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Crew Members Association of South Africa Data Wranglers Course Level 1 Evaluation Name: Wezley Ferreira Theory:






Evaluation Your understanding of the theory is good and your execution in your practical also good. You would have placed higher in the course if you had completed more of the theory regarding etiquette and protocols. It was a privilege to have you on the course and sincerely thank you for all your effort. You also came the closest to the answer for question 11's file format and got the file size correct. Well done! Recommendations You need to spend some more time working with systems like Scratch to add to your arsenal of established skill sets. I would also recommend spending time on understanding more about Raids and implementing them in your work flow. I also recommend that you attend a THX Colour Science course and spend some more time training on Phantom and high end work flows. Summation For coming 4th in the level 1 course you receive automatic acceptance into Level 2. You are hereby level 1 certified and can confidently state that you are fully qualified to work as a Data Wrangler in the Industry. I encourage you to carry on all the way to level 5 and qualify as a D.I.T where no one will be able to question your capabilities or experience. Congratulations Wez, Job well done!!

Assessed by Stefan Nell, Marius van Straaten and Gideon Furst on behalf of the CMA training initiative.

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