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Events for the bombings of Yugoslavia, Belgrade - Serbia, March 2019

General Council Meeting, Caracas - Venezuela, April 2019

Solidarity Mission, Caracas Venezuela, April 2019

CENA Camp, Belgrade - Serbia, July 2019

UJCE Congress, Madrid - Spain, April 2019

EDON Festival, Nicosia - Cyprus, July 2019

KNE Festival, Athens - Greece, September 2019

JMPLA Congress, Luanda - Angola, October 2019

Solidarity Visit, Pyongyang - DPRK, October 2019

Communist Youth International Anniversarry, St Petersburng - Russia, November 2019

CONTENTS Duty of Youth to Fight Environmental Pollution BYU - Bangladesh Unblock Cuba SDAJ - Germany

“With the struggles, the dreams and our strength... “...we will build a free, open, hopeful world” (Nazim Hikmet), Socialism!” KNE – Greece Jammu and Kashmir: A burning problem of India AIYF - India About our organisation DYFK - Kuwait Palestinian youth (Reality and Challenges) PYO - Palestine It is not about individual decisions, but about defeating imperialism UJCE - Spain Venezuela, a target of imperialism within the international context JCV - Venezuela









Vietnamese youth memorize and follow president Ho Chi Minh’s last will HCMCYU - Vietnam


Resistance and struggle of the people of Cuba against the genocidal US blockade UJC - Cuba


INTRODUCTION This issue of the World Youth is being published only a few weeks before the 20th Assembly of WFDY. As the WFDY HQ, it is our hope that this publish, as always give more knowledge, experience and strength. In this magazine we have the chance to learn the approach of our comrades from BYU - Bangladesh about environmental pollution. SDAJ – Germany is sending a message of solidarity, demanding the unblock of Cuba! The comrades from KNE – Greece are sharing with us their latest actions and AIYF – India is giving us information about Kashmir and Jammu. DYFK – Kuwait is letting us know about the structure and the struggles of their organisation while the comrades from PYO – Palestine shares with us the reality and challenges of the Palestinian Youth. UJCE – Spain gives us their approach of how the struggle for the safeguard of the environment can only be part of the struggle against imperialism and our comrades from JCV – Venezuela give us a picture of the current situation in their country. At last HCMCYU – Vietnam explains to us how the youth of the country honours and follow president Ho Chi Minh. The HQ of WFDY


resent world is facing several crisis but all of them are based on regional situations. Europe is facing rise of fascism and unemployment crisis, Middle East is facing militant violence of religious extremism backed by imperialists, African counties are being pawn for European colonialists, Latin America is facing drugs, U.S intervention and other problems, Indian subcontinent is facing religious fascism and impacts of local government corruption and many others. But the whole world is sharing one common problem and that is environmental disasters. We humans divided this world into countries and nationalities but nature knows earth as one. This is why fire in amazon makes ice melting in Antarctica, oil spills in north Pacific threatens Great Barrier Reef, deforestation in Africa increases temperature in Europe. So the environmental disaster is the problem for every country. This is why around the world people of youth is fighting this problem, but are they fighting in the right way? If we look at history of the world not so far we will see after the fall of USSR the USA became one and only market ruler of the world and at the same time environmental pollution increased because of the massive industrialization for global capitalism. as capitalism only knows profit at any cost and no socialist power to challenge US capitalism, their industrialization didn’t care about natural disasters. Moreover after 90’s consumerism became strongest tool of capitalism which drove people to consider fancy products as necessity and for that more industries made more industrial wastage and more industrial products created even more wastage. Not only is this, to capitalism human also product and consumer at the same time. So booming of population in 3rd world countries became money making ground for global capitalists. They are considering 3rd world countries profitable for them because of massive amount of cheap labor and large number of consumers for their cheap products. As an example, Bangladesh is a small country but population is 180 million. For the cheap labor there are so many garments and leather industries to produce clothing, shoes and others for the developed countries. These industries do not follow environmental safety codes and as government is controlled by those developed capitalist countries so the government is not doing anything about it. The chemical wastes of these industries are making products in cheap for developed countries by the price of killing the rivers and the hydro ecosystem as well.

Another scenario is, while people of developed countries are rejecting coal based power plants, nuclear power plants for their environmental threats the global capitalists decided to transfer them in 3rd world countries, as government of Bangladesh is being lapdogs of them so they are allowing these environment killing power industries to destroy Sundarban the biggest mangrove forest, Moheskhali island, Bashkhali sea beach, Ruppur at Padma riverside and many more. Not only these, capitalist investment in other industries doing deforestation and other disasters. Leftist activists and concerned youth are doing continuous protest demonstrations against all of them but as global capitalism backed autocratic government controls all Medias the disasters and protests remain hidden. This is the scenario of Bangladesh and same goes to other 3rd world countries. So we see the main and only problem behind the global environmental disasters is global capitalism. If youth around the world don’t come down to fight against this one worst monster the earth is doomed. Collecting plastic waste and plantation programs won’t solve the problem because they are all remedies and we all know remedy is not treatment. We have to stop that thing which is producing plastic wastages, we have to stop that thing which is doing deforestation, we have to stop that thing which is making industries of 3rd world countries violating environmental codes and we have to stop that thing which is controlling governments of 3rd world countries which are allowing environmental threats. And the only way to stop this one monster is revolutionary class struggle. it is a proven truth that only class struggle can defeat capitalism so if fighting for environment doesn’t include class struggle in their ideology they cannot win and the future of the earth is in utter darkness. As media of the world is controlled by the same monster the environmental activists should create a hub so that if anywhere in the world global capitalists make move against nature, youth from every corner of the world will raise voice at the same time. Imperial capitalism intervention anywhere in the world will be defended by all the countries of the world. it is the duty of the socialist youth to convince other youth to join the struggle against imperialist capitalism in order to fight for environment. This is the right time otherwise planet earth and mankind is moving fast toward ultimate extinction. Who knows, global warming can increase to that level that polar ice melting will awake some unknown germs to whom our bodies are not immune at all.

Bangladesh Youth Union – BYU Bangladesh


he downfall of the US-imperialism and the world domination of the empire has begun and is unstoppable but nevertheless the US foreign policy and militarism gets aggressive due to the fact of economic sanctions and diplomatic war against the civil-population of their enemies. They lost the war in Syria, failed to establish a servile regime in Venezuela or Iran and go straight to a new big war against the People’s Republic of China or the Russian Federation, all of their geo-political opponents have to face serious economic sanctions ruled by the banks and the monopolies of the United States, backed by the politics, the politicians and the government of the empire. One of the biggest opponents and clear critics of the imperialism around the world but especially of the United States is the small, socialist island of Cuba in the backyard of the American continent. Since sixty years, started from the battles in the Sierra Maestra, the US backed coups against the ruling communist party, organized and financed violent opposition and mostly tried to exclude the Cuban economy from the world market by banning the socialist cooperatives, the swift banking system or by establishing unfair tax tolls against countries doing trade with the revolutionary Cuba. The United Nations Council in November debated once again about the economical sanction regime built up by the States against Cuba, in the last years the great majority of countries denied accepting the sanctions regime of imperialism and signed an assignment to end those acts. The sanctions were even increased, they now include the third step of the HelmsBurton-Act, a law which allows people to go to court in the US against the state of Cuba to get their nationalized property back. The act even tries to minimalize the trade between Cuba and Venezuela or also affects the trade between states of the European Union or private companies with Cuba. To end these sanctions and to support the revolution in Cuba struggling with US-imperialism the German daily newspaper jungeWelt started a campaign against the economic sanctions. The SDAJ supports the campaign and signed with many other organizations from Germany, Austria or Suisse the communique. The campaign includes meetings and discussion in the support of Cuba, donations for different projects and informational advertisement in the streets around Germany. All together and united against the newest form of aggression against Cuba and all of the other countries and populations living under the conditions of imperialist sanctions around the world. Unblock Cuba!

Socialist German Workers Youth – SDAJ Germany


nder this slogan, the 45th Festival of KNE-”Odigitis” travelled across Greece and peaked with the three-day events on September 19th-21st in Athens. The thousands of members of KNE went to every place where the youth lives, works and studies in dozens of cities of the country, in order to address a wide appeal of joint action to every young person who raises questions, who feels suffocated in the frameworks of this system, who sees that their dreams cannot come true, whose life and future seem ominous.

KNE is at the forefront of the organisation of struggles in Greece against the anti-popular policy of the governments, aiming at exposing the bourgeois class as the real enemy, for the combative counterattack of the youth against the capitalist system, by the side of the workers. Thousands of students throughout Greece during the past weeks have taken the streets and through massive collective procedures, assemblies and mobilisations are giving a militant answer to the plans of the government, demanding public and free education, development of science and research in the interest of the people, against the repression of the struggles and against the private business interests and profits. Moreover, the school students did not sit idly by while environmental “crimes” are carried out in our country as well, under the responsibility of the big business groups and the governments that serve them. Through multifaceted actions, they made clear that the protection of the environment concerns our lives, our future, along with the struggle for a better school. On November 4th, dozens of school student mobilizations took place throughout Greece under the slogan: “We want a school that educates, not a school that exterminates!”. This participation of tenths of thousands of young people in the events and initiatives organised by KNE, as well as the struggles of the past period in our country, in which the members and friends of KNE are at the forefront, confirm that there is a force to be reckoned with, a force they cannot control and which can strengthen the conflict against the plans of the system of exploitation and injustice.

KNE develops a joint struggle with Communist Youth Organisations from Europe and all around the world participating in and supporting the struggle of WFDY against the policies of capital, their governments and unions, the imperialist plans and wars. On the occasion of the visit of the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Greece in October, thousands of people and youth protested against the agreement of the Greek government with the USA on the expansion of the military bases in our country, a path opened by the previous government of SYRIZA, turning Greece into an endless military base for the murderers of the people. The mass and militant rally in Athens on October 5th , which was struck by riot police, just as the respective mobilizations in many cities of Greece, especially those that host US military bases, “crumpled” the effort to impose “dead silence”, the attempt to show that the people accept the dangerous entanglement in the dirty imperialist plans. The central protest in Athens managed to leave a strong mark, as it ended in front of the US embassy, in spite of the attempt of repression by the police. The above were not easily digested by the government and the bourgeois staff, the US embassy and all sorts of anti-communists who attacked the KKE and the workers’-people’s movement. Furthermore, government officials and some media engaged in slandering and grassing on a protestor who safeguarded the protest from the attack of the police forces, by making public their personal information. We fight in a multifaceted way against anti-communism and the re-writing of history! On the occasion of the 80 years since the beginning of the Second World War, the European parliament approved a resolution with which communism is equated with fascism, not hesitating to characterize the USSR as an “ally and partner of Nazi Germany”! This resolution reaches the point where it accuses the USSR as being responsible for the start of the war! This particular resolution was voted with 535 votes in favor (by the European People’s Party, the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, Renew Europe, the Greens- European Free Alliance and the European Conservatives and Reformists), 66 against and 52 blank. The KKEthrough its MEP’s as well – from the first moment denounced this unacceptable resolution. There was also a great reaction by mass organizations, amongst them the 40 Youth Organizations from all over Europe which signed a joint resolution following a proposal by KNE, in which they note among other things that “the future cannot be banned! The future of the youth is Socialism”. We have the deep conviction that the youth can play an important role in overthrows, in the enhancement of the correlation of forces, when it is steeped in the struggle of the working class, the revolutionary ideas, when it targets the real opponent, the bourgeois class, the state, their imperialist alliances and unions. This is the core of the organization of the counterattack of the people and the youth! This is what will give the necessary boost to the struggles that are required today. Because the deterioration of the standards of living on its own and a series of anti-popular measures, which can create intense indignation and rage, cannot automatically radicalize the consciousness, express more reactions and militant moods, if the real culprit for everything that happens is not understood, if the struggle for socialism-communism is not reinforced.

Communist Youth of Greece – KNE Greece


ndia is a Union of States in which Jammu and Kashmir is one of the States. Specifying the territories of different States of India, the First Schedule of the Constitution of India stated that the territory of Jammu and Kashmir includes “the territory which immediately before the commencement of this Constitution was comprised in the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir”. Therefore, when we say that Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) is an integral part of India that means that the portion of the state under Pakistan’s occupation, which is known as “Pakistan Occupied Kashmir”, also is a part of India. Let there be no confusion about this. Some Historical facts Some historical facts need to be understood. When India got freedom from British rule on August 15, 1947, it was partitioned into two countries – India and Pakistan. However, during that turbulent and difficult time, the then ruler of the state, Maharaja Hari Singh, was toying with the idea of an independent State of Jammu and Kashmir, while the people of the state decided to join India. During that time of the then ruler’s vacillation on merging with India, the so called tribal raiders (actually Pakistan and British trained and supported soldiers) entered in the state and almost reached Srinagar Airport. The Maharaja fled to Jammu, and signed the instrument of Accession with India on October 26, 1947, for which the people of the state under the legendary leader of Sheikh Abdullah had been insisting all along. Special status of Jammu and Kashmir, and autonomy J&K is an integral part of India after its accession in India. However, there have been issues which have continued to haunt the state. The major issue is that a part of the state continues to be under Pakistan’s occupation which is the main reason for the disputes between India and Pakistan, while another issue of J&K resolves around the question of autonomy of the state. The Accession to India took place on the basis of three subjects: Defence, Foreign Affairs and Communications, while other subjects to be administered by the state. This is the initial basis of J&K’s autonomy within India. This was given Constitutional sanction under Article 370 of the Constitution of India. This was further fortified by the Delhi Agreement-1952 between prime minister Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah. The agreement was ratified by the Parliament in New Delhi and the J&K Assembly in Srinagar. The J&K Assembly also became the Constituent Assembly to frame a Constitution of the state. The first and the essential part of the Delhi agreement is that the accession of the state is full ad final. So the 1952 Agreement has a certain constitutional validity. Then, there was again another agreement in 1975, known as the Kashmir Accord-1975 between government of India and Sheikh Abdullah. The Accord laid down that whatever erosion of autonomy had taken place between 1952 and1975 would be gone into. The Special status of J&K assured to its people at the time of Accession to India in October 1947 (which is the initial basis of autonomy to the state within the Indian Union, and which was given Constitutional sanction under Article 370 of the Constitution of India), the Delhi Agreement-1952 and the Kashmir Accord-1975 are historical factors of greatest relevance to the J&K issue and are also solemn assurances to the people of the state. The solution of the internal issues in the state need to be sorted out within the framework of these factors and assurances. And among these factors, Article 370 is the most crucial factor. The Agreement-1952 and the Accord -1975 are also based on this Article. Abrogation of Article 370 J&K loses the “Special” status However, on August 5, 2019, the government of India abrogated the Article 370, thereby effectively ceasing the special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

Simultaneously, the government introduced a Bill to abolish J&K as a state of the India and replaced it with two separate Union Territories – the Union Territory of J&K with a legislature and Union Territory of Laddakh without a legislature. They did it without taking the people of the state into confidence. They did it without proper discussion in parliament. In doing so, they ignored and undermined the parliamentary practices, procedures and the precedence. They have adopted regressive measures which are unconstitutional and leading to destroying the federal structure and principles of the country. In a single stroke they have rewritten the history and politics of India to suit the taste of fascist ideology of the RSS. They are celebrating this as a victory forgetting that what they have nullified (i.e Article 370) is the umbilical cord that was keeping J&K as an integral part of the great nation. The main opposition party – the Indian National Congress, the Left and most of the other parties in opposition have opposed this move of the government pointing out that this was unconstitutional. The government, however, didn’t care, and using its brute majority passed matters in the parliament which are basically anti-constitutional. Millions of people in Kashmir under virtual detention Some more than seven million people in the Kashmir valley are under virtual detention because of the strict ban and curfew and other harsh restrictions imposed from the midnight of 4th Agust, 2019. Political leaders and activists in big numbers are under arrest. Many of them have been transferred to other states. Virtually the whole population of the state, and particularly in the valley, are deprived of their constitutional and human rights. Telephone, mobile, internet and other communication services have remained suspended for more than two months, and are still not restored in true sense. The whole population in the valley is under a virtual seize. The opposition parties have been demanding the government to stop these repressive measures. They have been demanding that the constitutional and human rights of the people should be restored and the political leaders and activists should be released. But the government has not cared to listen. The people of J&K have had a grievance that the assurances spelled out at the time of Accession have been neglected over the years. When such grievance remained unattended for decades together it was not unusual that alienation went on increasing. Anti-India and anti-accession forces have been exploiting this alienation, and exploiting the alienation to the extent of getting support to separatist and pro-Pakistan slogans, and even demand for independence. It is clear that by abrogating Article 370 and bifurcation of the state, and the continuing curfews, virtual” detention” of millions of people in their homes and restrictions on communication and movement etc, the government has further alienated the people of the state. And the alienation appears to have reached dangerous proportions. Government’s misadventure has only complicated the J&K imbroglio further.

All India Youth Federation – AIYF India


he Democratic Youth Forum in Kuwait ( DYF ) is a group of young women and men who believe in Social Justice, Democracy, Tolerance and who strive for self-improvement. The Forum aims to instill these practices among the youth by creating a healthy atmosphere that is free of class division, tribalism, sectarianism, religious fundamentalism and sexism, so that the youth can make use of such an atmosphere to discuss their common concerns and the issues of their society. ( DYFK ) believes that social justice that liberates people from class exploitation will end class struggle through the conscious and the political actions of the working class. ( DYFK ) focuses on the Following fields to make change within youth: - Politics: Encourage youth in public affairs and advocate for youth empowerment. Develop more rational and scientific mode of thinking, as opposed to fundamentalist or socially confined thinking. Call for legislation that solidifies the constitutional basis of citizenship, that safeguards social justice and equal opportunity for all and that brings about a prompt, final and fair solution to the “Bedoon” as known as Stateless citizens. Build awareness and solidarity with the Arab and global struggles for national liberation and democracy. - Living Expenses: Advocate youth’s economic and social benefits and working to elevate their standard of living. Offer Formulated solutions to problems, such as the deterioration of the health and education sectors, rising housing costs, increased unemployment and price inflation. Additionally, address environmental pollution and achieving social justice, instead of minority control over national wealth. - Social Relations: Instil tolerance and acceptance of the other and resisting sexism, class division, religious fundamentalism, tribalism and sectarianism. Advocate the respect for women’s abilities and rights, and restoring women’s social image in that direction. Encourage youth from different backgrounds to engage and cooperate with each other, instead of mutual exclusion. Finally, create an atmosphere in which youth can develop as free and equal citizens, challenging the rigidity and prejudice of the larger society. - Culture: Openness to other cultures, with pride in our Local Arab culture. We find that Social and religious infringement on the freedom of cultural expression is used to oppress different ideas and we aim to provide a healthy atmosphere for discussion without the fear of being social or religiously outcast. In addition, resistance to the consumerist culture of capitalism. Engage youth in developing their creative abilities in literature, arts, hobbies and volunteer work in social service. - Sports: Attention to the physical and sports aspect of youth’s life. Shed light on different sports that do not receive their due consideration in official and media coverage, change the consumerist lifestyle into a more productive one. Moreover, call for sports to become a human activity available for all, free from being commodified and commercialized and free from the pressure to segregate youth based on their financial status or attractiveness to investors. ( DYFK ) try to reach youth of Kuwait through organizing reading clubs ,Discussion groups, organizing sports and cultural activities, such as sports tournaments, camps and hosting lecturers. In addition, ( DYFK ) represents the youth in Kuwait in the causes and venues that relate to them, as well as cooperate with other civil society organizations and human rights groups and activists in matters relating to youth, ( DYFK ) also cooperates with other youth groups and supports them as part of the responsibility to be an essential part of activist youth and understand their day to day concerns.

The membership of ( DYFK ) is open for young women and men aged 16 to 34 years, who are willing to adopt the Forum’s values and willing to participate regularly in its activities. ( DYFK ) take responsibility in helping new young registered members to understand the mentality of working within an organized team and introduce views of Social Justice and class consciousness to create a solid comradery between members. We also try to shed a light over a forgotten history of Kuwaiti working class, workers strikes and independence fighters to remind youth of Kuwait of the struggles of the old generations. At the same time we work to introduce Youth of Kuwait to international socialist views, icons, arts and literature.

Democratic Youth Forum in Kuwait


he Palestinian issue is facing great challenges and threats that threaten to liquidate the rights of the Palestinian people to return, self-determination and the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. Economic projects in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as a halt to the US contribution to support the UNRWA budget and an attempt to write off the definition of a Palestinian refugee and the other dangers of the “deal of the century� The full Zionist perception of unilateral conflict and the liquidation of the cause and the national rights of the Palestinian people. This requires uniting the efforts of all Palestinians, developing a vision and a comprehensive struggle program to face the challenges and risks.

Palestinian youth represent a wide segment of the Palestinian social fabric, where the proportion of youth (15-29) years in the West Bank and Gaza Strip 28.0% of the total population, while the proportion of youth in the Diaspora and 48 regions, about one third of the population according to the latest estimates and statistics, which confirms the role Growing for this large and important social sector. Needless to say, the importance of youth and their role in the development and advancement of societies, given the complexity and scope of issues and problems of youth in the Palestinian society, they suffer from double marginalization, the main reasons are as follows: First: Due to the Zionist occupation and its practices that deprived the Palestinian youth of the right to enjoy the minimum and basic rights and freedoms as the Palestinian people in general, and the historical Palestine suffered by the continuation of the Zionist occupation and its crimes of killing, displacement, colonial settlement and Judaization of Jerusalem, and continued large-scale arrests of young people and assassinations racism.

According to international and local reports, the ongoing Zionist military occupation of historic Palestine has created endless victims of their tragedy and suffering, not only at the level of quantifiable indications. There are hundreds of thousands of martyrs, wounded and prisoners who fell in the yards of confrontation with the Zionist occupation forces, most of them young people. For example, the number of martyrs since the outbreak of the Al-Aqsa Intifada until 2011, according to a report by the Ministry of Health, 7227 martyrs, including 4607 martyrs of the age group (15-29), or 63.7% of the total number of martyrs, while the number of wounded 60043 injured, 35321 Of the age group (15-25) or 58.8%. Secondly, due to the lack of interest and marginalization of young people and the lack of interest in them by the institutions of the political system, in addition to the deterioration of economic and social conditions, where the problems of unemployment, poverty, violence, the desire to emigrate, lack of political and social participation and identity problems and deepen the gender gap between generations. The indicators of the high poverty rate in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 2017 show that 16.8% of individuals in the Palestinian occupied land in 67 suffer from extreme poverty (5.8% in the West Bank and 33.8% in the Gaza Strip), while extreme poverty was between Individuals (15-29 years) 17.1% (6.1% in the West Bank and 35.4% in the Gaza Strip), while the unemployment rate among individuals (15-29 years) in 2017 is 41%. In Lebanon, Palestinian youth and Palestine refugees in general suffer from various forms of marginalization, whether by imposing restrictions on their right to work, social security, or political work, in addition to marginalization that excludes Palestinians from institutions of social and cultural life, and the isolation of camps from their surroundings as refugees as a source of danger. And a potential threat to the host community. In Syria, and before it, Iraq is increasingly suffering. Those who remain in the camps are at risk, living in poor and inhumane conditions as a result of years of war, lack of services, and those who have migrated suffer from a lack of services. In general, Palestinian youth suffer from marginalization and lack of interest in them by Palestinian institutions and by host countries. It is difficult for Palestinians to obtain government jobs in PA institutions by nearly the number of them, as well as fewer in the National and Legislative Councils, and almost non-existent in sensitive jobs. Palestinians in the occupied land 48, especially young people, suffer racism and discrimination because of their origins and cultural identity, which affects the level of enjoyment by youth of their rights to education, employment, health and other rights. Zionist racist measures and legislation, especially after the passage of the Nationality Law, contribute to further restrictions on the status and rights of Palestinians in the territories of 48, as well as the absence of representation and role of 48 Palestinians in national decision-making at the PLO level as the sole legitimate representative of the people. Palestinian in all its gatherings in the homeland and the Diaspora.

Palestinian Youth Organization – PYO Palestine


fter several decades in which the image of the ecologist movement was that of a band of catastrophists who aspired to push back the progress of humanity to the Neolithic, suddenly ecologism begins not only to be a state issue, but in some countries of Europe focuses much of the political and social debate. In this way, it is difficult to understand how the transition between these two situations has taken place in such a short time, but the common denominator is the conversion of a collective and planetary problem into a kind of individual option, in which the reversal of climate change depends on individual actions, with special emphasis on those related to consumption patterns. Undoubtedly, individual actions on a massive scale have an effect, but as far as the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases is concerned, the margin of these actions is, as we can see in this table, negligible:

tion, but a young Scandinavian model who is invited to take part in the United Nations Climate Summit, the Davos Forum and who is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. As we have said before, only a radical transformation of the model of energy production, industrial development and land use, but especially of economic planning and natural resources, can reverse the current situation. And this is closely related to the current phase capitalism: imperialism. In this map we can observe the annual emission of CO2 by the different states:

At the same time, the political options catAnd in this one the CO2 emission per person in each state: alogued as “green” are The first map shows the advancing special responsibility strongly in of the main imperialist the counpoles (the US, China, Rustries with sia and the EU) and also the greatest the so-called emerging historical reeconomies in the current sponsibility waste crisis. But the secin the spill ond map, and specificalwaste (for ly, the unequal emission example, of greenhouse gases in the generalized electoral rise of the members of the countries with similar levEuropean Greens in the different countries of the EU). els of income, shows that However, if we review the political programmes of they are the material conthese Parties, the most we will find are generalist proditions of production, posals for reducing the use of fossil fuels, promoting the model of exploitation ecological agricultural uses and greater promotion of of natural resources and public transport, combined with neoliberal measures. not the individual options of each one. The waste crisis in all its aspects (collapse of aquifers, pollution of the The fact that the paradigm of ecological activism has atmosphere, pollution and desertification of the land, etc.) operates in abysmally large been sweetened and made not only acceptable, but magnitudes, which depend on the massive production of energy based on the burning also promoted by the main institutional powers, mul- of fossil fuels, on inefficient transport models in large urban concentrations, on industritinationals and the media is closely related to the fact al production and on overexploitation of the land. And although it is always possible to that it has been stripped of its anti-capitalist charac- reduce emissions in a personal way (using collective and efficient means of transport, ter. We are witnessing the political growth of a “green reducing the consumption of raw materials from overexploitation of land and water, capitalism” that is characterized mainly by reducing wasting fewer resources and reusing others etc.), that 1, 1,000 or 100 million people the ecological struggle to a series of individual actions follow an alternative way of life individually (no matter how eco-friendly it is and how (limited mainly to the mode of consumption, with a much green seal it carries) we will continue to be doomed to ecological collapse. promotion of any product that has an “eco” “bio” or similar seal) that are not only perfectly compatible with Therefore, in view of the current effervescence of political options, social discourses the current production model (whose needs in terms and ecological proposals we must, if we really want to avoid ecological collapse, of consumption of resources are infinite) but also gen- make this question: Is this proposal or program going to put an end to the capitalist erates a new commercial and economic niche of “eco- mode of production? If the answer is no, we can leave it in the corner of the political logical” products. approaches that in one way or another simply advocate a cosmetic change, a small reform. The only transforming ecologism is, and must be, radically anti-capitalist and We can say, therefore, that we are witnessing the do- with a global perspective on the distribution of resources. mestication of the ecological struggle, in the lampedusian line that everything changes so that everything remains the same. That is to say, that what and how each individual consumes be modified so that the consumerist model and the capitalist mode of production Communist Youth Union of Spain – UJCE remain intact. That is why the environmental activist is Spain no longer an older man in the guise of a prophet who roars against all the evils of industry and energy produc-


he centers of world economic power are disputing about the geopolitical hegemony, to secure conAfterinternational several decades in which the image of the the ecologist trol of natural resources, markets and trade routes necessary movement was that of a band of catastrophists who aspired for the reproduction of capital and the recuperation of profit to push the progress of humanity the Neolithic,and sudrates by back the largest monopolies. These to inter-imperialist denly ecologism begins only to be state issue, inter-capitalist confrontations havenotunleashed an aescalation of but vio-in countries of Europe focuses much of and social lencesome and have created a situation conducive to the thepolitical intensification of local debate. wars andInconflicts, interference and sanctions. this way,unilateral it is difficult to understand how the transition between these two situations has taken place in such a short time, Imperialism again recycling and reusing fasbut theiscommon denominator is the anti-communism conversion of a and collective cism, old tools that at different times have been used to serve its and this planetary a kind are of individual which interests; showsproblem that the into capitalists willing to option, use anyininstrureversal their of climate change depends onthe individual mentsthe to impose will, which is always against interests actions, of the Through multiple media platforms, which constitute of the main withclass. special emphasis on those related to consumption patterns. Undoubtedly, individual actions on a massive scale haveone an effect, working instruments for the imposition on young people of ideological modbut as far as the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases is concerned, marginpatterns, of these messages actions is, such as weascan see in this table, els andthe cultural individualism, migration In thisnegligible: sense, the United States government has been promoting a and anti-communism are being promoted as answers to the crisis; this plan of systematic and multifaceted aggression against the peoples contributes in creating propitious conditions for the strengthening of and governments in Latin America and the Caribbean which assert small classless groups which are in line with the most reactionary and their right to decide on their own matters, with sovereignty and withconservative currents of the right. out the tutoring of foreign powers. The JCV, together with the most tenacious progressive youth forces Imperialist aggression and capitalist crisis in Venezuela, have been exposing the intentions of the right and of At the same time, the political options catalogued as “green” are advancing strongly in the countries with the greatest historical re-of our imperialism to use youth as a spearpoint for destabilization Over sponsibility the course of the previous decade, the advent of right-wing, in the spill waste (for example, the generalized electoralcountry. rise of This the members ofpromote the European Greens in the different is why we consciousness-building, organizaneo-liberal governments in Latin America and the Caribbean, has countries of the EU). However, if we review the political programmestion of these Parties, the most we will find are working generalistclass, proposals and mobilization of the children of the so they can brought new allies for imperialism in its goal of isolating and overtake and on agreater revolutionary role of in public the class struggle,combined against imperialism for reducing the use of fossil fuels, promoting ecological uses promotion transport, with throwing the Venezuelan Government, which, together with agricultural Cuba, and the bourgeoisie. measures. Bolivianeoliberal and Nicaragua, has been an obstacle for its plans to reestablish absolute control over the region. With the complicity of those subThe response of the revolutionary forces ordinate governments, the US has reinforced its threatening military presence on that the borders of Venezuela and activism has increased its sweetened interThe fact the paradigm of ecological has been andaggression made not only acceptable,is but also and promoted by the main The of imperialism global, the resistance and soliventionist actions,powers, stirring internal subversion establishing an ecoinstitutional multinationals and and the media is closely related todarity the fact thatpeoples it has been stripped ofglobal. its anti-capitalist character. of the must also be The approval by the Gennomic, financial and commercial blockade. Council of the World Federationthe of ecological Democraticstruggle Youth (FMJD) We are witnessing the political growth of a “green capitalism” that iseral characterized mainly by reducing to a of the campaign “Imperialism, Hands out ofthat Venezuela!” In April series isofand individual actions mainly to theby mode of consumption, with a promotion of any product has an “eco” “bio”2019, Venezuela has been at the(limited center of the attacks US imperihas meant a stimulus to the popular combat that takes place or similar seal) that are not only perfectly compatible with the current production model (whose needs in terms of consumption ofin the alism. Evidence of this is the Executive Order of 2015 approved by country. This important initiative of the Federation has brought tothe Obama administration, declared oura country as an “unusuresources are infinite) which but also generates new commercial and economic niche of “ecological” products. gether more than 100 youth organizations from five continents and al and extraordinary threat to US security”; the strengthening of the demonstrates the commitment of democratic, popular, anti-capitalist unilateral and illegal coercive measures that affect the livelihood of and anti-imperialist youths to the struggle of the Venezuelan people our people and damage our sovereignty; and the media campaigns andecological youth for national We can say, therefore, that we are witnessing the domestication of the struggle,self-determination. in the lampedusian line that everything aimed at preparing the way to legitimize a military aggression. changes so that everything remains the same. That is to say, that what and how each individual consumes be modified so that the The That anti-imperialist struggle shouldactivist not limited to denouncing model and against the capitalist modewere of production is why the environmental is no longer an older the Duringconsumerist 2019 the aggressions Venezuela up, whichremain has intact. policies and actions of the US government or of the European Union; radicalized of the National Assembly contempt), man in the the servile guise ofrole a prophet who roars against all(inthe evils of industry and energy production, but a young Scandinavian model who it should also entail a class stand and a confrontation against the capwhichishas become thepart main imperialism its interveninvited to take in instrument the United of Nations ClimateinSummit, the Davositalist Forum and who is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. system. tionist policy and of attack on the democratic institutionality of the State -Venezuelan nation. In this line is the recent activation of the It is vital for young Venezuelans to continue building the broadest International Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR), which constitutes workers-popular, patriotic and development revolutionary and unit land to face As we have said before, only a radical transformation of the model of energy production, industrial use,the butimpea dangerous step in the preparation of the conditions for a military rialist siege and the onslaught of the capitalist crisis in Venezuela. especially of economic planning and natural resources, can reverse the current situation. And this is closely related to the current aggression. Likewise, we consider the civic-military unit in defense of sovereignphase capitalism: imperialism. ty to be strategic, in the face of the Monroe doctrine of plundering This difficult political, economic and social situation is aggravated by and US regional domination, which we fight from Bolivarianism as the confrontation between sectors of the domestic bourgeoisie, that an instrument of continental emancipation; in addition to promoting are disputing over the control of the State and its wealth, and by the In this map we can observe the annual emission of CO2 by the different the states: increase in the leading role of the working class and the popular sharp crisis of the Venezuelan model of dependent, rentier capitalsectors in the tasks to increase production and expand independent ism. Class contradictions are exacerbated, and the working people development capacities. end up carrying the burden of the crisis. YouthCommunist in the context classofstruggle Youthof Union Spain – UJCE The situation Spain in our country has direct consequences on the objective and subjective conditions of Venezuelan youth.

The very serious situation our people faces can be overcome with strategic measures and actions that aim at the truly revolutionary transformation of Venezuelan society.

Over the previous five years, as a result of the sharpening of the capitalist crisis in Venezuela and the application of measures of economic blockade against our country, the deterioration of the living conditions of young people has been aggravated.

Long live the struggle of the working people and youth!

Communist Youth of Venezuela – JCV Venezuela


ifty years from the day President Ho Chi Minh passed away, his teachings in his Last Will remain to bevaluable in the cause of the country’s construction and defense, a great motivation for the young generation of Vietnam - the generation to whom he had dedicated his love, faith and expectation to strive and contribute, to make the country “more and more prosperous and beautiful”.

The campaign of Vietnamese youth‘s 50 years of implementing President Ho Chi Minh’s Last Will under the theme “VIETNAMESE YOUTH MEMORIZE AND FOLLOW PRESIDENT HO CHI MINH’S LAST WILL” (from January to September 2019) has truly become a vast and profound political activities of the youth nationwide. These activities have been carried out by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union at all levels with modern and attractive methods, drawing the attention of more than 11 million Union members, young people and a large number of people from all walks of life. Gratitude of the Young Generation “Vietnamese youth memorize and follow President Ho Chi Minh’s Last Will” is a tribute, affirmation of belief, pride and respect for the beloved President Ho Chi Minh and a wish to live, to fight, to work and to follow President Ho Chi Minh of the Vietnamese youth. Aware of the sacred meaning, the great value and the importance of his Last Will, the Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union officially launched the Campaign on January 20th, 2019 at Nha Rong Harbor, Ho Chi Minh City - the place where President Ho Chi Minh left to find a way to save the country in 1911. On the occasion of 50th anniversary of following President Ho Chi Minh’s Last Will, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union at all levels have organized many activities attached to historical milestones such as anniversary of the establishment of the Party (February 3rd), the establishment of the Youth Union (March 26th), the Liberation Day (April 30th), President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday (May 19th), the 20th anniversary of the Summer Volunteer Youth Campaign , etc. The highlight of the campaign was expressed through various forms of lively propaganda, political activities and meetings of the Youth Union at grassroot level. The whole country has organized more than 8,000 forums, seminars, contests of understanding the ideology, morality and Ho Chi Minh’s style, especially the sacred values in his Last Will, which were approached by the young generation today, in order to understand, to instill, to learn more from his Last Will. All press agencies have published more than 14,000 articles, more than 122,000 posts on social networks about the “Vietnamese youth memorize and follow President Ho Chi Minh’s Last Will” campaign. The Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union has hosted and coordinated with the Central Propaganda Commission of the Communist Party of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics to organize a Scientific Seminarwith the theme “Fostering revolution for next generations, following President Ho Chi Minh’s Last Will” in Hanoi on May 19th- exactly on President Ho Chi Minh’s Birthday . Spreading true values to community From the sentiments, awareness and pride for President Ho Chi Minh, the Youth Union at different levels have deployed over 32,000 youth works, millions of pieces of work, following President Ho Chi Minh’s words. Each project is the effort and creativity of Youth Union members and young people, who are “eager to volunteer and not afraid of difficulties”, determining to contribute to addressing the needs of the people; participating in implementing political tasks of units and localities, contributing to the task of national construction. The effectiveness of the campaign was also assessed by the maturity of each Youth Union member. Through activities, movements, Youth Union at different levels have found out and praised more than 35,000 outstanding young people studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s example in all areas of life. In some countries where President Ho Chi Minh used to live and work, the Vietnam National Union of Student also actively organized visits and lay

flowers to historical sites. For example, the Vietnam Union of Student in Hungary paid visits to President Ho Chi Minh’s monument in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary; the Vietnam National Union of Student in England paid visits to the historic address of Carlton Hotel, which is built in the place where the New Zealand building used to be- the place where President Ho Chi Minh worked from 1913 to 1917. To sum up, the campaign of 50 years implementing President Ho Chi Minh’s Last Will has truly become a major and profound political activity of the Vietnamese youth, affirming the belief, pride and respect for the great President Ho Chi Minh. With the great trust and expectation in the ability and energy of the youth, we believe that the youth of Vietnam will always advance in all areas, contributing to building the homeland, worthy of the faith of the Party and the beloved President Uncle Ho Chi Minh./.

Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union – HCMCYU Vietnam


his Revolution is the Revolution of our people; it is the Revolution of our young people; It is the revolution of our students. Together we did it. Together we did it. We are the same thing and don’t can never stop being it ” Fidel Castro Ruz

From the same triumph of the Cuban Revolution, US imperialism implemented an increasingly aggressive escalation with the aim of overthrowing the nascent Revolution. And 60 years have passed and the empire’s desires still persist in eliminating in all ways the example that Cuba symbolizes for the world. The criminal Economic and Financial Blockade imposed for more than 5 decades in Cuba, far from making the people betray the ideals for which their best children fought, has promoted the nation to resist and go on the offensive with intelligence and unity. The world has accompanied this process of resistance along with the tens of generations of Cubans who have suffered the servile and growing effect of the governments of the United States. Numerous examples show this, permanent signs of solidarity in places, parks, universities, workplaces, international institutions have been determined to denounce the US blockade. From April 2018 to March 2019, a period covered by the new report presented at the United Nations General Assembly held in November 2019, the upsurge of the blockade continues to be the central axis of the United States government policy (EE.UU.) Towards Cuba, with more and more notable effects in its extraterritorial application. The blockade has caused Cuba losses Cuba in the order of 4,334, 6 million dollars. The damages accumulated during almost six decades of application of this policy reach the figure of 138 thousand 843, 4 million dollars. Taking into account the depreciation of the dollar against the value of gold in the international market, the blockade has caused quantifiable damages for more than 922 thousand 630 million dollars, a value that represents a decrease of 1.2 percent over the previous period, due to the decrease in the price of gold by 1.6 percent. The Helms-Burton Act and the application of its third chapter are intended to carry out US jurisdiction. out of its territory. It seeks to rule, judge and sentence acts carried out by Cuban or foreign entities that act under Cuban law, under international law or under the law of the third country that has business in Cuba. On the other hand, education, sports, culture and health are among the most sensitive sectors severely impact by the application of the blockade. The achievements of the Cuban Revolution in the field of education and its contribution to other peoples of the world are recognized internationally. The analysis of the goals contained in Objective 4 of the 2030 Agenda demonstrates that all have been met. The policy imposed by the US government. UU. It is the main obstacle to the development of the Cuban economy and the full fulfillment of all the human rights of the people of Cuba and constitutes a serious challenge for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals. The human damages caused by the application of these losses are incalculable. There is no Cuban family, or sector in the country that has not been a victim of its effects. More than 77 percent of the Cuban population has been born and raised under the economic siege imposed by the US government. The largest of the Antilles, revolutionary and socialist, will continue to work sovereignly and relentlessly in deepening the objectives of justice, equity and solidarity that underpin the Cuban model. In this context of special complexity, Cuba, its youth and its people hope to continue counting the support of the youth of the world and the international community in the legitimate claim to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the government of the USA.

Communist Youth Union – UJC Cuba

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World Youth News - November 2019  

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