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Red and White Cutest Couples by Caitlin Ackley Every year, the Juniors and Seniors vote on who they believe the cutest couples at WHS are. This year, Abbi Bell and Jake Trejo received the most votes, Lacy Mynhier and Adam Moose second, and Searra Clausen and Noah Hester third. Spanish class, a place full of love. Or at least that’s the case with Abbi Bell and Jake Trejo. After eight months and a great first date at Red Robin, they are still in a loving relationship. Abbi had nothing but nice things to say about Jake when asked what attracted her to him, “He has a great sense of humor, he is kind, and he has a great smile.” Jake had the same thing to say about her but with a little twist in the mix: “Her smile, sense of humor and her shyness.” When asked what he loved most about Abbi, Jake responded by saying, “There are many things, but a few are that she makes me laugh, makes me very happy and I always have a good time with her no matter what we do.” When asked the same question, Abbi said, ”He is very caring, has a big heart, and he makes me happy :).” Abbi said that the most romantic gift she had given Jake was, “I made him a scrapbook of us.” Jake said that he had given Abbi, “A necklace for Sweetest Day.” When both were asked about their favorite moment with each other, Jake responded, “There are many moments, but my favorite moment with her would be all the nights over the summer when we hung out, went swimming, and played tennis.” Abbi responded with, “One of my favorite’s would be when we went to where I used to live in Sylvania and walked all the neighborhoods; it was fun.” Young love, filling the air... it started 13 years ago, but they just didn’t know it. After a month of dating and a first date (double date) at the movies, Adam Moose and Lacy Mynhier are off to a great relationship. “His hot bod and thick facial hair,” is what Lacy said when asked what attracted her to him. Adam had to say, “Her personality and her cute smile.” After this month of dating, Adam and Lacy said that their favorite moment with each other would have to be every moment <3. When we asked Adam what he loved the most about Lacy he said, “She’s laid back and likes to have fun,and she is different than other girls.” Lacy was asked the same question about Adam and her response was, “His personality, pretty eyes, and amazing smile :). The most romantic gift they have gotten for each other is a $25,000 Tiffany ring... similar to Carrie Underwoods. It all started in Mr. Burt’s math class (nine months ago) for Searra Clausen and Noah Hester. Their first date was at the bowling alley in Archbold. When asked what attracted him to her, Noah responded with, “Her eyes and pretty blond hair.” Searra said, “His personality, sense of humor, his beautiful hair and squishy tummy”. When asked what she loved most about Noah, Searra said, “The way he can make me laugh. There’s never a dull moment with Noah Hester, and again his squishy tummy.” Noah had to say, “Her eyes, personality, and her rockin’ body!” A favorite moment that they both agreed on is laying on the trampoline looking at the stars, but Noah added, “Or going to see the lights at the zoo.” The most romantic gifts that they have given each other are a Build-a-Bear from Noah that has camouflage boxers and a pillow pet from Searra.

February 2012 Red and White Page 2 ______________________________________________________________ Dating Outside the School By: Alex Drummer Jacob Bray is a senior at WHS and is dating Katie Hau, a junior from Elyria. The couple met at church camp. They started texting each other on and off for a year. Then, the next year at camp, Jacob says she became his “camp cutie,” and the rest is history. They’ve now been together for over five months. Jacob and Katie enjoy going out to Troy Lind’s (making fun of Felter), hanging out with family, going to the movies, and going to an Indians games occasionally. Jacob says, “The biggest challenge is that I can’t see her whenever I want to. Also, we have to trust each other a TON more than normal couples.” Jacob likes that Katie is “beautiful, funny, caring, awesome, incredible, amazing, and phenominal.” She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Unfortunately, the couple may not get to celebrate Valentine’s Day because Katie’s mom’s birthday is the 11th. Cassidy Ladd, WHS senior, has been dating Joel Cabrara since around prom time last year. They met in math class last year, and Cassidy sends a special thanks to Mr. Schneider for that! Joel is currently attending Defiance College, and Cassidy finds not getting to see him as much a big challenge. However, they’re making it work and enjoy the time they do have together. Cassidy says that when they’re together, they enjoy “watching Derrick Rose and the Bulls tear up the court while eating his mom’s amazing food.” There seems to be many things she loves about Joel. Cassidy says, “He makes me laugh, and he believes in me. He encourages me and picks me up when I’m down. He does this adorable little girl laugh whenever you tickle him. He’s your average Mexcian stud.” The lovely couple is going out to eat to celebrate the day, which happens to be Cassidy’s favorite holiday! Bailey Creager, a Senior at WHS, is dating Brogan Roback, a junior at St. John’s. The two first met up when Brogan came back to his home town for a basketball game. The couple, of just over a year, enjoys doing just about anything together - from going out to eat to playing sports. “There is never a dull moment with Brog,” says Bailey. She finds the distance difficult, but they make it work by driving a lot. Bailey especially likes Brogan’s personality. He can always make her laugh, and they get along great. As a bonus, Bailey also adds to the list of things she loves about him, “his good looks, of course.” For Valentine’s Day, the couple plans on going to see “The Vow” and out to eat. Dugan Shadbolt is a Junior at Wauseon. He’s dated Hope Dreher for a year and a half now. Dugan and Hope enjoy watching movies, playing “Words With Friends,” Skyping, and just hanging out. Dugan finds the biggest challenge about dating someone out of high school to be just not getting to see each other much during the week and being too busy to talk as much as they used to. Dugan says, “I love everything about Hope, but I think I love her smile the best.” To celebrate the big day, they are ,of course, going to see “The Vow” and then will probably go out to eat somewhere.

February 2012 Red and White Page 3 ______________________________________________________________ Endless Love By: Alex Drummer

If you’re feeling a little down about love, look no further. The Red & White caught up with two longlasting relationships. Mr. Schneider and Mrs. Hackett have both been with their spouses for quite some time, and they are great role models to look up to! Mr. and Mrs. Schneider met when Mrs. Schneider was doing her student teaching at WHS. She started in September, and in October, they went on their first date, which was chaperoning the Homecoming Dance. The next day, they went to the BGSU Homecoming and got engaged on their second date! Mr. and Mrs. Schneider will be married 40 years on July 14th. They have two kids together, Stephanie and Joe. The couple enjoys watching movies, traveling, and going to watch their grandchildren participate in sports. When asked what his best Valentine's Day memory, Mr. Schneider replied, "I had the chorale sing a special song to Mrs. Schneider in school, and then I had one of the male members present her with a diamond necklace." Mr. Schneider says the key to making a relationship last is "being unselfish, communicating, and not smothering the other person or being too possessive." His advice to others is to try to get involved in your girlfriend/ boyfriend's interests and always give the other person some breathing room!

Mr. and Mrs. Hackett met in their freshman tennis class at Adrian College. Mrs. Hackett adds, “We both got a B in that class because we were paying too much attention to each other!” The couple has been married for 35 years. They have one son, Ryan, who is 28. In their spare time, they enjoy traveling to foreign countries, gardening, and taking ballroom dancing classes. Mr. and Mrs. Hackett don’t make Valentine’s Day a big production because since they’re both in education, they usually have more time in the summer to do exciting things. They usually just go out to a nice dinner to celebrate. Mrs. Hackett states the key to making a relationship lasts is, “Recognize early on that you have faults. If you except that about yourself, you will more graciously accept the faults of your partner. Look to God as the third person in your relationship, and you’ll have more strength as a couple.” That sounds like some great advice! She also recommends guys read “Ten Stupid Things Men Do to Mess Up Their Lives” and girls read “Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives.” Both books are by Dr. Laura C. Schlessinge. Dr. Laura always says, “Pick wisely, then treat kindly.” Mrs. Hackett believes reading these books will help he/she to “find the right person for a lifetime, rather than settling for the wrong person.” Mrs. Hackett also adds, “Be Happy with what you have in this life. You need to only open your eyes and look around, and you will see many people have much less.”

February 2012 Red and White Page 4 ______________________________________________________________ Top Five Bachelors in the Senior Class (Ladies, here you go) By: Jacob Bray Name: Jose Chavez Three words that describe me: Facetious, sarcastic, and motionless Biggest Turn-ons: A girl that’s funny, chill, and Mila Kunis ♥ Biggest Turn-offs: Body hair My ideal girlfriend would be: A mixture between Mila Kunis , Jacob Bray, and some more Mila Kunis. I’m a good boyfriend because: I like romantic comedies, Adele, and things of that nature. Ideal date: Cook the girl a delicious meal, then we proceed to drink O.J. under the moonlight all night. Name: Corey Downing Three words that describe me: Jacked, millionaire, Bamf Biggest Turn-ons: Washing the dishes, washing laundry, cleaning the house Biggest Turn-offs: Complaining, nagging My ideal girlfriend would be: A girl who doesn’t complain or nag and cleans, cooks, and does laundry. I’m a good boyfriend because: I’m jacked, I like to get my swell on, I have a $200,000 car, I make six figures, I have bank accounts in the Caymen Islands, I own 3 TV channels and 12 news papers. Also, I’m a professor at Harvard University and I’m down to Earth Ideal date: A trip around the world on my yacht. We can take up to 100 of our closest friends. We would stop in Australia, China, and Madagascar where I own a luxurious hotel chain. Or we could just go to Red Lobster or whatever she wants to do. Name: Joe “Speedy” Spieles Three words that describe me: supercrazilystupendouslyawesome, intelligitable, fun-loving Biggest Turn-ons: A pretty smile, a rocking body, and, of course, a great personality Biggest Turn-offs: lying, cheating, stealing My ideal girlfriend would be: A girl that can cook, that likes to watch scary movies, makes a mean sammich, can take a joke, and knows sarcasm I’m a good boyfriend because: I like to take long walks through Walmart, I can listen to your problems all day if the responses “Yeah, wow and I’m sorry” don’t get old, and I make a mean mac-n-cheese. Ideal Date:First, we would go to a nice dinner for two at Golden Corral, then we would go watch a competitive sporting event, such as the Wauseon Indians boys basketball team dominating, finally we could snuggle on the couch watching a movie like “Thankskilling” or “Killer Klowns from Outer Space.” Name: Logan Baker Three words that describe me: Sex-Y-Beast Biggest Turn-ons: A girl that works out, knows how to cuddle, and has a sense of humor Biggest Turn-offs: Bad breath, no personality!, shy, and a girl that is disrespectful My ideal girlfriend would be: 5’7” Long dark hair, tan, slender, nice body, and a perfect smile. I’m a good boyfriend because: I have respect, I’m caring, fun to be around, honest, and I’m sexy and I know it ;) Ideal Date: I pick the girl up from her house, meet her parents, go out to eat, movies, take her home, and maybe a kiss...maybe.

Name: John Giordano Three words that describe me: Independent, Crazy, Funny Biggest Turn-ons: Looking in the mirror Biggest Turn-offs: You! My ideal girlfriend would be: A girl who could chill with and eat food with all day, and a girl who can keep up with the lifestyle of an independent, crazy, and funny guy. Put that combination together. ;) If you think you can handle that, come get yourself some. I’m a good boyfriend because: I’m not going to tell you why I think I would be a good boyfriend. You’ll just have to come and find out. Ideal Date: Go drive around, going out to eat, then go get more to eat. After that, chill out at my house, laugh and have a good time.

February 2012 Red and White Page 5 ______________________________________________________________ Top Four Bachelorettes in the Senior Class (Gentlemen, here you go) by Dugan Shadbolt

Name: Abby Kuntz ( Abigail Lynn Kutz) Three words that describe you: Goofy, Happy, Picky! Biggest turn-ons : A sexy voice Biggest turn-offs: Feet, back hair My ideal boyfriend would be: Someone like Paul Walker because he’s sexy and sophisticated along with Scrumpcious ;) duhh I’m a good girlfriend because: I’d bake you a cake anytime and show you a good time! My ideal date would be: I would take the gentleman out to a nice, picnic style dinner on the beach. After that we would just lay on the beach, chit chat about everything and nothing at the same time. After about a half an hour of listening to the dolphins, we would head to downtown Miami to watch Wrestle mania XXVIII Name: Carly Rose Clausen Three words that describe you: Child of God. Biggest turn-ons : Guys with yellow teeth, has a record because I like bad boys ;) Long hair so I can braid it. Biggest turn-offs: Anyone who isn’t Alex Stuck My ideal boyfriend would be: A man who will wash my dishes, make me breakfast in bed, or just Alex Stuck :) <3 I’m a good girlfriend because: I make a mean grilled chicken sammich casserole, and I know how to be awesome. My ideal date would be: First we would head out to the woods, climb trees and build a fort. Then later go grab a bite to eat and eat it at the train depot, drive arould in search of open houses and pretend we’re a newly married couple looking for our first home then go home and dress up as pirates and have a sword fight. Name: Janelle Nafziger Three words that describe you: Awesome, Amazing, Beautiful Biggest turn-ons : Smiles Biggest turn-offs: Overly-romantic guys My ideal boyfriend would be: Miguel Ruvalcaba :) (Renata’s Bro) and Jesus! I’m a good girlfriend because: I”m not crazy My ideal date would be: Flying to Mexico for an amazing, fun-filled night! Name: Kristen Kahrs Three words that describe you: Perfect, Funny, Sparky Biggest turn-ons : Someone who is perfect like me and likes glitter Biggest turn-offs: Anybody who likes Kayla Edie My ideal boyfriend would be: Someone who will buy me a puppy I’m a good girlfriend because: I have eyes like the ocean My ideal date would be: Go to Chuck-E Cheese

February 2012 Red and White Page 6 ______________________________________________________________ Top 10 Worse Valentine Gifts

Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts

By: Jose Chavez

By: Jacob Bray

1. Getting Dumped

1. Being asked to be your crush’s valentine.

2. Nothing

2. Valentine plush and sweets combo.

3. Writing on Facebook wall

3. The World’s largest gummy worm.

4. Uncooked meat

4. A photo album

5. Weight loss book

5. Real Flowers

6. Plus size Lingerie

6. A Love Song Mixtape

7. Cleaning supplies

7. A 3-pack of Romantic comedies

8. Gas station ring

8. A Netflix subscription

9. His and hers bikini jeans

9. A new leather wallet

10. Fake Flowers

10. Tickets to Wrestlemania

February 2012 Red and White Page 7 ______________________________________________________________ Roving Reporter

Roving Reporter

By Jose Chavez

By: Colin Dietrich

What would be the worst Valentine’s gift someone could give you?

What would be your ultimate Valentine’s Day date?

Jacob Bray- A regular bag of gummy worms... And not the worlds largest... Jessica Wilburn- Candles that smell bad Megan Burton- Getting Dumped Mike Boyer- Nothing = ( Colin Black- A Break-up Morgan Borders- Video Games Ben Crowell- Candy Micheal Pile- Expired Chocolate Ross Andrea- Rotting Flowers Alex Drummer- Something involving String Colin Deitrich- Something involving String Ashlie Hall- Nothing, because my parents get mad Dugan Shadbolt- Plus Size lingerie Mrs. Burke- Getting an “I’ll miss you” card rather than a Valentine’s Day card. Korey Ford- Smelly Socks Antonio Torres- Nothing Katee Roberts- off brand “generic” chocolate Courtney Roth- An obvious “re” gift Riley Lane- Dead Flowers Caleb Andrews- Toilet paper Zack Robinson- Bad food Jackson Sluder- A Short Rope Jordan Stickley- A kid Alex Zimmermen- Break up

Dalton Nicely- Making Kendall Weber’s day the best it can be. Bailey Creager- Going to see The Vow. Troy Grime- Backwards mafia meeting with my boyz Austin + Austin2. Austin Wagner- Backwoods mafia meeting with Austin + Troy. Wade Wooley-McDonald’s candle light dinner (She pays) then back to my house to watch some PBA. ( Pro Bowling) Zach Lillich- Make me a Sandwich Saul Triana- Vow with Paige Frey and her make ME food. Clay Tefft- Getting a chicken strip dinner from DQ then going to my house to play Twister. Diane Ross- Chilling at home cuddling with my dogs <3! :) Tre Henricks- Making sammich’s and cuddling on my sofa. Trevor Dominique- Pogo sticking face to face then stopping for a slushy break. Isaiah Nichols- Nickel World, My couch, that order. Valentina Bueter- My boyfriend has something planned and he isn’t telling me. Collin Bzovi- Just the usual Candle light dinner at McDonald’s. Dugan Shadbolt- Anywhere as long as I’m with Collin Bzovi. Zane Borsos- Taking Destinie to the mall and buy her whatever she wants, dinner at olive garden, than finsih the night off at her house to “Relax” Morgan Murry- A romantic date like the one Channing Tatum gave to his wife after she lost her memory in the vow to recap how they met :).

February 2012 Red and White Page 8 ______________________________________________________________ Top Ten Celebrity Bachelors By Caitlin Ackley 1.Ryan Reynolds- 35

2.Trey Songz- 27

4.Mark Wahlberg- 40

7.Chase Crawford- 26

8.Shia LaBeouf- 25

3. Jonny Depp- 48

5.Taylor Lautner-19

9.Eminem- 39

6.Xherden Shaqiri-19

10. Usher -33

February 2012 Red and White Page 9 ______________________________________________________________ Top 10 Celebrity Bachelorettes By Jose Chavez

1. Mila Kunis- 27

4. Rihanna-23

7. Scarlett Johansson- 27

2. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley- 24

5. Jennifer Aniston- 42

8.Cameron Diaz- 39

3. Kim Kardashian-31

6. HaydenPanettiere 22

9.Vanessa Hudgens- 23

10. NickiMinaj-29

February 2012 Red and White Page 10 ______________________________________________________________ Top 10 Couples That Never Got Together by Abby Fisher 1. Ash and Misty from Pokemon Were you alive in the 90’s? Then you know what I’m talking about. I’m not sure what the guys were thinking, but whenever a girl watched pokemon, it was either for a.) jigglypuff, b.) clefairy, or c.) to see Ash and Misty confess their undying love for one another. Come on; Brock flirted with anything that had a pulse, James had Jesse and that odd talking cat, and you just wanted to strangle Gary. Ash was the only one left meant for her. 2. Harry and Hermione from Harry Potter ‘Hmm, I’m Hermione Granger. I can choose between a famous hero who’s destined to save the world through his heroic and selfless sacrifice, or a ginger who once made me cry so hard I had to spend all day crying in a toilet stall before he accidentally set a mountain troll on me. Who am I gonna pick?’ 3. Finn and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time Yes, I am aware that Princess Bubblegum is technically just a giant wad of chewing gum and probably shouldn’t be paired up with a human, but does anything in the land of Ooo make the least bit of sense? It certainly doesn’t make sense to me that PB constantly rejects Finn, even though she owes the safety and well-being of her entire kingdom to him most of the time! 4. Sirius Black and... ANYONE! from Harry Potter Face it: Sirius Black has the whole ‘bad boy’ thing going for him. He’s an escaped convict from the infamous wizard prison Azkaban, he’s an illegal animagus, has a couple of sweet tattoos (in the movie at least), and is the owner of an awesome motorcycle that can fly. Gotta give credit to J.K. Rowling for creating such a charismatic, dreamy character. But shame on her for not putting him with anyone! He’s gone through a lot in his life, from his best friends dying to having to ward off dementors every second of every day. Doesn’t he deserve to be with someone who can bring him happiness? 5. Princess Peach and Mario from Super Mario Bros. Sure, Mario’s a whole head shorter than Peach. Sure, he’s a plumber while she’s Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. But he’s been saving her butt from a giant turtle for 25 years now, so he obviously has some redeeming qualities. And a nice mustache. That has to count for something. 6. Zelda and Link from Legend of Zelda From clearing entire palaces of demons and monsters to fending off those annoying little blue blobs (that I still don’t understand what are meant to be), Link goes through a lot for that princess. I still think he deserves more than that puny little kiss she gave him on the cheek in, what, the second game? 7. Phantom and Christine from Phantom of the Opera So, he happens to be a little possessive (to the point that he almost murders Christine’s fiance just so he can claim her as his own, but we’ll just gloss over that point). The Phantom also happens to be a composer, a magician, an actor, an architect, an artist, a writer, a beautiful singer, and... well, pretty much Jesus without the beard! Hey, there isn’t a song entitled “Angel of Music” in the show for nothing. Why on earth wouldn’t Christine jump on the chance to be with him? And don’t use the whole ‘half-his-face-is-deformed’ excuse. That’s just plain shallow. 8. Marius and Eponine from Les Miserables This one’s for everyone in the play last year, who were pretty much under the unanimous decision that Cosette should go and get attacked by a pack of rabid dogs. Eponine was the one truly in love with Marius; she had this unwavering devotion to him and would do anything to see him happy. But no. He decided to just let her die and marry a girl he randomly bumped into on a street corner instead. 9. Pocahontas and John Smith from Disney’s Pocahontas I know that Disney was trying to be more ‘historically accurate’ in Pocahontas 2 when she married some guy name Rolfe, but come on! If I wanted facts, I’d go read my world history book. But from my Disney movies, I demand a sense of happily-ever-after! We all wanted her to be with Smith, we all expected her to be with Smith; and by not having her get with Smith, you’re breaking the heart of every little girl who’s ever watched a Disney movie! 10. Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet St. They both have crazy hair, they both burst into song at random intervals, and they both have odd homicidal tendencies. They’re perfect for each other! Sure, Sweeney’s spiraling depression is caused by the death of his wife whom he still harbors deep feelings for, but that just happens to be a minor detail in Mrs. Lovett’s book...

February 2012 Red and White Page 11 ______________________________________________________________ Puppy Love! by Abby Fisher Your name: Mrs. Burke What kind of pet do you have?: Mastiff/ Chocolate Lab Mix What is your pet’s name?: Ox Does your pet have any nicknames?: Oxer Boxer When did you get your pet?: Summer of 2011 What were the circumstances of you getting your pet?: He belonged to the horse farm up the street from me. He had spent his whole life in a kennel. I started going there to walk him, and I got attached,of course. I worked out a deal with the owner of the horse farm, and now he lives with me. What special memories do you share with your pet?: He sits by the pool when we are swimming and I cool bathe him for hours with pool water. I want to put him in, but I’m pretty sure that would cost me a liner. Describe your pet in one word: Irresistible Explain why your pet is important to you: He is the only one in the house that appreciates it when I sing to him. Tell one fun fact about your pet: He weighs 100 pounds and he can’t walk on the hardwood floors in my house very well, so he hops from throw rug to throw rug to get where he needs to go.

Your name: Faith Lemon What kind of pet do you have?: Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever + American Standard Poodle) What is your pet’s name?: Dutchess Does your pet have any nicknames?: ‘Dutcher’ to my 4year-old niece When did you get your pet?: Around 7 years ago What were the circumstances of you getting your pet?: We bought her from a breeder. What special memories do you share with your pet?: Swimming with Dutchess at the lake. Describe your pet in one word: Fluffy Explain why your pet is important to you: She is very laid back and always willing to sit on the couch with me. Tell one fun fact about your pet: She is afraid of the dark, so we have to leave a night light on for her or she will hide in the bathroom and whine. She also won’t go outside at night.

February 2012 Red and White Page 12 ______________________________________________________________ Roving Reporter

~ Poetry Corner ~

By Caitlin Ackley

by Ashlie Hall

If you had Cupid’s arrow, who would you shoot?

Untitled by Lori F.

Morgan Bliss- Luke Bryan! Danielle Coll- Scotty McCreery Matthew Hardin- Ashley Smith Taylor Smith- Trey Songz Stephanie Laycock- Ian Harding (Mr. Fitz from PLL!) (: Miranda Bliss- Channing Tatum Abby Fisher- Xherdan Shaqiri, but really, any Swiss guy would do ;) Samantha Morr- Someone.... ^///^ Jacob Massie- I would shoot you Allaeni Miller- Jason Derulo <3 Cherese Bussing- Certain someone :) Britzi Neuenschwander- Zac Efron Meagan Yoder- T. I. Samantha Carr- Joel Hunter <3 (My sweetheart) Chris Yackee- ...Cassidy Wells... Tony Kohls- Tessa Herring Josh Bernarth- The arrow missed. Courtney Roberts- James Bond Claire Kolb- Channing Tatum Anna Elder- Liam Hemsworth... mmm mmm ;) Lindy Mynhier- Whoever wants to be shot. Austin Tuckerman- Haley Archibeque Courtney Fenton- Adam Levine <3 Tessa Rae- Jesse Finney, he’d be mine forever <3 :) Aleea Volkman- Josh Huteherson Desirae Walther- Tanner Ely because I <3 my kuka!

I’ll show some compassion here and there A battle was lost but will anyone care? A girl with tears in her eyes She knew her heart wouldn’t last in it’s condition A friend I was not sad but true She gave up everything just for you Where did love go wrong Your long beautiful hair Your big eyes People aren’t ready to say goodbye A girl with big dreams Everything just fell at the seams Two lives cut that were cut short You may cry No one can stop you I know the pain hurts Just remember They’re starting a new life Where they can be young Wild And free

February 2012 Red and White Page 13 ______________________________________________________________

February 2012 Red and White Page 14 ______________________________________________________________

February 2012 Red and White Page 15 ______________________________________________________________

February 2012 Red and White Page 16 ______________________________________________________________ Sports Love Profile By: Colin Dietrich

1. What sports are you in? 2. What is your favorite sport? 3. What is your best moment in sports? 4. What is your favorite class? 5. Who is your favorite staff member? 6. What do you hope to accomplish this year? 7. What are your plans after high school? 8. Do you plan on playing college sports? 9. Favorite food? 10. Favorite music? 11. Relationship status? 12. Words of Encouragement?

Slayde Humbert 1. Football, Track 2. Football 3. Either Archbold game junior year or my pick 6 this year against Swanton 4. Video Production 5. Mr. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Dell, Wyse, Thomas, and Ms. Grolle 6. Win mud volleyball tourney, and coach my Powderpuff football team to a National Championship. 7. College at OSU, Toledo, or Cincinnati 8. Nope, turned down all pro offers...only offer I got was the Browns. 9. Italian 10. Any, except Nicki Minaj... 11. Happily Taken 12. Do everything you can, try new things, and go as hard as you can in whatever you do because you only have four years.

Mara Pelok 1. Cross Country, Swimming 2. Swimming 3. Getting the most improved swummer award last year. 4. Art 5. Miss Grolle and Mrs. Harman 6. Make it to districts with the medley relay, get good grades, and have a good time with the seniors before they leave :( 7. Possibly attending Cincinnati 8. Nope 9. Italian and Chinese 10. Anything Nicki Minaj ;) 11. Taken by a stupid, dorky, and amazing guy ;) 12. Do whatever makes you happy instead of trying to please everyone else, and never regret anything.

February 2012 Red and White Page 17 ______________________________________________________________ Bray verses Shadbolt Dugan: Happy V-Day Jacob Bray, I’m sure you’ll have a love filled day. Jacob: Same to you Dug-o-matic. I’m sure your day will also be filled with the romantic excitement of Valentine’s Day. Dugan: Well,of course, I will because Cupid just shot me with an arrow of love. Jacob: Oh, that is so sweet. Where did you get hit at Dugmigo? Dugmigo: I took an arrow to the knee. Jacob: Were you formerly a guard or something? Dugan: Why yes, yes I was before I took an arrow to the knee. Jacob: So, being an experienced guardsman, did Cupid’s arrow hurt when it hit your knee? Because my cousin Greg got hit by Cupid’s arrow once and he said it felt great. Dugan: Did Cupid’s arrow hurt? Really? duhhhhh it did its an ARROW! Yes, it hurt very much. Jacob: But Hacksaw Jim Dugan, true love can never hurt. Errbody know dat. Dugan: You would be surprised, Mr. Bray. Well, going in it doesn’t hurt too bad ,but when you have to pull it out, now that’s when the real pain starts. Jacob: That is understandable, I guess. But I still don’t see how being madly in love can hurt. I mean Cupid’s arrow has the little heart tip. There is no way that could hurt! Dugan: That little heart packs more punch than a regular arrow. The pain is very intense. Jacob: Maybe you just got hit with a bad arrow, or Cupid was having a bad day that day. Dugan: He better have been having an off day I hope he doesn’t usually shoot people where I got hit. Jacob: Taking an arrow to the knee can’t feel good. I guess you have a very minuscule point. When I was struck by the mighty arrow of love, it felt quite incredible. Dugan: You are absolutely bonkers JB and the feeling that follows after you get hit isn’t all that amazing.Girlfriends are expensive!!!! Jacob: You have a very good point

there, Duganizer. But the money spent on the woman isn’t a penny lost for this guy. Dugan: Ohh, little Jacob, you speak of what you do not know. This isn’t my first rodeo. I know money spent on the women is well spent, but that doesn’t mean money grows on trees.To add to that, you have to pay the hospital bill to take the darn arrow out of your knee. Jacob: Money doesn’t grow on trees, you are right. But that has little to do with how the arrow feels when it hits you. This topic is really dumb. Dugan: This topic is really really dumb. Let’s change to something else. Jacob: Alright, sounds good to me`. How about we debate our ideal Valentine’s Day dates? Dugan: Sounds like a plan, Mr. Bray. Jacob: Good deal, Dugenstien. I shall begin. My ideal Valentine’s Day date would be simple and quaint. We would start with dinner, which I would try to make at first, but we would probably end up getting take out or something. Then, we would proceed to go shopping at the mall or Walmart. After that, we would venture to Skye Cinema and watch “The Vow” or some other chick flick. That would be about it. Dugan: The Vow is not just some other chick flick its an amazing and inspiring movie...not The perfect date would be to start at The Walmart then from there just head back to my house for a long night of snuggling and what not. Jacob: Oh, you’re the snugglie type. That makes sense you look like the snugglie type. But that date seems really bland. You have to spice up your Valentine’s Day date. If I do say so, you have to HOPE it isn’t too boring. Dugan: Ohhh J I see what you did there and it is quite punny.. get it its like funny ,but with a pun and oh ,of course, I’m the snuggle type I’m just like a big teddy bear Jacob: If you’re a teddy bear, then I’m Papa Bear. Simple as that.. Dugan: NO! Jacob; You’re just in denial. Just

because you like to snuggle, doesn’t mean that you can’t do something super fun on Valentine’s Day like ziplining down a mountain or taking a road trip to the Arctic Tundra. Dugan: Dude a road trip to the Arctic sounds awesome.We could be like the Ice Road Truckers on tv. Jacob: Hey Duganator, how about we forget about Valentine’s Day with the women and take a road trip to the Arctic. It could be like a man date. Dugan: Oh come on JB ,a road trip to the Arctic is not a man date at all; its really romantic.. Well ,yeah, I guess that makes it a man date. Okay, sure lets go!! Jacob: I’ll get food. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of bacon. Also, we need steaks. Dugan: Don’t even think about forgetting extra bacon ,but we are really bad at staying on topic this time. What were we even talking about? Jacob: I don’t remember either. Oh well. Dugan: k

February 2012 Red and White Page 18 ______________________________________________________________ Valentine’s Day Survival Guide By Abby Fisher

Ah, Valentine’s Day: a day full of flowers, chocolates, romance, giant stuff teddy bears and shiny jewelry. However, for a significant percentage of the population, there is one thing keeping us from properly enjoying this joyous holiday: a date. Which is why the notorious February 14th has earned itself another name in our book. Single’s Awareness Day, otherwise known as S.A.D. But don’t worry. No matter how bad this day might seem for the romantically impaired, there is always a better solution than plopping down on the couch with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and wallowing in misery. So here’s a few tips on how you can stay sane this Valentine’s Day. 1.) Two Words: Movie Marathon. Let’s face it: if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you’re practically counting down the seconds until it’s February 15th. Fortunately, nothing passes time faster than plopping down on the couch and knocking back a good movie or two. However, do yourself a favor and skip on the romantic comedies. Instead go for a healthy dose of slasher movies and horror flicks. Because we all know that it’s the young, flirtatious couples who get picked off one by one by the psycho axe murderer, but it’s the innocent, pure, (and usually single) character who always ends up making it to the sequels. 2.) Spread the love and volunteer. Sure, it may be the last thing that you feel like doing, but hey: if you can’t find a date, might as well find a way to make all of your taken friends feel shallow (just kidding ^-^). So find an animal shelter you can work at or go door to door asking for donations for the local food-cupboard. If you’re really ambitious/super sweet and heartfelt, spend some quality time with an elderly neighbor just to brighten their day. Anyway you look at it, volunteering is a great way to express your love for your community! 3.) If there’s no one there to spoil you, spoil yourself! Cook yourself a fancy dinner, treat yourself to a giant box of chocolates, or just go out and buy yourself something nice. Why do you need a boyfriend or girlfriend around just to pamper you? Think about it: not only are you going to get exactly what you want when you buy it yourself, you’ll also be saving the money that you would have spent on your significant other! Okay, when you put it like that it sounds shallow, but there’s nothing in the handbook that says that singles can’t be spoiled on Valentine’s Day as well. 4.) Stay off of MemeBase. Or at least resist the temptation of the Forever Alone Face page. I trust this bit of advice is self-explanatory. 5.) Don’t spend the day alone. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to go solo on Valentine’s Day! Get together with some of your single friends (or even that hipster couple that totally rejects the ‘commercialism’ associated with Valentine’s Day), and hang out together. Go to the movies in one big mob. Invade the restaurants normally labeled as ‘couple’s hangouts’ and take up all the seats. Go to the candlelight dinner at McDonald’s but play hide-and-seek in the playground instead! It doesn’t matter what you do together, just know that as long as you’re with friends, it’ll be that much easier to successfully survive the storm known as Valentine’s Day.

February 2012 Red and White Page 19 ______________________________________________________________ Who Knows Best? by Dugan Shadbolt

It is one of the oldest debates in the book. Who knows you better, your best friend who has been with you through thick and thin or your girlfriend who you hang out with all the time these days. So, to finally settle the debate the Red&White sat down with Wade “Heepshire” Wooley and Colin “Houdini” Dietrich and asked them some questions about their best friends ,who happen to be each other, and their girlfriends. The numbers don’t lie. Score The Question Wade Colin Alex Favorite Movie?






Biggest pet peeve?

When People tell me I’m tall

People that think they are gangster

Wannab thugs



Favorite vacation?

Disney World

Disney World

IDK I’m pretty



Best Concert you’ve been to?

Blake Shelton wheeewww

Blake Shelton wheeeew

‘N Sync



Whats your favorite class?


not math

Mr. T’s class



Favorite food?






Worst habit?

biting my nails

Eating everything he sees

Nothing he is perfect



Colin=8 Alex=5 The Question




Favorite Movie?






Biggest pet peeve?

People that think they’re “cool”/ gangster

When someone texts “k”

Wanna be gangstas



Favorite Athlete?

Rory Mcilroy

some golfer

Rory Mcilroy



Worst book you’ve read?

The Ilaid, Paradise lost

Paradise lost

Paradise lost



Whats your favorite class?


Any class with Alex or I




Favorite food?

Any chicken

Chicken strips




Favorite video game?

NCCA Football 2012

NBA Live

NCAA Football 12



Wade=14 Kayla=7

February 2012 Red and White Page 20 ______________________________________________________________ Top Ten Ways to End it By: Colin Dietrich Although, this is the original work of Colin “Houdini” Dietrich, with the assistance of Dugan Shadbolt and Alex Drummer, these do not reflect our actions or personal opinions. I suggest that you use these carefully and only use them in emergency situations. If you decide to use these “Ways to End it”, we will not be responsible for your actions and/or your injuries. Also, be prepared to be a legend of infamy and considered the biggest jerk in the school. 10. Write on their Facebook Wall- This is a very simple and effective way to end it. Not only are you telling her it’s over, you are also announcing it to all of your friends. Therefore, you don’t have to break the news to your friends and family. You are killing two birds with one stone.You can also just simply change your facebook relationship status to single. 9. Billboard- If you are a complete jerk, what could be funnier than letting the whole city know at once? I would also suggest putting your number on the billboard because you are a single man now ,so the ladies may be wanting to call you. 8. Switcheroo- This is not as simple as the others, but what you do is plan a date with your significant other. However, instead of going on the date, send someone else in your place. This will cause some mass confusion. Also, this one is more thoughtful since you are sending her another date. 7. Ignore Her- Classic...This is a classic and will never get old. Simply, you just ignore all her texts, letters, phone calls, facebook posts, and anything she sends you. You could also pretend that you were never dating to begin with. After a short few days, she will get the point 6. Send her a Singing Gram- Nothing quite like breaking up with her when she is expecting a good surprise. The lovely chorale will come in, and she will think it is so cute that you sent her a special message. Little would she know, that the message is you are breaking up with her. Funny...very Funny! 5. Prove you are Related- Here are step by step directions that will, for sure, get you home free. First, explain to her that you’re adopted and you’ve never met your real parents. Second, embark on “noble” quest to find parents. This will give you a few days to get away from her. Third, forge a birth certificate stating that her parents are your parents. Fourth, break the news and stress that you can never confront your parents because it would be painful. Last,but not least, enjoy your new relationship as brother and sister! 4. Sabotage the Relationship- This is easy because you don’t even have to do the breaking up, she will. Just do everything she doesn’t want you to do. Flirt with a lot of girls, go to the bathroom with the door open, stop practicing good hygiene, talk about uncomfortable things and other stuff similar to that. Then, days later you will get a nice lovely text message saying she wants to break up with you. Simple...I know! 3. Take Me Out to the Ballgame- Everyone knows the old “Kissing Cam” at the ballgame or the big proposal in front of everyone. When they show you on the screen, she will be expecting a nice kiss or something special but just end it! Then ,she will cry and get some quality camera time. The best part about this one is you may see yourself on ESPN the next day. 2. Cheating- It is every girls worst nightmare, to get cheated on. However, if you are the biggest jerk to walk through the halls, go for it. The good thing about this one is you may find your next “Love” or the next girl to try a sweet break up on. If you do try this one, be ready to have every girl in the school hating you and any respectful guy hating you. 1. On Valentine’s Day- If you have no conscience and you want to make it special, why not do it on Valentine’s day? Valentine’s Day is set aside to show love and affection for one another, so they won’t be expecting it. Just approach the day like any other day, however, when she gives you a gift or that special kiss, break up with her. Also, I suggest using one of the above “Ways to End it” on Valentines Day. It’s twice the harsh with half the effort. For example, the morning of Valentine’s day write on her facebook wall and say, “Babe, you mean more to me than my life itself... but I’m suicidal.”

February 2012 Red and White Page 21 ______________________________________________________________ Lovey Dovey Facts Jacob Bray ♥Love can also exert the same stress on your body as deep fear. You see the same physiological responses — pupil dilation, sweaty palms, and increased heart rate.

♥Falling In Love Elicits The Same Euphoric Feeling

As Using Cocaine ♥Men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than those who don't ♥The oldest known love song was written 4,000 years ago and comes from an area between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

♥The tradition of the diamond engagement ring comes from Archduke Maximillian of Austria who, in the 15th century, gave a diamond ring to his fiancé, Mary of Burgundy.

♥Falling In Love Only Takes One Fifth Of A Second ♥More than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine's Day. ♥About 3% of pet owners will give Valentine's Day gifts to their pets. ♥Every Valentine's Day, the Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare's lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, receives about 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet. ♥Over $1 billion worth of chocolate is purchased for Valentine's Day in the U.S.

February 2012 Red and White Page 22 ______________________________________________________________ Messages of love... To: Haeli Bagstad From: Ethan Bingham Message: I love you. I hope that you have a wonderful Valentines Day.

To: Zach Lillich, Tre Henricks, Alex Zimmerman, Corry Byers, Ben Crowell, Aron Held From: Alec Ally D Lillich

To: Sydney Chamberlain

Message: You guys are good to me... like

From: Ben Crowell

blood is good to a vampire... we still have to

Message: Hey babe hmu ;)

save Matthias if you know what I mean... so lets get on that... Grrrr!!!!!

To: Ally D Lillich From: Anonymous Message: Al, you’re one of the funniest and most random kids I’ve ever met. You seriously need to stop lieing. You are a pathological liar. You lie like a cheap rug. You lie about everything and anything. If someone asked you what you had for lunch, you’d just lie, even if it’s something that doesn’t even matter or effect you. Happy Valentines Day, Love Scotch

To: Damien Hayward From: Jordyn Gillespie Message: Hey, Happy Valentines Day. I hope you have a good day. :) Glad to have you as my friend :) To: Alex Zilba From: Mika Ramirez Message: Everyday I’m with you is the best

To: Lexie Lutz

day ever. The way you are with me, the way

From: Anna Stuck

you hold me, the way you love me, its like

Message: You are the light to my darkness,

nothing I have ever had before. Thank you

the cheese to my macaroni, the chocolate to

for always being there for me. I love you so

my pudding, the bees to my knees. You are

much and thank you for everything.

my life, my everything, my all. Me + You = a whole two hearts together forever. Happy Valentines Day I love you, sugar. To: Thomas Sloan and Steven Kolb From: Anonymous Message: You guys are the best<3 P.S. Anna Stuck thinks you two are Hott;)

To: Mrs. Burke From: Oscar Gallerdo and JayJay Bueno Message: Your smile is the sunshine of our day xoxo To: Kylie Krieger From: Devon GaryColman Harris Message: I love you like a love song baby <3

February 2012 Red and White Page 23 ______________________________________________________________ To: My Friends From: Unknown Message: I know who you are. Where you live. Where you sleep, and you will be my Valentine...

To: Quincy Brock From: Russell McClarren Message: Quincy Mae Brock you are the most

To: Jazmine Molina From: Brittney Seiler Message: I want you to be my Valentine this year because you are the best friend a girl could ever ask for. You are truly amazing and no other is like you. You make my world go ‘round and you’ve made me a stronger person. I adore you and I always will. Ever since we were little we have been close. Look at us now chick, we still are. You fill my heart with love and passion. You keep my confidence up and a smile on my face. There’s no other way to express how much you mean to me, other than I LOVE YOU!<3

amazing girl that I know ;) you’re so beautiful and I’m sooooo blessed to have you in my life

To: Morgan Murry

now. <3 Have an amazing V-Day! and don’t find

From: Mom

another guy!

Message: Clean your room! btw Happy

To: The Bros From: The Guy Message: Bros, I love all of you, but I am THE Guy, and you never will be.

Valentines Day To: Ben James From: Jimmy Message: I love you bro you keep your music awesome

To: Katy Perry

To: B.F.T.P

From: Jacob Harmon

From: Your one and only...B.F.T.P

Message: You are so beautiful, and I want

Message: HAPPY V-DAY<3 I’m so happy we

you to be my Valentine, because you are

have every class together now, it makes my

Extraterrestrial and I’m thinking of You.

day just that much better! I’ll always be here for you love, and don’t you forget it!

To: Cassidy Gorsuch From: Russell McClarren Message: I love you deeply with all my soul without you I’m nothing a butterless roll!;) Will you be my Valentine<3 XOXO ;)

To: Abba, Valya, Jozy and Anna:) From: Jessica! Message: Just wanted to stop and say happy Valentines Day! love you all<3 Oh, so much! Thanks for always being there! Letss make the last couple of months together very very special!<3 Forever love- Jessica(:

February 2012 Red and White Page 24 ______________________________________________________________ To: Bird:) ( Samantha Carr) From:Bird:) (Joel Hunter) Message: I love you so much. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. I can’t believe I get to call you mine. To: Collin Dietrich From: Bailey Creager Message: Well, ever since I looked into your eyes in Calculus, I knew we were best friends!

To: Wade Thomas From: Alex Marie Messages: Thanks for being the best boyfriend my little heart could ever ask for :) Happy Valentine’s Day! To: Eli Becker From: Miranda Bliss Message: Guess what... I like your hair :p and stop with the valve oil!!!

To: Russell (coon-dog) McClarren From: Brooke Gerken Message: You’d better let me ride Juanita soon. And I’m glad I found my long lost twin... You know, since we both have great Uncle Lawrences’ and have a burning love for Shania Twain. oh, uh, oh can only go up from here. And always keep your eggs sunny side up!

To: Lexie Lutz From: Sammie :) Message: Roses are red, violets are blue. You like chicken and I like you! Happy Valentines Day and Happy Anniversary!

To: Sydney Wagner

To: Kimmy! :) From: Your sister (Breana) Message: I wuv you very much! I know we fight and argue but it’s what siblings do :) See you later at home if you and Evan don’t have plans. I LOVE YOU!<3

From: Grandma Message: Roses are red, the presidents O’Bama, I Love you Miss Sydney, You’re one hot mama:)!! To: Faith Hicks and Cassidy Wells From: Grandma Becky Message: You’re both so much fun, And you have lots of style, And each time I see you, I can’t help but simile :)! To: Joel Hunter From: Samantha Carr Message: Happy Valentines Day! <3 I love you so much !:) Oh, and Happy 1 year! Best year of my life! I hope to have many more years to come! 3 more months and we are outta here! Yay! Love you Sweetheart

To:Ethan Bingham From: Haeli Bagstad Message: Have a great day! Love you!

February Valentine's Day Edition  

Valentine's Day Red and White Edition