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W h a t ’s h a p p e n i n g i n 1 B ? Mr. Scott’s Official Newsletter for the Week of October 3, 2011

L ite r a c y a n d L anguage


Investigations Unit 1 Sessions 4.6-4.7

-Combinations of 7 -In class assessment

Daily 5 Read to Someone- Fluency strategies, poetry

Work on Writing- Editing for punctuation marks

Work on Words: What is a noun? (Person, place, thing) Differentiating common and proper nouns

Unit 2 Sessions 1.1-1.3 -What Shape? -Same Shape Different Pieces -Quick Images Vocabulary: geometry, triangle, square, rectangle, circle, two-dimensional

S o c ia l S t u d ie s

Literacy CAFE: Nonfiction Features Books

October Citizenship Skill: Responsibility

Writing Workshop

Creating a community in small groups

Launching the Writing Workshop: -Using thinking maps to write informational text

S c ie n c e Creating a scientist, describing what scientists do

Important Info Field trip information went home in your child’s folder last Friday. Please make sure the permission slip and money are th

returned by Friday, October 14 . Extra forms available for download on our class blog.

Suport our school! Participate in PTO’s Write a Check campaign!

We are making nonfiction feature books. Please send any unwanted magazines and newspapers to school by Wednesday.

Nicole Scott – 1B-

October 3 Newsletter  

1B's Newsletter for the week of October 3rd