKK Nylon fully waterproof high neck zipper. Tailored feet with seamless pressure area for added comfort. 4mm Integrated Neoprene neck seal and neon hood for increased visibility. Arm grab handle, buddy line and leg buoyancy isolation straps. SOLAS reflective stripes for increased visibility. SOLAS IMO Resolution MSC.48(66) (LSA Code), IMO Resolution MSC.81(70)

SEA WIND Ergonomic – pre-shaped construction with 100% freedom of movement Breathability – durable fabrics with highly breathable properties from GoreTex Lightweight – made as a shell product to reduce weight ventilation – pit-zips (underarm-zips) to enhance ventilation in controlled situations Waterproof zip in neck seal for easy donning and comfort Pockets – roomy pockets constructed with mesh to enhance the breathable properties of the fabric, placed to ensure ease of access For easy integration with safety equipment such as harness and/or SeaLion lifejacket, the suit is “clean” on both chest and back The suit fulfills the requirements of the IMO/Solas LSA code, and ISO 15027-1 as a 1 hour immersion/quick donning suit (without lining) SeaWind fullfills the requirement for a Class B-suit (4 hours thermal protection) in ISO15027 and ETSO regulations (when used with lining)

The WIN TECH Transit Suit and SOLAS Suit come with their own suit bag which doubles as a changing mat when donning the suit.

AIS PRO 275N LIFE JAKCET The “ WIN TECH AIS pro 275N SOLAS Lifejacket” is a twin Chamber Lifejacket is the latest developed by WFE Safety for the Off-Shore Industry Fully automatic twin inflation mechanism and integrated deck safety harness. The AIS pro has a completely different design compared with traditional inflatable lifejackets, providing a secure yet comfortable fit on both men and women. Featuring a larger neck opening, pliable material, twin back strap to allow access to Climbing harness `A` point, larger viewing windows and detachable crotch strap. The AIS pro jacket can be fitted with the new range of `Personal Locator Beacons` that are fast becoming the industry standard. These Beacons Work on the AIS (Automated Information System) DSC (Digital Selective Calling) & 121.5 MHz direction finding. To accurately pinpoint the MOB and assist with the swift recovery of the casualty. The Beacons are integrated in to the jacket and will activate automatically as the life jacket deploys.

SAR 275N LIFE JAKCET Designed for the Off-Shore Renewable Industry, this jacket has been purpose built and tested to cater for the sMRT and Sea Marshall range of Personal Locator Beacons. • Twin back strap allows for more comfort as it keeps the neck collar clear of the head allowing a full range of movement. • Designed to allow access to the rescue dorsal plate on the rear of working at height and fall arrest harnesses. • Emergency light, whistle, buddy line. • Adjustable straps • Webbing radio fastening SOLAS

SEALION EUROPE 275N buoyancy lifejacket lung, manually activated Hybrid EBS rebreather system Hybrid system with spare air bottle consisting of 3,5 ltr extra air released by hydrostatic inflater Uniqe mouthpiece with integrated nose clip and valve with automatic release mechanism for access to rebreather lung Sprayhood, crotch strap, emergency light and whistle Stainless steel buckle safe attachment and quick adjustment to various body sizes Designed for adults (one size fits all)

ABANDONMENT PACK The Abandonment Pack is a useful tool which can be stored in situ with a deployment life of 5 years. Designed to improve safety whilst working offshore the pack can be placed in the nacelle of Wind Turbines to be used in the event of an emergency. Specially designed to work in conjunction with Descender Systems such as that used on Wind Turbines the pack offers all necessary survival equipment for personnel. All items within the Abandonment Pack are heat sealed and vacuum packed along with a moisture indicator. The items are then placed in a protective hermetically sealed case, safety tags are placed on each corner of the case which brake upon opening. It is this packaging which allows the items of equipment to be stored safely and ready for use for a longer period of time. After 5 years the equipment would require re-inspection. The Abandonment Pack is tailored to clients needs and any selection of these items may be used for any number of personnel from 1 to 20.

Possible Content: 1. EVAL SOLAS Foldable Solid Life Jacket 2. WIN TECH Rescue Sling 3. WIN TECH SOLAS Abandonment Suit (Pictured with Life Jacket, Rescue Sling and Light) 4. WIN TECH Shock Suit 5. Safety Knife 6. Dye Tracing Signal Pack with Heliograph 7. LED Life Jacket Light 8. Personal Locator Beacon (MOB1) 9. Distress Flare (EDF1)

HEIGHTEC CIRRUS HARNESS Full body wind turbine harness designed for the wind industry. Front attachment point on CIRRUS Wind Turbine Harness is suitable for fall arrest and vertical systems. Rear attachment point is designed and positioned at nape of neck to eliminate discomfort when climbing WTG interior ladders. This ensures more vertical orientation of casualty when being lowered during rescue and minimises interference with ladder rungs. Quick connect leg loops and full adjustability provide easy and comfortable fit. New shoulder buckles allow quick and easy adjustment with one hand.

PETZL VOLT FULL HARNESS Fall arrest and work positioning harness Fall arrest and work positioning harness that is easily donned thanks to its EASYFIT design. A vest ensures the harness keeps its shape and the FAST automatic buckles (waistbelt and leg loop) allow the harness to be donned with both feet on the ground. The VOLT harness’ anatomical design and wide, semi-rigid waistbelt ensure comfort throughout the work day. Its LADDER CLIMB attachment point allows for ventral attachment of the fall-arrest trolley, thus ensuring optimal comfort during progression.

TRANSFER LANYARD Designed for the transfer of personnel to and from turbines. The lanyard allows for a rapid method of attachment and release from structures. • Double action snap hook with webbing connector to a captured triple action karabiner. • Is compatible when worn with other equipment. • Can be accessed in water when Life Jacket is inflated. • 150Kg Working Load Limit 0120 EN 354:2010

RESCUE SLING Specifically designed for the quick and easy attachment and detachment from a descender unit to any suitable boat or land based fixture. • Easy to don • Reflective text on back • Padded Lifting Strop • Velcro attachments

HEIGHTEC TWIN LANYARD Twin lanyard with triple action karabiner, scaffold hooks and energy absorber with built-in suspension intolerance relief footloop. • • • • • •


HEIGHTEC SINGLE LANYARD Basic single energy absorbing fall arrest lanyard with scaffold hook from our CORE range. Lanyard arm made from UV stabilised 11mm TECTRA rope providing superb abrasion resistance. The sewn terminations have 28kN scaffold hook. • Protective PVC tube • Kernmantel rope • 28kN Scaff hook • Unique serial ID number

DRY BAG Heavy duty and durable materials for rough usage. Roll top with toggle clip. 60L carrying capacity Waterproof Opaque panel to easily see bag’s contents

HIRE In many instances hiring equipment in place of purchasing is more cost and time efficient for time limited projects. With all of the WIN TECH range being available for hire as well as a huge variety of equipment provided by other brands we are certain we can reach the best solution for all your hire needs. Equipment can be hired for both long and short term periods and is a great method for reducing equipment down time on projects. For example when equipment is due for service, replacement kit can be sent in advance so that servicing doesn’t disrupt operations. WFE Safety provide a single point of access for a huge range or specialist equipment companies allowing the option to cross hire at reasonable prices whilst also saving valuable time in sourcing equipment.

CONSIGNMENT STOCK For large projects WFE Safety are able to provide certain items of stock to be retained by our customers. All stock that is required is individually heat sealed and vacuum packed before being sent to site. This packaging allows the stock to be stored in-situ for an increased period of time before servicing of equipment is required. Upon opening the packaging the servicing date will commence as normal. This is an effective way of equipment reducing down time during projects as items of equipment are kept on site and there is no need to process orders or wait for delivery. At the end of the project (or in-situ date) all unused stock may be returned to WFE Safety or purchased by the customer. Items of equipment will only be invoiced for upon opening its protective packaging.

SERVICING WFE Safety is able to provide service and re-certification for a huge range of personal protective equipment. We are focused on providing a time and material efficient turn-around, with all our service and inspections being completed in-house at our North Wales base. Our fully qualified equipment inspectors can provide servicing and recertification for a wide range of Life Jackets and Personal Protective Equipment. Equipment can be provided with comprehensive checks after servicing which allow for detailed feedback and advice on how to maintain and care for your equipment. This will help to increase the life of equipment whilst also reducing cost and potential waste in replacing it.

Equipment which is serviceable by WFE Safety includes; • SOLAS Life Jackets • Commercial Life Jackets • SOLAS Transit Suits • CE Transit Suits • Working at Height Equipment • Non-mechanical Lifting Equipment • On Site inspection and certification


Our extensive range includes; SOLAS Life Jackets SOLAS Transit suits Personal Locator Beacons Certified Lifting Bags Working at height equipment, harnesses, lanyards, grillons, etc Work Wear, Safety Boots Head and Ear Protection Defibrilators and breathing equipment Wind Farm Equipment Ltd, Station Goods Yard, Coast Road, Mostyn, Flintshire, CH8 9HF Tel. +44 1745 339100, +44 1745 332871,

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WFE Safety Brochure