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W h a t ’s h a p p e n i n g i n 1 B ?

Mrs. Scott’s Official Newsletter for the Week of November 14, 2011

Literacy and Language

Daily 5 Read to Someone- Thanksgiving poetry, identifying rhyming words and comparing their vowel patterns Work on Writing- Thanksgiving thinking maps (bubble map, tree map, flow map)

Work on Words: Phonemic awareness long i with a silent e, “feasting” making words Literacy CAFE: Characterization, comparing texts, literary elements Word Wall Words: Monday, come, over, here, some

Writing Workshop


Investigations Unit 3 Sessions 1.6-1.9

Addition Games Counting On Story Problems Assessment Vocabulary: fewer, more

S o c ia l S t u d ie s November Citizenship Skill: Cooperation

Learning about the origins of the Thanksgiving holiday

S c ie n c e Investigating Solids

In what ways are all solids the same? What are the properties of solids? How can the properties of solids be used?

Lucy Calkins Small Moments: Narrative Writing

Sketching Rather than Drawing, Planning Details, Internalizing Story Shapes, Storytelling with Partners

Mark Your Calendars!

Handwriting Without Tears

Wednesday, November 16- Thanksgiving Feast 12:15 in the cafeteria

-Lowercase d and g -Magic c mystery letters

November 21st-25th Thanksgiving Holiday, no school

Nicole Scott – 1B-

November 14th Newsletter  

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