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W h a t ’s h a p p e n i n g i n 1 B ? Mr. Scott’s Official Newsletter for the Week of October 11, 2011


Literacy and

Investigations Unit 2 Sessions 1.4-1.7,


2.1 -Ways to Make Pattern Shapes -3 Ways to Fill an Outline -Filling with More or Fewer -Assessment: Ways to Fill a Hexagon -Making a Shape Poster

Daily 5 Read to Someone- 3 Ways to Read to Someone, phrasing strategies Work on Writing- Sentence structure: constructing sentences

Vocabulary: hexagon, rhombus, trapezoid

Work on Words: What is a verb?

Literacy CAFE: Creating an informational poster with nonfiction features

Writing Workshop

S c ie n c e a n d S o c ia l S t u d ie s October Citizenship Skill: Responsibility

Writing Informational Text: -Composing a paragraph -Editing for capitalization and ending punctuation marks

-Investigating how the external characteristics of an animal are related to where it lives, how it moves and what it eats. -Labeling animal diagrams

Handwriting Without Tears -Discriminating between the left and right -Letter Size and Place -Frog Jump Capitals: B, D, E, F, M, N, P, R

Tech no l o gy

Students will create a title, find photographs, and type captions for their informational posters.

Important Info th

Field trip money is due THIS Friday, October 14 . Parents must have a criminal background check to chaperone.

Nicole Scott – 1B-

October 11 Newsletter  

Class newsletter October 11