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The Wire Volume 20 • Issue 7 • July 2013

West Florida Electric A Touchstone Energy® Cooperative The power of human connections

New Climate Change Regulations Electric cooperatives have serious concerns about President Obama’s misguided proposal to use the federal Clean Air Act (CAA) to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. If the President’s approach resembles dubious and dangerous plans forwarded by environmental activist groups, he will go far beyond stretching the law. Co-ops are urging the President to work with us, not against us, to address our nation’s energy needs. Here are several talking points on the legislation: Increased electric bills This new federal mandate essentially a massive, backdoor tax increase - will increase monthly electric bills, forcing those who can least afford it to make hard choices that will negatively impact their quality of life. Energy taxes are inherently regressive, disproportionately affecting, lowincome, fixed-income and rural consumers who already pay a higher percentage of their household budget for electricity. Fundamentally, the President is asking Americans to make more sacrifices on the heels of the greatest economic hardship most of us have

West Florida Electric’s Newsletter for Employees and Trustees ever lived through by adding a costly new tax on our energy bills. Jobs killer This proposal is also a jobs killer. It will raise the cost of energy, goods and services. It will hurt American competetiveness and slow down the fragile economic recovery with more uncertainty and risk. It will cause businesses to forego investment to pay higher energy bills. The last thing this nation needs is a new obstacle for our manufacturing and agricultural businesses.

Glorious mess of regulations Using the CAA for the purpose of addressing climate change is an overreach of historic scale. The law was never intended to be used this way. U.S. Rep. John Dingell, one of the Act’s principle authors, famously said using the CAA to regulate greenhouse gases would result in a “glorious mess.” The President is attempting to shoe-horn carbon regulations into this framework, and we will soon realize the the shoe just does not fit no matter how much we try to force it. (Continued on next page)

At the June 25 Board of Trustees meeting, Eugene Alford (left) and A.C. Miles (right) were recognized for serving on the Board over 20 years. Alford has served the members of WFEC since 1991 and Miles was elected in 1992.

July Birthdays Tracey Crutchfield, July 1 Shannon Holton, July 2 Dickey Barton, July 4 Robin Baggett, July 7 Gil Perea, July 9 Anthony Brothers, July 9 Amanda Evans, July 18 James Quattlebaum, July 18 Wes King, July 20 Dennis Culbreth, July 25

July Service Anniversaries

Jerry West, 33 years Harold Dunham, 26 years Penny Hagan, 19 years Bo Ussery, 26 years Sharon Curry, 9 years Virginia Green, 19 years Robin Baggett, 23 years Eric Norris, 7 years Rick Carnley, 28 years Ronnie Gilley, 32 years Josh Rabon, 7 years Kevin Nelson, 11 years

July Wedding Anniversaries

Liz & Eugene Alford July 27 (56 years)

No affordable technology Studies by MIT & the Electric Power Research Institute provide ample data showing the monumental technological challenges and costs of reducing carbon emissions. At present, there is no commercially viable technology that can get this job done. Instead, the President’s blueprint punitively imposes economic penalties on the American public simply for using electricity. Co-ops are focused on solutions Electric co-ops support a real “all of the above” energy strategy, not just a rhetorical one, in our effort to provide reliable, affordable power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. While the White House pushes regulatory mandates, not-forprofit, consumer-owned electric co-ops have long argued for a balanced, technically realistic and economically feasible approach to environmental & climate change technology. We are seeking solutions by: • Leading the electric utility industry in the deployment & use of demand response, smart grid, and other technologies that enable more efficient energy management.

Merrill-Lynch Meetings Merrill-Lynch will be meeting with WFEC employees on the following days: July 9 at 7:00 a.m. - Graceville July 10 at 7:00 a.m. - Bonifay July 10 at 4:00 p.m. - Sneads There was no Top Health Quiz winner for the month of June. Don’t forget to complete and return your quiz to Donnie Worley for your chance to win $50! If you don’t see your birthday, wedding anniversary or service anniversary appear in this publication, you can supply them to Candace Croft if you’d like to share with your co-workers. Callie, daughter of Jennifer & Chad Sanders received the Citizenship Award and an award for straight “A” honor roll from Bethlehem School. She will be a 3rd grader next year. Her parents are very proud of her accomplishments.

• Studying the feasibility of groundbreaking multi-pollutant control technologies for coal-fired power plants, which builds on our strong record of achievement in producing and delivering cleaner energy. • Working hard to build a strong foundation for an affordable, secure and clean energy future for the 42 million consumers we serve in 47 states.

Callie Sanders

Employee News Jenna Hughes, daughter of Julie & Brian Hughes graduated from Mary’s Child Care VPK in Bascom, Florida on June 1st. She’ll start kindergarten at Malone School in August.

New WFEC Employee Group on Facebook A group has been created on Facebook exclusively for the use of all WFEC employees. This is a great place to go to find out about happenings at the co-op and to share photos & news with your fellow employees. This group is for business-related information only. If you have a Facebook profile and haven’t been invited to join the group, please let a group member know so you can be included. Check it out when you get a chance - it’s a great internal communication tool!

A variety of items are available in the Co-op Store. The prices are great! We need your help - give us some suggestions of items you’d like to see featured in the store. Hooded zip sweatshirts $10, $11.75 & $13 Men’s short sleeved t-shirts$4, $4.75 & $5 Women’s short sleeved t-shirts$3.50, $4.50 & $5 Safari straw hats - $7.50 Camo knives - $12 Sport-Wick moisture wicking shirts for men & women - $12 Men’s sport polo shirt $14, $15, $15.50, $16 Ladies polo shirt $16, $17, $17.50, $18

Jenna Hughes

Throws - $26 Caps - $4 to $6 The photos to the left are from Terry & Robbie Mullen’s recent trip to Ireland. The photo on the bottom left is from the Guinness Storehouse Tour. The center atrium is glass that forms the world’s largest pint glass. If filled, it would hold 14.3 million pints of Guinness. The bottom right photo is of Terry kissing the Blarney Stone.

A Word of Thanks from a Member To WFEC: Thank you and your crews for the prompt service on a transformer failure at 1623 Hwy. 179 that occurred the last week of June. JQ Weatherford

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