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Letter from the



s this issue has come to a close, I’ve reflected back on life now as opposed to life when making issue three. The only word I can use to sum up the experience is: grateful. I’ve now


turned 17 years old and knowing that I have an audience and knowing that I have the opportunity to curate and deliver beautiful content to this audience is still surreal. This issue is very much inspired New York City and my time during

Our CreW

New York Fashion Week (which was an absolutely amaz-


ing experience in itself). I (along with 19 other Tumblr blog-

Willie Greene

gers) was hand selected to attend New York Fashion Week

art direction/graphic design

Spring/Summer 2012 by Tumblr to visit shows, events, and dinners with key figures in the industry and to blog for the featured “NYFW” tag on Tumblr. The 10 day duration taught me a ton about the industry and left me with a lot of skills and ideas to perfect the WeTheUrban brand. Along with being heavily influenced by NYC, the idea of creativity and creative expression really inspired this issue as well. Creativity is the sense that brings out the best and worst of us, but the impact of that creativity is what makes this world worth living in. This fourth issue is an unfolding of brave, passionate, and unique individuals who choose to share their imaginative minds with the public. The cover features none other than Rick Genest, or Zombie Boy, as

sarah chiarot contributors John Johnson Jason O’Toole Eileen Doneigo de France Lexie Toongson Anthony Syros danielle SONNENBERG cover rick genest photographer meagan cignoli

he is known to the public. Discovered by fashion director Nicola Formichetti, Genest is the epitome of boundary pushing creativity. With that said, it is my pleasure to present to you the fourth issue of WeTheUrban Magazine!

Willie Greene

e d i to r- i n - c h i e f

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october/november must-haves editor’s S U N N I E S pick: EDITION These sunglasses will soon become synonymous with my name. I wear them almost everyday and they’re extremely universal. Classic black frames such as these give any type of look a little extra edge and keeps the public on their toes about where exactly you’re looking!

1 flat Top Laca Black SUPER! Sunnies ($147)

What’s not to love? These brown print Thierry Larsy’s feature acetate frames with lace detailing, and brown tinted lenses. Ties in perfectly with most outfits and gives you a nice little extra flare to set you apart from


the group!

Thierry Larsy Brown

Made for the man who has spent countless hours shooting his own originals, MOSCOT introduces the “Terry” - a new limited edition colaboration inspired by iconic photographer, Terry Richardson and his signature aviator specs.

4 Mocot x Terry Richard “Terry” Sunnies ($517) wetheurban 18

Inspired by the geometric designs of






Mabel‘s hexagonal shape captures the attention of onlookers while comfortably fitting most women. Not to mention, for every pair of sunglasses Warby Parker sells, a pair of

2 Warby Parker “Mabel” Sunnies ($95)

optical sunglasses will be distributed to someone in need. Adding a pair of fashionable frames to your collection while helping a cause? Why not?!

These handmade and hand polished black and yellow gradiated‘Asmara’ L.G.R sunglasses are made from yellow 8mm

n Lace Print Obsessy Sunnies ($497)

cellulose acetate.100% UV and IR protection and an anti-scratch detail.It’s always nice to have at least one pair of sunnies in your collection that stand out from the rest. These are that pair!

LGR “Asmara” Aviator Sunnies - ($293)

5 19 wetheurban


As we’ve closed the summer season and are transitioning into fall, it’s not only time to change out our wardrobe, but it’s time to change out our beauty products as well. This season, matte colors are a must! We’ve been all about textures and patterns lately in the fashion world, so why not play with a smoother and cleaner texture? The matte finish is subtle yet adds a great effect to your normal nail lacquer.  To make an even bigger difference to your nails, add a shatter, crackle or blasted shade. All of these could be found either from OPI, Sally Hansen or Sephora by OPI. To go for a classic color included with a matte finish, try out the OPI Russian Navy Matte Color, great for any preppy & nautical outfit. This new lacquer is such a big twist to the classic Russian Navy made by OPI. The key to using matte colors is to NOT put a topcoat over the finished nail. In addition to classic colors with matte finishes, MAC Cosmetics came out with a white matte finish from their Jeanious collection called Frayed to Order. It’s a white color with some pink undertones. Try this polish with the OPI Turquoise Shatter Top Coat. It’s a way to mix the matte finish with the shatter finish, but be subtle about it. Sephora by OPI has a phenominal nail design option in mixing their Urban Ballerina Collection with their Blasted Collection. It’s called “Distressed Metal.” Start off with the Break A Leg-Warmer as a base and top it off with the Blasted Silver polish. This design puts on a glamorous yet textured feeling to your nails.

wetheurban 20

make it



A great twist to any classic color you might have in your collection would be to add the OPI White Shatter Top Coat. In this design, the color underneath the shatter makes it pop! If you’d rather go for a topcoat that will make your nail polish have a matte effect, go for the Sephora by OPI Matte Top Coat. A must-have for your nail polish collection! With matte finishes or shatter finishes, personal style is a huge part of your first impression. Since there are many colors, the options really are endless. Now go out and make your nails “matte-r”!

sephora by o•p•i

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wetheurban 22

photographer matthew flores

23 wetheurban

Janet, 21

“Casual and easy to go from school to work!”

wetheurban 24


“A little bit hipster, a little bit grunge.”


“This is my take on modern prep!�

25 wetheurban

“My style “I love a

is boho


chic, with


a nice


mixture of patterns.”


wetheurban 26


“This is just another everyday ordinary outfit for me. Punk casual.�


27 wetheurban


What exactly do you do? DJ, Stylist, host

How long has the White Girl Mob been around? Let’s see....probably since we met really.  We’ve been mobbin around about 5-6 years now.

How long have you, V Nasty, and Kreayshawn known eachother? Since we’ve been about 14-15 yars old.

Do people mistake you for Kreayshawn a lot? Almost all the time!  It’s crazy!

Why do you think ‘Gucci Gucci’ became so successful? Because it’s something new and fresh and that’s what hiphop is all about.  And let’s not forget the swag.

I love your style! Any favorite designers? Brands? Not really....I just buy what I like and put it all together in random ways that turn out to be right for me.  It’s all about colors, textures, cut....not so much any particular brand.

Is art/design a big part of your life? Yes, it’s HUGE!   I come from a very creative family so it’s in the blood and I was always encouraged to express my creativity in all ways.

What advice would you give to any creative young person hustling to make it big right now? Work hard on what you love to do, don’t be discouraged and be true to yourself.

Favorite rappers in the game right now? cARTer, Boosie, Mac Dre, DB the General, Jay Ughh, Mase, Kreayshawn....lot’s of Bay Area artists.  I really support them. words Willie Greene

Do you like Gaga?

She’s spunky, she’s a stylist, and she’s always mobbin!

I love her fearless way with fashion...she’s all out there! You’ve

An unusually effusive DJ LIL D3BB13 (Lil’ Debbie)

gotta love that about her....

comes out about the industry, fashion, the current

What do you think about the current state of hip-hop?

state of Hip-Hop and of course, the White Girl Mob.

I think Hip-hop is in need of a breath of fresh air and we are that.

Do you think ‘Hollywood’ can change a person? It’s important to stay true to yourself even with all of your successes, right? That’s critical! Don’t let it go to your head!  And surround yourself with people you trust.  They keep you grounded.

What’s something our readers may not know about you? That I’m very loyal....and I’m really a softy (ssshhhhh)

wetheurban 28

“ W O R K







& T O



29 wetheurban

wetheurban 30

my v l FALL

2 01 1

31 wetheurban

wetheurban 32

my v 2l 01 1


pair one of these bad boys with your favorite boyfriend blazer


a pair of black leggings

and you’re good to go!

33 wetheurban



ayan Odyll is a 24 year old Germany based fashion designer who has become synonymous with his experimental body contouring silhouettes and colourful prints. Odyll Creates garments with a provocative statement inspired

by the human body and its unconscious mind. After completing an Internship at Haute Couture Designer Ali

Romoo Fashion design and embroidery in Dubai, Odyll started studying Fashion and Communication Design at the Design Department in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was here that he channelled his love for fashion and honed his design skills to create his signature look. Odyll completed internships at well known London based Fashion houses such as Giles Deacon, Carolyn Massey and WintleMan. His work embraces not only fashion but also art projects, the development of design concepts and creative consulting. I got the chance to sit down and chat with Odyll about this craft. Pure genius!

wetheurban 34

35 wetheurban

In your earlier years, how did you eventually decide you wanted to become a fashion designer? I wanted to deal with the beautiful things in life. One of these things happens to be fashion or the outer shell of man. Through my mother I had a very early relation to fashion. She created and sewed her own clothing. Since I have always been very involved and my opinion was also sought after, I quickly became the reference person when it came to style and fashion matters. I think that has influenced me greatly. And if you drape dresses

Do you have any other interests outside of fashion?

out of tablecloths at the age of 5, it’s clear that you are right for

Of course! I am thirsty for knowledge. Life is more than meets


the eye. I love visiting cultural events such as design and artexhibitions, theatre, cinema, concerts as well as drawing,

When you’re creating something, what goes through your mind?

illustrating, doing sports and travelling. I do read and collect

I developed almost the entire collection through draping. I

books, especially nonfiction books.

shape the fabric directly to the bust, my eye then decides within seconds whether it works or not. It’s about proportion, shapes,

Best fashion movement in your lifetime? (80s, 90s, now?)

pattern and colour. This process is close to my heart because it

I love the 80s – just have so many things going through my mind

can also happen that during the work process a jacket turns out

when I think about this time – it’s the area of Grace Jones, Michael

to be a dress or a skirt at the end. This process is almost similar

Jackson, Miami Vice, Magnum, P.I., Flashdance, Madonna, Annie

to a state of trance. You forget everything around you until you

Lennox and a lot more. The 1980s brought an explosion of

find the perfect shapes

significant styles - Shoulder pads, power dressing, black leather pants and jackets, gloves, sunglasses, a lot glitter and colours

What inspired the Superman collection?

etc…. The 80s to me just got an enormous character!

I went into the collection with some kind of ideal man who liberates himself from the narrow confines of reality. I’ve always been very

Are there any really specific qualities you look for when hiring

concerned with human psychology and the subconscious, which


for me serves as an endless source of inspiration. Greek mythology

Models have to fit into the collection concept. In general I like

has also strongly influenced me, its representation of characters

strong characters and faces.

and hybrid creatures, fright figures, gods and supermen require a powerful force of imagination. But also the works of artists

What are you currently working on?

such as Amir Alzamora and Daniel Firman have inspired me. They

I am working on a unisex T-Shirt Collection which is based on

reinvent scenes of the Greek mythology and let them come alive

sharp cuts and all-over prints. The Collection will be launched

in their installations and sculptures. You feel certain strangeness

within the next months. Stay Tuned!

to these objects, which I feel very connected to.

wetheurban 36


I went into the collection with some kind of ideal man who liberates himself from the narrow confines of reality


37 wetheurban

wetheurban 38

39 wetheurban


c h r i s t i a n d i or

wetheurban 40

herve leger by max azria

kanye west



all photos courtesy of



mais on martin margiela

41 wetheurban



With a push on all natural cosmetics lately, there have been many options for us to participate in these environmentally friendly products. But, there’s only one brand that encourages something different by putting it on the label. STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME!, a German based beauty product brand, encourages the movement to stop water waste. While using non-artificial ingredients, all the products stop the use of water. In addition to that, there’s no use of animal testing, colors and preservatives, and non-biodegradable elements. The use of wasted energy during the production process is also stopped.

wetheurban 42



What’s different? The brand literally has their name on the bottle, making us think about what we’re doing each time we use items that need water. STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! products represent something that most humans use while they waste water, such as shampoo, soap and toothpaste. All of their products also have the lovely fragrant smell that we live for in our everyday beauty products. From Rosemary Grapefruit Shampoo and Orange Wild Herbs Shower Gel to a Sesame Sage Body Lotion and Lemon Honey Soap, these all-natural everyday use products are absolute MUST-haves, while still thinking about our environment!

43 wetheurban

wetheurban 44

R i gh t Ou t o f t h e W e T h e Ur b a n C lo s e t l o o k o n e / / Mo d er n C a s u a l l o o k t w o / / p u n k pa rt y stylists Erica Lavelanet & David Pena photographer Bryant Eslava hair/makeup Tiffany Pat ton all jewelr y FROST

l oo k o n e female


Black Maxi Skirt

Green Trousers


Black Booties Steve Madden


Black Dress Shoes Vintage Shoe Co.

45 wetheurban

Black Button-Down shirt by Calvin Klein

Black Blazer Zara Man

models NIC & Laura O’Neall wetheurban 46

Black and Gold Sweater Vintage courtesy of The Counter Culture Collective, His and Hers Vintage

47 wetheurban

wetheurban 48

l oo k t w o

Pink Blazer Vintage courtesy of The Counter Culture Collective, His and Hers Vintage

Red & Black Flannel Vintage courtesy of The Counter Culture Collective, His and Hers Vintage

Acid Wash Denim Jacket Vintage courtesy of

The Counter Culture Collective, His and Hers Vintage

Black Patent Leather Boots DocMartin

49 wetheurban

wetheurban 50



Cheetah Print Sweater

Dark Denim Skinny Jeans

Black Trouser

Black Leather Boots



Junky Jeans

Vintage Shoe Co.

51 wetheurban

words willie greene

photography Hannan Saleh wetheurban 52

53 wetheurban

it was a journey of serendipity encounters and accidents

wetheurban 54


anny Bourdette-Donnon is a 20-something year old fashion and culture mastermind currently residing in one of the best places on Earth: New York. Born in the south of France in a little town by the Mediterranean Sea called Hyeres (where her entire family and friends still meet every summer), she ended up being raised in Africa, which is still her refuge and biggest source of inspiration. Fanny currently is working at a professional Stylist and Creative Director. As and idealist who is passionate about every aspect of her work, it was only right to feature this ethnic power-woman as our October/November Fashion Muse.









think of Vahram Muratyan’s illustrations: Paris Vs. New

I’ve always wanted to work in fashion, ever since I can

York. I honestly could never live without both. They are

remember. My mom used to take me with her shopping,

very complementary cities in their approach of fashion and

buying her magazines, to her tailor, etc. You know, in some


cities in Africa where I grew up, we didn’t have access to



and movies, buy our own fabric and create new pieces for



our wardrobe. Sometimes the result was spectacular and

Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent without a doubt.

designer stores, so we used to get inspired by magazines

sometime a real disaster.

Explain your journey to becoming a creative director/ stylist? Well .. it was a journey of serendipity, encounters and accidents. First off, I had the privilege to grow up in one of the most inspiring continents on the planet. All the colors, beads and smells played a huge part in crafting who I am (creatively speaking) today. After College, I moved to the States where I originally wanted to go to FIT in NY. But I ended up in California instead and met my now husband who had a denim company at the time. We started working together and that’s how everything started I guess!





with who

any would

human it





Do you prefer a clean-cut and classic more conservative look as opposed to a move revealing?  Honestly it really depends on my mood, the city I am in, where am I going to, etc.… The most important is to be appropriate.  

What’s a fashion DON’T for you? Being inappropriately dressed! The only fashion don’t for me is to not be conscious of your age and the evolution of your body. Sometimes I see women in mini skirts who really should have thought twice.







There’s no “better”. Your question made me spontaneously

Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line? I don’t know… I’ve always lived in the present; ask me this question in 10 years!

55 wetheurban


he fashion illustration: an art form unlike any other. It’s meant to capture the imagination while keeping true to fabrics, pattern, and color. Fashion illustration conveys the mood of a collection and without it, the blueprints to some of fashion’s greatest creations would not exist. In recent years, fashion illustration has come forth to be more than just a pretty blueprint. We see fashion illustration as the backdrop in Prada ads, mixed in with high fashion editorials, on college notebooks and stationary, and in art galleries in the form of both art installation and framed work. Creatively holding their own in the worlds of art and fashion are these four designers and illustrators - each with their own vision and story. Ranging from charming to fierce to fiercly scary, these illustrators have created a world in which people are strong and confident in their own fashion.

words Eileen DoĂąiego de France wetheurban 56

Fas h i o n i l l u s t r at i on

above: david alexander illustration 57 wetheurban

Dav id Ale x an de r A quick Google search to David Alexander’s name, and you are immediately connected to celebrities such as Dev, Kylie Minogue, Britney, and even the inescapable Kardashian family. His designs have graced the bodies of much of Hollywood - but his career did not start off as designer to the stars. More super hero than super model, David Alexander’s beginnings started from a love comic books.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WeTheUrban: I heard that you love comics and started

Or would she let age take its course and go super chic and

off designing super hero costumes. Are comics where you

classy like Lauren Bacall?” Then I thought “Oh wow, The

draw your inspiration from? How did you go from super

Black Dahlia.” She was beautiful she was on the verge of

heroes to fashion?

something, either fame or infamy, and then she was killed

Dav id Al e xa nder: I started off drawing stick

with so much mystery surrounding her death. Basically

figures, then gradually got better and moved into anime and

that’s a bit of the process [of how] I gather ideas. I research

comics which helped me to learn fashion sketching which

them, then turn them into my own story or question, and

is a different process. Comics, movies, music, video games,

answer it with the clothing I design. Not necessarily for any

and history they all influence me in different ways. But all

one type of woman, just for my art.

in all comics and video games are what helps really fuel my imagination for design. Well that is a funny story I was in my

WTU: I noticed that the women in your illustrations are all

high school drawing class and my teach[er] simply walked

very strong and sassy. Their poses show a lot of strength,

up and was like “Ooh love the outfit, but the faces... eh,

is this the type of woman you design for? How do you

not so much.” So I had this light bulb, “Hey I could design

come up w/these women? Do you also see yourself as

costumes or fashion,” and so far so good!

empowering and sassy as your sketches?

WTU: What is your design process like? Where else aside

DA : I pose them as I envision them, and I think my mom

from comics do you draw your inspiration from?

has something to do with that. She is a very strong and

DA : Well my design process with fashion starts a lot of

sassy woman who has really given me the strength and

times with a song and a story I make up. For example my

thick skin to deal with the harsh reality of living as an artist.

newest collection which is currently in production, was

But she always has a sense of softness to her, I think that

inspired by the spoken word song “Victim” by the Golden

is just an automatic sort of artist brain thing that I do as I

Palominos. It’s a bit dark, but it is a poem of a young woman

draw. I mostly only draw my models as brunettes as well,

trapped in a trunk, trying to figure out if she will live or die,

as my little sister and mother are brunettes - except for

and what she has seen and what she will miss out on. That

recently I went all blonde, but it was a Monroe thing. I see

got me thinking about great actresses or people in general

myself as Goofy - literally tall, big ears, funny laugh and and

who have been killed or passed on - and my thought was,

a dopey look. But inside I’m definitely Mickey. That’s the

“If Marilyn Monroe was still alive, what would she be

best way for me to put, since I don’t fit the norm of fashion

wearing? Would she be sexing it up like Mamie Van Doren?

designers when it comes to inspirations and aesthetic.

wetheurban 58

WTU: Is there a particular art style that you prefer more? DA : I am slowly getting more and more hooked on digital drawing especially with my Wacom pad (graphic tablet). The ability to draw on my table as if there is paper, and have it appear on the screen, throws me a bit off - but I think I’ll get the hang of it pretty quick. “At The End Of The Day” the best thing is paper and pencil. It just has a feel and texture and allowance for detail that you can never beat. WTU: You’re working on a comic book as well, will this be fashion based? Can you tell me a little more about it? DA : No, it’s not supposed to be fashion based - although my editor has told me my superheros are very chic and sexy for superheros. The comic is a story concept I came up with while watching the History Channel’s “Nostradamus Effect,” about the end of the world. It loosely follows a lot of different religions and myths regarding the end of days and the four horsemen.

ann a bo u rs Style is synonymous with confidence. To be able to pull off a look one must have that certain swagger - and wear it well enough to charm any passersby. Anna Bours’ fashion illustrations embodies that very je ne sais quoi. Feminine and quirky with a strong self-confidence, the drawn women are lovingly known as dolls. They are inspired by the models of the runway and the stylishly street savvy. And just as her dolls, Bours is a brave force to be reckoned with. In a pursuit to follow her own dreams, Bours quit her day job and dedicated her time to the art she loves.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WTU: Aside from the comic book, what’s up next for you? DA : Ya know.. I am not sure. I have a possible very big project (praying, crossing fingers, and etc.) in October that would take me to Spain to show a custom collection that I really want to do. I am doing a few custom pieces for people here and there and sort of thinking about my next big thing. I mean I came out on the design floor in such a high octane fueled rush jumping from one show, to next show, to next - and then working on three movies. I want to choose something slowly and with more time and love.

WeTheUrban: Can you give us a little background about you, where you are from and where you are currently living? A n na Bou r s : I’m a Dutch Illustrator & creator of Dollhouse nestled in the beautiful city Barcelona. I was born and raised in Utrecht, a city in the heart of the Netherlands. Once I finished my 2 studies into graphic design and all round styling, I moved 5 years ago to a place that stole my heart immediately: Barcelona. A place that fulfills my daily need of inspiration. I happily weave my imagination for clients across the world, applying hand59 wetheurban

“I l i ke cute, g i r ly t hing s but it always has to have s ome p o w e r or raw ne ss in it.�

wetheurban 60

drawn and computer-based imagery to a range of visual

in Fashion Metropolitan Barcelona & runway shows that

mediums; from fine arts to fashion, from editorial to

bring the urge in me to mix all this inspiration and convert

advertising, to books and textiles and much more.

it into a lovely drawing. It’s difficult to choose just one as all of them mean something special to me. But I wanted to

WTU: I read that you quit your job to pursue fashion

share one of my pencil sketches I’ve made in Asia, which is

illustration. Was this a

very special to me as they are the starting of the creation

difficult decision to make? How did figure out that it was

of dollhouse. The creation of these dolls helped me gain

time for a change?

consistency in my style and so, I still use it nowadays.

A B : Since I was little I was always drawing, but to really quit the safe life of a secure paid job and start up your own

WTU: Do you have artists, designers, or illustrators that you

company takes time and confidence. I’ve been working for

look up to? Is there anyone you would love to collaborate

quite some years in different areas of design. I’ve done


graphic design, web design and apparel design. I felt the

A B : I would have loved to work together with Antonio

desire to combine all these different aspects of design

Lopez, one of the greatest Illustrators in the world. I

and combine them in my real passion: Drawing. It took me

remember when I was young I saw an illustration of him and

many years to realize that I couldn’t ignore what I really

I immediately fell in love with his style. I’m always looking

would love to do 24/7. So once I decided to quit my job I’ve

for new projects and collaborations with designers, writers

booked a trip to South East Asia, which was always a dream

and stylists that inspire me or challenge me to create new

for me, as it is a paradise for designers when your looking

designs and/or styles.

for inspiration for colors/patterns/fabrics and culture. My equipment was a backpack, camera and my sketchbook -

WTU: So what is next for you? Where else can we find your

all I needed. Once I came back after 4 months, I couldn’t


wait to convert all my sketches, pictures and fabrics into

A B : I’ll be taking part on several exhibition and fashion

fashion illustrations. Asia surely influenced my style as a

events in Barcelona.

fashion illustrator.

Some of my upcoming projects: fashion illustrations & illustrated look books for fashion designers, Dollhouse

WTU: Your illustrations are very chic and girly, yet have this

prints for on [fashion] tops, fashion and comic illustrations

whimsical quirk to them. Would you say this is a reflection

for fashion magazines, pattern designs for apparel and

of your own personality?

textile, and of course more Dollhouse Illustrations, prints

A B : I like cute, girly things but it always has to have some

and cards.

power or rawness in it. You can see this as well in my personality, as people tell me often that they think I’m this

If you join my FB Fan page you’ll be updated with my

cute little girl but…with great temperament and a strong

latest & upcoming projects, contest and giveaway prints.


If you’re interested in a collaboration or you want to buy prints/cards/t-shirts or wall art, check out my website. For

WTU: Your dolls are your passion. What is it about them

customized work you can contact me on my website

that you love? Do youhave a favorite? A B : Mainly, I am inspired by the female figure and her

w w w. d o l l h ous e- o n l i ne .co m

world. I find inspiration in a wide variety of places. Many

w w w. fac ebo o k .co m / d o l l h ou s e .o n l i ne

images are crossing my eye every day in magazines, Internet and my surroundings, a print, pattern or a beautiful picture or song. Girls with a unique style, walking on the street here 61 wetheurban

vita yang Like fine cursive writing, Vita Yang’s illustrations are wisps of beautiful artistry. Each subject is delicately drawn and colored to create the most luxurious illustration. It is as if all of the finest of Europe were placed before your eyes but it is coming straight from the talented mind and hands of Taiwan based Yang. Snagging the attention of Vogue and Elle Taiwan, and even the chic London “haress” Fifi Lapin, Yang is an artist bursting of creativity. All of life inspires her, and from life she produces work that goes far beyond a simple drawing.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WeTheUrban: Your illustrations are very beautiful. Did you

would be if I could draw it down and become one of my art

always want to be an illustrator? Was drawing one of your

works?” Besides, there are many great fashion illustrators

creative outlets before pursuing it professionally?

who influenced me a lot, this is why I wanted to do fashion

V ita

Ya ng:

Drawing was definitely one of my


creative outlets before pursuing it professionally. I didn’t always want to be an illustrator, but I love art, design and

WTU: We see your love of fashion through your illustrations,

everything related - I know they are something that will

does your fashion style also reflect this? Who are some of

always be in my life. I majored in visual communication

your favorite designers?

design in university, and when I was in the UK, I majored

VY: I think my own taste does reflect my fashion

in footwear design. At that time, I think I wanted to be

illustration. Those styles are either [styles] I love or the

either an illustrator or a footwear designer. There was a

ones I’d love to try. But besides that, I still draw something

footwear design opportunity for me years ago, but I ended

very opposite. It doesn’t really have to be the style I love,

up deciding to be an illustrator. I wanted to do something

but maybe with the gesture, movement, color or models I

that really shows who I am. I think my design background

like - I’ll still draw that. My favorite designers are: Phoebe

does reflect in my art work in someway.

Philo, Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel, Guillaume Henry, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Rupert Sanderson... to name

WTU: Your bio says you are obsessed with fashion

a few.

illustration. What is it about fashion illustration that speaks to you?

WTU: Judging from your website and blog, you love to

VY: I am in love with fashion, it’s such a creative world

express yourself creatively in so many ways. Is there

with so many things to be discovered and [it is] so inspiring.

anything other than fashion illustration that you would like

When seeing those beautiful moments, colors, textures,

to explore more? What else do you find inspiring?

scenes, models...etc, I never stop thinking, “How great it

VY: Other than fashion illustration, I love to do pattern

wetheurban 62

63 wetheurban

W h en s ee ing t hose beauti ful m o me n ts, co lo r s, te xtures, sce n es, m o de l s. . . I n ever sto p t h i n k i n g, “ How gr eat it wo uld be i f I coul d d raw it d own a n d become one o f my a rt wo r ks? �

wetheurban 64

design. As I enjoy the process of doing repeating things, setting the order of objects, I can always find so much fun doing it. This is also why I did the work “This is why I miss London so much,” and my other pattern design works. Pattern design is very interesting to me. I always love to see how my work could do with other things, such as fabrics, wallpaper, window display, package design... or any creative items. I believe there are great possibilities of it - so, I am still discovering! One thing I enjoy a lot and find inspiring is watching cooking shows - I always enjoy watching it, especially desserts. I also enjoy going to bookstores, coffee shops, the movies, flower shops, unique shops or exhibitions. Different places give me different inspiration. To me, this is how I usually get new ideas. Everything in your life could end up to be your inspiration. WTU: Do you ever plan to returning to London? Are there any other locations you’d love to visit? VY: I’d definitely love to return back to London someday. Also I want to visit Paris again, Stockholm, Italy, Berlin, New York...etc. There are so many places I would love to visit reaching out to the world is very important to me, I believe it’s where the inspiration comes from. WTU: So what can we look forward to future, from you? VY: I will collaborate with different brands with my pattern and illustration work, this will be announced on my website and Facebook page then, please stay tuned! www.fac Illu strator 65 wetheurban

wetheurban 66

ach raf a m i r i He calls himself “The Hidden Son of the Addams Family” and has been embraced by the fashion industry - yet he doesn’t see himself as dark or creepy, nor does he see himself as a fashion illustrator. However you choose to see Achraf Amiri and his work, there is no denying his passion, creativity, and honesty. Amiri’s art may evoke a sense of creepiness, but beyond that is a story to be told - like a mystery to be solved. Perhaps the truth can be a little scary, but put into the context of Amiri’s whimsical drawings - it can be quite beautiful.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WeTheUrban: How did you get started w/illustration?

The fact that I love to play about the fashion in a dramatic

Ac h raf Amiri: I discovered the technique of drawing

way does not mean that I’m creepy. The reason behind the

very early. When I was a kid, around the age of 2-3 years

allures and attitudes of my personages is a reflection of my

old, I was fascinated by how my mind could transmit onto


paper with colours and shapes. WTU: Do you consider yourself a fashion illustrator? Or WTU: What is your take on the fashion world? You capture

do you see yourself as an artist beyond that? Do you

quite a dark side, but still have an apparent love for it.

have a message that you want to send out through your

What makes this world so special to you? What inspires


you to draw such creepy depictions?

A A : I’m not a fashion illustrator. I only use the fashion as

A A : I don’t believe what I’m illustrating is dark. In all

medium or thematic. All of it is about communication in my

my pieces can you find lots of colours and humour. My

works. An artist... I don’t now if I am, but a creative person,

illustrations are very funny when you can discover the


stories behind them. Everything I illustrate has a background and a source of inspiration. Even if it’s about fashion, I

WTU: How do you come up w/your concepts?

always have personal meaning to express it in a dramatic

A A : Instinctively, I love the improvisation and contrasts.

or cynical way. Maybe this is what people in generally don’t understand in my illustrations, and why they call it ‘dark’. 67 wetheurban

wetheurban 68

69 wetheurban

WTU: Your bio says you love to express yourself in many ways, what other creative outlets do you use to express yourself? A A : All ways possible and imaginable. WTU: Do you have a favorite collection or designer that you have illustrated? Who is your favorite designer? A A : They are all for me particular and with a certain personality. I see fashion brands or designers like cartoon personages. If I have to chose some they will be: Viktor & Rolf for their naivety, Martin Margiela for his simplicity, and Dior for her extravagance. WTU: How do you think people see your work? Do they receive it well? Was there ever an instance where someone was offended by your work? A A : Fortunately, people appreciate my illustrations. It’s a personal, different and fresh interpretation of this actually world. People get even inspired by them, so I believe that it’s quite positive what I’m making. I’m happy.

wetheurban 70

“my illustrations are very funny when you can discover the stories behind them. everything I illustrate has a background and a source of inspiration.�

71 wetheurban

 Edvard mess blouse wetheurban 72


photography Daniel Jaroszek stylist EDVARD MESS make up & hair Magda Mrugallo
 model Natalia Dr. / Rebel Models assistant Cezary Rucki

73 wetheurban

H & M dress
 vintage bracelet wetheurban 74

blouse H & M
 Dominic Cybulska skirt (from the collection of Renovatio)
 tights and shoes, stylist’s own 75 wetheurban

MOI NON PLUS bracelets
 necklace and dress H & M wetheurban 76

H & M corset
&jewelry vintage skirt and pantyhose
ownership model shoes

77 wetheurban

wetheurban 78

vintage blouse
Edvard Mess Skirt (from the collection of Grenouille) 79 wetheurban

Edvard Mess dress (from the collection of Grenouille)
 ring and bag H & M wetheurban 80

Body H & M
 jewelry owned by stylist

81 wetheurban

A common word to describe the fashion industry is “fierce”. Anyone involved with fashion these days must be strong, creative, and most definitely risk-taking. A fearlessness, a ferocity - combined with unabashed sense of creativity. Despite the overuse of the word (thanks to a one Christian Siriano), “fierce” is still a description that embodies some of the industry’s top fashion tastemakers. These particular five creatives in fashion are not only fierce, but they are brave fashion soldiers who are stepping up the game for anyone seeking to make a name. Bold, imaginative, and emotive - these are WeTheUrban’s Top 5 Creative in Fashion. words Eileen Doñiego de France wetheurban 82

83 wetheurban



he nightlife world is a contrast of both dark and colorful. A seedy and fantastical-vibrant world that many leave to their childhood days as soon as the bleak 9-5 society captures them

in a dull gray business suit. For Nicola Formichetti, this couldn’t be any less true. A child of the night, Formichetti is the glorious lovechild of fashion and nightlife. A rogue born from an Italian pilot and Japanese stewardess, Formichetti defied what was expected of him, convincing his parents that he was studying architecture in London. He quickly dropped out, and instead spent his nights and early mornings in clubs. For four years, Formichetti lived and breathed London nightlife and street wear fashion. By day he would work at the boutique “The Pineal Eye,” eventually beginning his career when he was discovered by Katy England, a fashion editor at Dazed & Confused. From that point on he was thrusted into the world of fashion and styling - and collaborating with an insane famed list of publications, brands, and celebrities such as friend Lady Gaga (he is touted as “The Man Behind the wetheurban 84

Meat Dress”). Currently Formichetti not only plays the role

remembers the days of standing outside a fashion show,

of Lady Gaga’s stylist, but is also the creative director for

hoping to catch a glimpse of runway glamour. It is Nicola

MUGLER, as well as the fashion director of both Uniqlo

Formichetti’s undying love for fashion and culture that built

and Vogue Homme Japan. It is clear that he is the most

up much of his success. Not by luck, not by chance, but

sought out man in the world of fashion and art, but he is

through a genuine love and appreciation for the cultures he

never one to forget his roots as a young party boy in love

grew up loving. He has an incredible ability to cultivate his

with fashion. It is for this reason that his designs exude

findings and inspirations to produce great art and design -

the vibrancy and energy of nightlife, and for this reason

all without formal fashion training. For him, it is not about

why he keeps consistent communication between he

the “it” factor, but a bigger whole that everyone can be a

and his legions of Twitter and Tumblr followers. He too

part of - no matter their income.


85 wetheurban

photo HANNAH SALEH wetheurban 86



t all started with a scrapbook: fabric swatches, magazine clippings, Polaroids and postcards anything that gave style consultant, celebrity stylist, and




Kihogo, inspiration. As she has stated in several of her interviews, the scrapbook was what gave life to her current weblog, - but what she hasn’t mentioned is that her life is a living embodiment of a well curated scrapbook. Kihogo has the innate ability to find beauty and meaning in every aspect of culture. The Ghana born, London based stylist is a world traveler. Throughout her travels she collects ideas and items, carefully laying them out through conversation, blog posts, and through her own fashion style. Like a sociologist, her style not only reflects her sense of self, but is a documentation of the world as she sees it at the very moment.  It is this very emotive personality that gives Kihogo the eyes to see a world beyond her own. She is very aware of her surroundings and what moves and drives people, all the while staying humble should anyone pay her a compliment. Her drive is not to only inspire, but to inspire others to stay true to themselves.  Refreshingly fearless, Kihogo is considered one of the most influential people not only in fashion, but within the blogosphere as well. Her

blog has gained attention from several online publications in addition to British Vogue, Vogue Italia, and Lucky. Even with the recognition paid to Kihogo, it is her proud stance that sets her apart from the rest - and gives her the voice to shine a light on others who might not necessarily have the same platform to speak from. She is the ultimate curator of her many life scrapbooks. 87 wetheurban



gentle breeze rustles the hem of a skirt. A gas lamp fire flickers. Taxi cabs drive past a seemingly still city. And a beautiful Coco Rocha leans against the city air. This is not

a movie. Nor is it a commercial. It is not even a YouTube video. The images described are the well loved and heavily reblogged animated GIFS of photographer Jamie Beck. In collaboration with web designer Kevin Berg, Beck has created a higher level of animated GIFS that are affectionately known as cinemagraphs. The popularity of the cinemagraphs have reached far beyond the Tumblrworld and has seeped into industry territory - allowing Beck to share her creative talents at New York Fashion Week and with the brand Juicy. Her vision behind the cinemagraphs are as beautiful and inspiring as Beck herself. Known to her followers as one who stops to appreciate beauty, the idea for the cinemagraphs were to take a slower, more fluid look at life - and to appreciate the delicate subtleties that can speak for that moment in time. Cinemagraphs are not quite a movie, not quite a still photograph. Like her cinemagraphs, the subtleties of Beck are equally breathtaking. Her beliefs on enjoying life and feeling alive are not only captured in photographs, but are also seen through her joyful spirit. Her Tumblog Fromme-toyou gives followers a glimpse of her sunny personality and her world behind the lens as well as in front of it, styling herself in timeless looks inspired by wetheurban 88

notable women before her. Beck’s zest for life appears to come from this appreciation of all things old and classic. A collector of vintage cameras and typewriters, Beck doesn’t box herself in the technological-fast-paced world everyone else seems to be caught up in. Even when working on perfecting the advanced form of animated GIFS, it is a seamless transition that does not rush into the future. Her work is a great reflection of her personality, and perhaps if we all took the time enjoy what is in front of us, maybe we would see our lives are just as beautiful as hers.

photo KEVIN BURG 89 wetheurban


ashion photography is unlike any other. It must appeal to both the fashion consumer as well as the fashion admirer. The consumer mind tilts towards the beauty of the product, while the

admirer is more enamored with the artistic direction of all that surrounds the fashion. Finding the balance between the two can be quite daunting for any photographer but the Dutch duo known as Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin have not only perfected the blurring of art and the mainstream - but have been doing so for 25 years. The pair had met at The Art Academy in Amsterdam, and began officially working together in the 90s. It was during this time that their careers began to take off. Their thought provoking series “Thank You Thighmaster” and “Final Fantasy” bewitched all those who came in contact with the blend of doll-women+human models and adult features+adolescent bodies (respectively). Mesmerized by the horrific imagery weaved into glamour in both series, the art and fashion worlds were abuzz. Upping the art ante, the duo currently forages their career into fashion film and music videos. They have already shot videos with Bjork and have filmed several fashion campaigns for YSL. And of course the famous photography duo has collaborated with the equally intriguing Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti. With inspirations stemming from documentary photography paired with boundary pushing image technology, van Lamsweerde and Matadin capture their subjects in both alluring and disturbing ways. Their aesthetic draws in a creepy sense of glamour that is beautifully jaw-dropping and questionable. It is quite difficult to make sense of the situation - are they being critical of society and the fashion industry, or are they glamorizing it to a fantastical dreamworld? For van Lamsweerde and Matadin, fashion is

_four wetheurban 90

freedom, and their art work captures that very essence.

91 wetheurban


or many people, society shapes how we feel

head make-up artist for MUA Academy in London, Powell

about our progress in the world, and sometimes

is living out the dream. Hailing from a small town in England

practicality takes the place of dreams. Whatever

known as Redditch, Powell knew that an unconventional

happened to having the world at our fingertips?

approach to makeup would be her key to success. She

Very few people keep faith in their dreams and aspirations -

describes her work as “Emotion, Playful, Fun, Extravaganza,

but for make-up artist Karla Powell, the dream has unfolded

Art, Boldness, Colourful, No rules!” and this description

in array of brilliant colors and the world is quite literally at

couldn’t be anymore true. From splashy Jackson Pollock-

her hands. Selected as one of the elite Tumblr 20 invited

like splatter lips to out-of-this-world airbrushed beauties

to New York Fashion Week, and with a new position as

complete w/bald caps. One of her most impressive looks

photo WILLIE GREENE wetheurban 92

is from a “Food Inspired” shoot with photographer Rich


Hinton. The make-up looks included the unusual use of vegetables, fruits, chocolate, and even slimy and clammy sea food. Her love for makeup started with her father who was known for his detailed face painting. “I used to always go along and he would use me as the example. I loved it and was so fascinated [by] how he could create something like that.” From this very creative beginning, Powell knew her career was destined to be in make-up. These days she looks to famed MUAs Pat McGrath and Alex Box for outof-the-ordinary inspiration. In addition to forging her own path, Powell hopes to break boundaries in the make-up industry by way of inspiring others. Having taught at NEW College for three years, she will now be teaching at MUA Academy. “I think I will always enjoy teaching and inspiring other aspiring artists, and that’s why I started a blog to share all my industry knowledge, as well as showing others how I created looks on photo shoots - as in past experiences not many artists will share their secrets.” With hard work and persistence (much of which involved working for free), Powell’s dedication has opened such great doors for her. She states that working with Tumblr was one of the most exciting experiences of her life, and another dream came true when she stepped in as a key artist for designer Sergio Davila. Not many people can say their work has made it to the catwalk, but Karla Powell certainly can - and she hopes to inspire others so that they mayl be able to proudly state the same. Her words of wisdom? “Your aspirations are your possibilities.”

93 wetheurban

wetheurban 94

95 wetheurban

wetheurban 96

“I grew up in Philadelphia and went to school for computer science at RIT. I’ve been living and working in NYC as a web developer while I finish up my degree.

I try to create as

much as possible & my collages

are a result.”

97 wetheurban

wetheurban 98

Who or what inspires your work? I read a lot of art blogs so I’m constantly looking for new images to be inspired by. I’ve experimented with Photoshop for a long time so using those images for collage just seemed like the natural next step.

Do you have any formal training or have you learned everything on your own? Everything important to me I’ve learned on my own. I learn best through experience. An education will provide some opportunity but if you’re motivated to teach yourself you’ll be able to spend more time and better be able to judge what you need practice with. 

Lady Gaga was recently quoted saying “art is a lie”. Do you believe that? It can be a lie to some people. If you create for fame you’re lying to yourself because your legacy is as fleeting as your life. A lot of artist statements are lies. Sometimes you just have a neat idea and you make it without any other intentions.

What is “Art”? Certainly too big of a question to ask here, but what do you hope your audience takes away from your art? What statement do you hope to make? Art is self expression. The way you walk down the street could be considered an art. The best I can hope for is that I make someone’s day a little brighter and that my audience is inspired to create something of their own. I’m not interested in making statements.

99 wetheurban

wetheurban 100

Tell me about your work-space  and your creative process. I work on a small laptop so my workspace is mobile. I have a modest collection of portraits and textures. Whenever I’m in the mood I experiment with combinations. If something catches my eye I run with it.

Who are some artists whose work you enjoy? I enjoy work with a sense of humor.Painting: Melanie Authier, Oren Eliav. Photography: Dany Peschl, Ben Sandler. Sculpture: Maximo Riera, Helmut Palla. Illustration: Carine Brancowitz, Raymond Lemstra. Collage: Ian Addison Hall

Are you currently involved with any projects/ exhibitions? I’m always working so I guess you could say I have some projects in progress. I’d like to do more print quality work in the future. Never had an exhibition in my life.

101 wetheurban


words John Johnston


increasing in i n fas

anye West’s debut at Paris Fashion Week

the fashion industry. A study by Oxford Economics for the

highlighted one trend that wasn’t visible on

British Fashion Council in 2010 found that the business

the catwalk; men are taking an increasing

added about £21 billion ($33 billion) to GDP directly in

interest in the fashion world. This may sound

Britain – twice as much as car manufacturing. While high-

stupid, some of the most feted designers of the past

fashion accounted for only a fraction of that, the trends set

century have been men of course, but Kanye’s collection of

by it sit at the heart of the broader retail market. This retail

striking jewellery and grasp of modern glamour in skin-tight

market has its peaks and troughs, but is always there. People

pants and low-bodice dresses does represent a shift in the

have to wear clothes, therefore an interest in fashion can

male perspective.

means that it is prudent for the man involved in stocks and

Fashion shows used to be for girls and boys who grew up

markets to have an interest right now. This doesn’t answer

in extravagant worlds where only a room where every gaze

for every man though. As Hardy Amies noted on catwalks,

is fixed upon their creation could satisfy their demands.

“Clothes are meant for private living; clothes that produce

Now? Now they are where a man doesn’t have to immerse

excitement and applause give the press things to write

himself in the world around the catwalk. He can have

about but shock the man of taste.” This is where fashion’s

interests outside. He no longer has to be defined by his

second alluring facet comes in. When you feel down, you

fashion. He can be successful elsewhere. Fashion is now

dress up. That figure-hugging dress that shows you what

an aspect, not a lifestyle choice of the man. It’s not a new

your ex is missing. That suit that let’s everyone know you’re

freedom that man has found. This is not male liberation

ready for business. The colorful socks poking out under

from the oppressive gaze of peers and women; His hand

your city suit giving a nod that you’re not afraid to play.

has been forced. As the Eurozone teeters closer to the

Everything you wear tells a part of the story about you.

edge of financial oblivion, while the American political

Fashion is a narrative and as the world increasingly stacks

system stymies man’s best efforts to raise the leviathan of

negative facts and figure up against men making them

global wealth from the doldrums, while the industries that

question their place, themselves, men are looking for a

defined a man dissolve from a new world view, the very

new story to tell. Of course this is nothing new. We’ve had

essence of man is being redefined. Like the gold price,

the regency period, the dandy’s, new romantics, punks and

man has found resolve in fashion. Fashion has two things

Goth man doing this all before – but what makes this new

that are alluring to the man seeking to reaffirm his place

interest in fashion different is that there isn’t one story to

in the world. Firstly, the yearning glances of the beautiful

tell anymore. Every man is suddenly finding his own story

and the damned on the front row belie the importance of

to tell. Every man has their own catwalk to demonstrate on.

wetheurban 102


g nte r est fas h i o n

photo WILLIE GREENE 103 wetheurban

photos Justin Chung

wetheurban 104

105 wetheurban

photos Justin Chung

wetheurban 106

107 wetheurban

photographer Patrick Leung models Christie B. for Rad Kids for NOBASURA Kathervine Slack of VANITY stylist Rose Raflores at Queens wetheurban 108

Qu e ens

[kweens] n.,

can be described in various ways, such as female sovereigns or monarchs; women that are foremost or preeminent in any respect; and even as the most powerful pieces on the board in the game of chess. In this case, Queens  is Vancouver’s premiere women’s boutique based on a lifestyle influenced by urban culture. With an anticipated launch,  Queens  opened its doors in Gastown on Cordova at Carrall, May 2, 2011. Influenced by urban lifestyle rooted in music, fashion, art, and good people,  Queens  specializes  in its own private label line, one-of-a-kind tees, and is the exclusive Canadian stockist for  Cubannie Links  and Sistargirl accessories. In addition to women’s apparel and accessories,  Queens  provides nail design beyond the basic one-colour or French mani, offering incomparable nail art for those who desire a creative and unique paint job. Queens  is founded and led by Rose Raflores, a young woman who wants to provide an alternative perspective to independent culture through fashion. “I want to offer the ladies in Vancouver a different style where you can be bold, wear lots of gold, and rock a men’s tee with a twist of femininity.”, says Raflores on announcing the launch of her first boutique. With a mission to “Crown the Queens”, Vancouver’s women officially have a throne to sit in.

nail artists Michelle Gill aka Candy Paint for Queens Steph Berry aka Haus of Lacquer for NOBASURA/Queens makeup & hair Allison Giroday producer Natasha Neale for en collective 109 wetheurban


wetheurban 110

111 wetheurban

photography Christian Rios styling Tidwell & Perryman w w w.t i dw e l l a n d p e r ry m a n .c o m

styling assistant HUNTER THOMPSON wetheurban 112

113 wetheurban

wetheurban 114

115 wetheurban

wetheurban 116

117 wetheurban

models Clark Chord (FORD) Marcel Glaser (Adam Nyc) James Wilson (DNA) Joey Slomowitz (FORD) Tim Devos (Request) wetheurban 118

119 wetheurban

wetheurban 120

121 wetheurban

wetheurban 122

123 wetheurban

wetheurban 124

125 wetheurban

wetheurban 126

127 wetheurban

wetheurban 128

129 wetheurban

black & beige stripe silk cape shirt [Omar Piragino] chain shrug [VII Victory Jewelry] python & leather belt [Primark, London UK] black lace-up ankle boots [Steve Madden] wetheurban 130





131 wetheurban

black sequined trench coat [L’Une Collection] black corset [Vintage, stylists own] black leather corset chain belt [VII Victory Jewelry] black lace brief bottoms [Stylists own] pearl collar necklace [VII Victory Jewelry] black lace-up ankle boots [Steve Madden] wetheurban 132

kimono sleeve trench jacket [L’Une Collection] black lace halter dress [Stylist’s own] black belt [Stylist’s own] black lucite and chain body jewelry [VII Victory Jewelry] stacked cuff bracelets [Vintage, stylist’s own] 133 wetheurban

creme bodysuit [Stylist’s own] black & white sequin mini skirt [Vintage, stylists own] black kimono sleeve shrug [L’Une Collection] gray fox fur collar piece [Angelo Estrada] knit thigh high stockings [Stylists own] black cut-out booties [Chinese Laundry] double stacked chain necklace [VII Victory Jewelry] stacked cuff bracelets [Vintage, stylists own] wetheurban 134

135 wetheurban

wetheurban 136

Neon Hitch is an ex-trapeze artist who makes brilliantly buzzy synth-heavy pop epics & easily qualifies as one of the most interesting people I’ve ever gotten the opportunity to interview. From growing up in a traveling circus to writing hit’s like Ke$ha’s ‘Blah, Blah Blah’ to being roomies with Amy Winehouse, words Willie Greene

What part of the UK are you from?

a traveler has really helped me get to where I am. I think it’s

Kind of all over! My house burned down when I was little,

very important to live in a free and liberating way. Being on

so we moved into a truck and just started traveling kind of

tour is amazing for me, so I think I’ve sort of picked the best

all over Europe. We never stayed anywhere longer than 6

career for me!

months. So yeah, I have lived in a LOT of places!

Is it true that you and Amy Winehouse were roomies?

How long have you been into music?

Yes, she’s like a big sister to me. She’s really helped me

I’ve always loved music. I’ve always been a huge fan of

through some tough parts of my life. I’ve never met a more

music, but I started my singing career at like 16, I think. It

beautiful human being in my life. I love her!

just kind of all came together from there. I started singing

Who are some of your favorite pop artists out right now?

at parties and the right person would introduce me to the

I love Sia! I’ve been a huge fan of her for so long. I also

right person, and somehow I ended up in America doing all

love quirky  artists like Nicki Minaj and just any fearless

of this!

women in the industry. Girl power!

You helped co-write Ke$ha’s hit ‘Blah, Blah Blah’, is there

How do you like the US?

any other artist you’d like to pen for?

I love the US as a whole! Especially the weather. I really

This is true! That’s actually the first song outside of my own

love LA too. I’m from the UK, so I really appreciate this

music that I’ve ever been apart of. I’ve only ever written for


myself before. But it ended up coming together beautifully

Are you working on any new music projects? albums?

and it was just a magical experience.

Well I’m still finishing up the first album. It’s pretty much

Are you and Ke$ha still in touch?

almost finished. We’re gonna put out 2 or 3 singles before

Yes, we stay in touch! Well we can’t see each other too

it’s released. Look out for it!

regularly with our schedules and we’re always on tour, but

Any advice for any aspiring teens wanting to rebel off and

she’s a great friend and we still do keep in touch!

do there thing like you did?

You traveled with a circus? Tell me a little more about that.

If you know what you want, you’re almost there. You have

I did. My mom was a circus performer and when I was

to just believe in what you want and go get it. Visualize

younger we traveled with the circus and freak show and

everyday! My album isn’t called Beg, Borrow, & Steal for no

when we were traveling around, her friends were in the

reason. You’ve go to just do what you’ve got to do! I used

show too, so I was always very involved. And to make a

to push a shopping cart up a hill every Sunday for like 20

living, we’d also go to festivals during the summer and put

pounds and I’d have to live off of that for a week. Just stay

on shows as well. So I’ve always been a performer! Being

hungry and don’t lose your drive! 137 wetheurban

wetheurban 138

photography Meagan Cignoli

words Jason O’Toole 139 wetheurban

photography Meagan Cignoli wetheurban 140

Cody B. Ware is the amalgamation of our youth culture. Blowing in from Jamaica Queens, this black metal hip-hop force of nature is competing with Irene for red alert supremacy. Both a fashion and musical savant, Cody infuses what he sees with what he believes to create his sound. Adopting different religions, races, and musical influences; Cody is the portrayal of the melting spoon of music right now. The 23-year old carries a street swag and raspy New York hustle, captivating you with every word he delivers through his SM58. Seemingly introverted off stage, his effervescence on it blends a lyrical ferocity with a stadium-illuminated set of anthemia. His newest project entitled Welcome Home proves his hybrid lifestyle as a spiritual creator who adopts his Jewish and Catholic heritage to formulate the soul of his song substance. He passionately exclaims Welcome Home is the reflection of this lifestyle, and he tells us why he created this world to foster the out-casted youth feeling the same way. We sat down with Cody on a chilly fall evening in New York to hear his thoughts on music, life, the industry, and why Cody B. Ware is such a rare artist in today’s pop culture.

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“ Welcome Home

is me coming into my own skin, and my own environment. I don’t want to do what everyone’s doing— I’m over that. “

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Cody, you seem to have a little of every sound in your

On some of the songs from your album, there were some

musical arsenal. Where did it come from, and what are

sample elements of jazz in there. Can you speak a little

your current influences?

bit about your influences from the jazz perspective that is

It was Nas, it was OutKast, it was Big Pun, it was Wu-Tang,

otherwise pretty ambitious sonically?

and it was Goodie Mob as far as hip-hop goes. But like that,

Well like, the jazz shit man—that’s like the rebel’s music

and then later on in life, maybe late 90’s, I got more into

man. Like a jazz musician does whatever he wants. I think

rock, and I started listening to Sublime and Korn, then shit

White Indian, the producers of the album, they have that

got heavier, then I discovered hardcore and post hardcore.

influence in them as well. My dad, he grew up playing

Glass jaw, The Deftones. That’s one of my favorite bands.

that type of style. He’s a blues dude, so he has a lot of

And then I started getting into more mature things—Jeff

that in him. So I have always had that in me, and White

Buckley, Sade. So my palette just kept getting fed. And so

Indian has as well, so I think certain songs we wanted to

now everyday I try to listen to something new.

have that—I don’t know, jazz to me comes off as a funk. It’s

Before you were exclusive to creating music, you had a

just funky, ya know? But like the songs that have that in

background in the industry. Talk a little about that.

them, like “Ladybug” and “Gangsta Party,” is like kind of

I worked for Columbia Records, I worked for Mercury,

being aggressive, but being smooth at the same time if that

Island Def Jam. Those two are the main ones, then I did

makes sense. Jazz gives you the leeway to do that. Like,

management stuff. But I learned about the ins and outs of

jazz is one of the few genres left that is just straight up

the industry—it’s helped me so fucking much man.

musicality. There’s no way around it. You have to be a great

musician to play jazz. So I really wanted to put that into the

So, what were your titles at Columbia and Mercury?

music, cause kids don’t get a lot of that now… Kids need to

I was a scout there. A&R scout. Yeah, and then I went on

know about jazz. So if I’m gonna pull different genres and

after that. And it was good, I mean I was good at my job.

bring them together, ya know, why not? Why not give them

I was finding shit that was deep and fresh. It’s hard when

something that’s intelligent like jazz?

you’re young like that, and you’re dealing with higher suits.

That’s great man. That’s great.

But it sucked, because they don’t want to pay you. They

Yeah man. I’m glad you heard that too. Not a lot of people

don’t fucking—they don’t want to pay the young kids…. So

hear that shit.

I went on to do some managing shit. I went into managing

It’s a great album! Welcome Home is an album you can go

bands. Um, like I managed a hardcore band from Boston,

places with.

and then a pop punk from Vegas. So I started doing that,

I appreciate it man. I’m doing it man. I’m going wherever the

and then I got picked up by a management company that

wind takes me.

was more in the heavier world. So I was on the same roster

So, why the title Welcome Home? What does that represent

as bands like Cannibal Corpse and Killswitch Engage. So

to you?

I got to really get that side in. I’ve seen a lot of shit, man. Welcome Home is me coming into my own skin, and my I was in a large, diverse environment of music, so like all

own environment. I don’t want to do what everyone’s

those influences have really come into play with what I do.

doing—I’m over that. I’m over everyone thinking I’m a rapper

What’s your nationality?

just because, you know, my platform is hip-hop and I’m an

I’m mixed man. My mom’s European Jew, my dad’s Puerto

MC. So I wanted to build my own thing up. So Welcome

Rican. So, I’m like Costa Rican- Koher Rican. Yeah, I’m a

Home is like, ya know me shedding everything I was before,

mutt man. My shit’s all over.

and I wanted to find my own place. And, one of the most 143 wetheurban

warming things they tell you when you’ve been gone for a

make music for; ya know what I’m saying? And as long as we

while is, just like, “Welcome home!” You know, so I titled

make music for kids like us, we’ll be fine.

that the album, and me really finding myself… at least the

beginning steps of it, because there’s still a lot of work to be

Hey, I’m not anti-industry. I think there are great people in

done. Yeah… so it was that man. I found what I want to do.

the industry. I think the industry could be a great place for

Everyone can live where they live, but this is my world. You

music again, it just needs to be understood what realness

have rap music, you have hip-hop and you know it’s kind of

is. Let artists control it!

an open platform, and I’m sure a lot of artists want to be

themselves but they don’t, so they just in this world with

But do you think that’s changed with social media

everyone else, but it’s the true artists that make their own

platforms you can really thrive on like YouTube, Tumblr, and

worlds. And that’s the ones who can die a happy person.


Industry. What are your thoughts on where it is and where

Yeah, that’s the thing. I feel like—yes and no. Yes, because

it’s heading?

it’s true cause I cuts out the middle man completely. But

It’s fucked up. Fuck the industry.

then you have artists who get million dollar deals who have

Where do you fit in?

never played a live show in their life. And they can’t hold

I don’t fit anywhere in the industry. I mean I wanna make

their own on stage. So, ya know. It’s good and bad.

The industry will find me then i can say “fuck you guys”

money and do what I do. I feel like the industry doesn’t

The one thing that I think has helped me a lot, and

care for people who are original. And if they do care for

the one thing I think that every artist should do is not give

people who are original, it needs to be something that

a fuck what any other artist is doing. Cause everyone’s

someone else says is fucking amazing. I feel like people

story is different, ya know? I could have been a Youtube

who are doing it from the ground up, and there are few

sensation… that may never be me, that may never be me…

artists who have done it and I respect, but I feel like times

but I could be playing my tape out of a fucking car in the

are changing, and I feel like if you are doing something

Lower East Side and Busta Rhymes could walk by, hear

really fucking left field, um, if certain people don’t say it’s

it and sign me. I don’t know. It’s poison now. There’s no

cool, then everyone else looks at it like it’s not right. I don’t

formula anymore. You just gotta keep doing what you’re

know man. My feelings have changed a lot since I put out

doing. I just make music because it makes me happy. And it

this record. I just want to do it my way man. Like, if I make

changes other’s lives. I want to be an important artist, but I

a million dollars, a hundred million downloads, then that’s

want to be important for the right reasons.

just where my path went, but if I don’t and I fucking, just

Lyrically you have a lot of spiritual undertones. Talk a bit

stay here and play shows once a month, and ya know have

about that.

people that love me forever, then I’ll be happy. I just enjoy

It’s something that a lot of people connect with me on. The

doing this shit. Ya know? I enjoy being able to make art,

people that listen to my music—they get that. And I talk

cause not a lot of people can really wake up in the morning

about it a lot. I’m not from here; I’m from the spirit world. 

who are artists and say that they enjoy it anymore… I do it

I’m a spirit that came here—doesn’t really belong here. And

because it’s all I have and it makes me happy.  

I express that through music. This is my temporary home. 

The industry sucks man. It’s everyone saying “yeah.”

On the album, I wanted to address those things, because in

They say “we’ll be the gatekeepers” and “we’ll decide what

the world, they feel like they are the same type of people.

people will like.” Especially the kids. They don’t know what

That’s a good question. I’m glad you asked that, because

is real anymore. I’m really afraid for the kids. The people I

a lot of people don’t understand—they probably never

surround myself with—my team. Like, we are the kids we

will. You know, we’re not regular people.  Some people

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are here to do things that are fucking monumental. I just don’t think that we’re normal people put here.  I don’t practice any organized religion.  I’m a free spirit, man.  I believe in spirituality.  I believe in the universe— cause the universe is everything.  It’s the fucking air you breathe, the leaves you walk on.  It’s everything, so that’s what I believe and that’s what this album has a lot to do with.  I don’t believe in everything, but I believe in that.   WeTheUrban is first a fashion magazine, so we always try to incorporate music with fashion. How do you see your fashion playing into your sound and brand, and how do you think that music and fashion play together?  I mean fashion and music go hand in hand.  You have some artist just defined by what they wear.  I mean it could be very important and it could not be.  Right now, I like more of the 50’s greaser type look.  Like I’m getting more into that.  The gentleman’s cut with the slim Levi’s and the black desert boots with the white t-shirt.  I like simple.  Very fitting, very classy.  Kind of Americana type shit.  I don’t need the logos or anything like that.  I like to perform in a nice pair of shoes, nice blazer, nice shirt.  It gives the dynamic, again, of Cody B. Ware.  It’s just the mind fuck of it all.  Like, people seeing me on stage and saying “He’s fucking chic” … and them I’m moshing.  I just want to continue the mind fuck.   I mean, I’m a broke ass kid, but I just wear what the fuck I want.  My thing is always going left.  Letting people assume one thing, then doing something completely different.   Cody B. Ware. Thank you so much for your time. Before we let you go, what is something you’d like to specifically tell the readers of WeTheUrban?  I want to tell them to just live the dream. Whatever it is, ya know? My mantra is P.M.A., Positive Mental Attitude. You stick on that tip, your life gonna be good! Stay hungry; stay humble. Be human always! And just know that everything gonna be okay.  Always keep some form of hope in humanity. Everything’s gonna be okay. 145 wetheurban

tre ndalert:

bra tops made for

the lean




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Bra tops are a daring alternative for cropped tops. They reveal more flesh and look more tempting. The showstopping, head turning bra top trend was huge in every city (even the more conservative Paris)!

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A r t i s t t o Wat c h > > > >


21-year-old London based singer, songwriter, producer and fully-formed popstar Archeo  (pronounced ArKay-O) loves pop. “I make pop music. Pop, to me, is a constantly changing landscape, and I’m proud to be part of that tradition.” He is not part of a particular scene and is not trying to establish a new one – yet he is jaw-droppingly exciting and new. He is quite simply a 24 carat, 21st Century pop superstar in waiting. Antiauthority anthem ‘Mr General’ is a 3-minute rollercoaster ride of 90s era Max Martin and Dr Luke pop, the funked up dancefloor grooves of Rick James, the cool edgy swagger of Justin Timberlake and the futuristic robo-pop of Gaga.  Archeo  will release his debut single ‘Mr General’ on 28th November through his own label Music Mantra.

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new girl

town: in


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kreayshawn // W Graphic - Design - Wee Youtube - 1990’s - Hi Haters - V Nasty - Fil Sensation - Ovaries - Neo Basic - Bitches - Oak hat was your reaction right when you

going to all the parties and dressed a certain way. So I’ve

found out Gucci Gucci has gone viral?

never considered m, myself a hipster because I’ve grown up in the Bay my whole life and I saw it all happen. From when

Well it was something that kind of kept building and building

it happened in San Fran to when it started happening in

up. We were like watching it and counting it down (but

Oakland recently. So I’ve never considered myself a hipster,

counting it up really). We were like “Oh my God! 80,000?!

but I do understand the whole hipster culture that’s going

Oh my god! 200,000?!”. So we kind of watched the whole

on. But then like, everyone denies that their a hipster, but

thing unfold and after like 3 days it had like a million views

they still are one? So it’s crazy confusing for me, but I do

and that’s when everything got really busy and crazy. You

know a whole bunch of hipsters listen to my music and I

know? So my first reaction was just watching it go down

love them! You know? But I wouldn’t consider myself a

and being like wow, this is really going somewhere else!


What were you doing before you got into music?

What would you say to all of the neigh-sayers who think

I’ve always been doing music on the side and stuff like that,

that you’re just a one hit wonder?

but I was doing a lot of films and music videos. I was in

I think people who just saw the Gucci Gucci video and

film school for a little bit and just all kinds of other stuff

never saw any other video or have read about me or got

like that. I’ve always been busy with all kinds of creative

to know me or anything like that, that’s something like that

stuff/ whether it’s like trying to be a painter for a week and

would say. And so many people have watched the video, so

painting canvases. Just all sorts of creative stuff like that.

of course there’s gonna be a million people who would say

What do you think about Hipsters these days? Do you

that. It’s just people who haven’t done their research.

consider yourself a hipster? Well where I grew up in the Bay area, a hipster was someone who basically came from out of town and started wetheurban 152

White - Girl - Mob Weed - Gucci - Gucci ipsters - Boss - Rap lm - Cinematography  Neon - Meow - Snoop dogg kland - Hood - Viral What kind of guys are you into?

How did you like the VMAs?

I don’t know... I mean like, my first boyfriend was Asian and

The VMAs were freaking hella exciting! I think Chris

I dated all types of guys. I don’t see race or gender when

Brown’s performance changed my life. I’ve never seen

I’m looking for a relationship. It’s kind of just like, whoever I

anything like that! I grew up broke, so I never had a chance

feel a connection with. I definitely do usually feel more of a

to go to concerts or go to these things. Even when I grew

connection with Gemini’s and Aquiris and Aries. I’m a weird

up, I was busy working and had to pay rent and never really

sign person too, so I’m like “Oh! You’re a Sagitarious?!”

went to shows. So going to the VMAs was like going to the best concert ever!

Are you a Blackberry or iPhone girl? I used to be a Blackerry but I just recently switched to the

If you could describe Rick Ross in one word, what would

iPhone. So I’m an iPhone girl!

that word be? I don’t know... the boss? I don’t know, he’s a cool guy. The

Have you  had any recent collaborations right now? Are

drama that happened on the red carpet (or the “black

you in the studio?

carpet” I should say) has already been squashed, so there’s

I did a song with my sister V-Nasty and Snoop Dogg that

nothing to talk about there.

we haven’t put out yet that I’ve been like wondering when I’m gonna put it out. I’ve been mainly focusing on my music

Any new projects in the work?

and making sure that my album is tight before I do a whole

Well now that I’m in a great position to do all these things,

bunch of features and stuff like that.

I’m kind of focusing on how to incorporate all of these elements into one thing. So I’ll still be doing music videos, and Curren$y just hit me up and wants to do a shoot in New Orleans, so I’ll still be doing that and just recording! 153 wetheurban



[ DON’T MISS IT ] wetheurban 154

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[ L A N A DEL REY ] November 4 - Manchester, England - Ruby Lounge November 5 - Glasgow, Scotland - Oran Mor  November 7 - Paris, France - Nouveau Casino  November 10 - Amsterdam, Holland - Upstairs at Paradiso  November 12 - Cologne, Germany - Gebauede 9  November 14 - Berlin, Germany - Roter Salon  November 16 - London, England - Scala  November 17 - Birmingham, England - HMV Institute  November 30 - Toronto, Ontario - Mod Club  December  5 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom  December 7- Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour

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[ DEMI LOVATO ] November 16 – Detroit, MI – Fox Theatre November 18 – Mashantucket, CT – Foxwoods November 19 – Hershey, PA – Hershey Theatre November 22 – Kansas City, MO – The Midland by AMC November 25 – Houston, TX – Verizon Wireless Theatre November 26 – Grand Prairie, TX – Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie November 27 – New Orleans, LA – Mahalia Jackson Theater for the Performing Arts November 29 – St Louis, MO – Peabody Opera House December 1 – Atlanta, GA – The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre December 3 – Chicago, IL – Rosemont Theater

[ The C h errytree Pop Alternative T o u r ] Fearturing: LMFAO, Kay, Rye Rye, Frank Musik, Far East Movement, & More! November 13 - Quebec City, QC - Pavillion De La Jeunesse         November 14  - Toronto, ON -  Air Canada Centre                     November 15 -  Montreal, QC - Bell Centre                                November 16  - Ottawa, ON - Civic Centre Arena                     December 14 -  Winnipeg, MB - MTS Centre                              December 15 - Saskatoon, SK - Credit Union Centre                   December 16 - Regina, SK - Brandt Centre                           December 20 - Calgary, AB - Stampede Corral                      December 21 - Edmonton, AB - Rexall Place                              December 23 - Vancouver, BC - Pacific Coliseum                   wetheurban 156

[ Odd Future’s ‘Golf Wang’ To u r ] October 15 – Cincinnati, OH – Bogarts October 16 – Detroit, MI – Royal Oak Music Theatre October 18 – Toronto, ON – Sound Academy October 19 – New York, NY – Terminal 5 October 21 – Boston, MA – Royale October 22 – Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer October 23 – Washington, DC – 9:30 Club October 24 – Baltimore, MD – Sonar October 27 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle October 28 – Atlanta, GA – Center Stage October 30 – New Orleans, LA – Voodoo Fest October 31 – Miami, FL – Fillmore November 2 – Tampa, FL – Ritz Ybor November 3 – Orlando, FL – The Beacham November 6 – Austin, TX – Fun Fun Fun Fest November 8 – Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theatre

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photography Nathalie Odette wardrobe styling Mariska Groothuis make-up and hair Charlotte MailhĂŠ model Dilys @ de Boekers wetheurban 158


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bridalstories wetheurban 166

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Basically, we took the core idea from late Miss Liz Taylor

and her marriage life, the men in her life etc. We described the lady as a ‘Man Eater’, strong yet very feminine.

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mber Lee doesn’t wait for others to give her what she needs; instead, she creates it. Lee was compiling lists of music blogs for her band Amber and Little Criminals when she realized it was hard

not only to find them, but also to keep track of them. That was when she and Hannah Kreiswirth came up with the idea for Join Bklyn; a website that showcases a curated collection of blogs across arts & culture.  Join Bklyn’s diverse team of cultural junkies hand pick the best of blogs across art, fashion, photo, food, design, music, design, and life. Some of Lee’s favorite blogs include Not Eating Out In New York, Anchor Division, Thought Catalog, and A Photo Editor. Join Bklyn launched last month and already others are taking notice. But, the Join Bklyn team is  just getting started. “Users can currently customize their experience by choosing what blogs they want to view, but soon we will be introducing user profiles, a more robust music player and an editorialized homepage.   Our goal is to become the Huffington Post of arts and culture. We are focused on bringing users the best content out there to discover, share and be inspired by.” says Lee. When Lee is not busy being an entrepreneur she is recording records. Her first album “This Comes After,” was released last year. Her band has performed all over the New York City area including The Bitter End, Mercury Lounge and Death by Audio.  The songs she writes are not love songs, but life songs. “There’s no main topic whether  it’s heartbreak, first love, or the journey of finding yourself as a young adult. They evolve at the same pace and then sometimes I have no clue what they are about, but, I guess that is sort of what life is like— you figure it out as you go.” Lee is more than figuring it out - in February they were listed as  one of CBS’s best local musicians.This is just the beginning. Stay tuned to find out where her art and business ideas take her. words Danielle SONNENBERG

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photo Meagan Cignoli 177 wetheurban

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ic ns in

vinyl words Jason O’Toole Art’s beauty lives in its ability to cross genres and reinvent itself to influence future generations. Designer and illustrator Alejandro de Antonio Fernandez does just that with his stunning collection of artistic vinyl pieces, musing the faces of iconic 20th  century pop artists.   Fernandez welds his passion for exhibition design, illustration, and interior decor to bring to life these musical legends using actual vinyl records, which he then prints out on aluminum sheets.   The project, entitled the BSO Collection, was inspired for the UNCO_MA Project (Unconventional Material Project), focusing on the adaptability in specific client taste for the avant-garde.   Fernandez’s passion for cultivating today’s innovations with the classics is why we love him and think he is perfect for WeTheUrban.   For more information on Alejandro, and to see his other collaborations, please visit his site: 179 wetheurban

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“There is no algorithm to define cool, you just know it when you see it.” This is the quote that set the cogs in motion for R+I Creative’s latest short series, “The Pursuit of (Cool).” R+I, a creative label specializing in video content, branding and “big ideas,” has attempted to define what is cool in a series of night trips through the streets of New York for their latest work, “The Pursuit of (Cool).” The films, as R+I puts it are “just about hedonism, sharing and meeting cool people with stories,” essentially exploring individual perceptions of “cool” and the influencers who have shaped these views. In the most recent installment, Coltrane Curtis, MTV personality, fashion critic, and managing partner at Team Epiphany, shares his thoughts on the jazz musicians who have impacted his own sense of fashion and style. In this episode, Curtis elucidates on the “acceptable elegance” of jazz artists like Duke Ellington, Wynton Marsalis and Mos Def. He expresses that, beyond the music, these jazz musicians have shaped his fashion modality, from Ellington’s distinctive off-white denim jacket (the popularization of which many falsely credit to James Bond), to Marsalis’

wo rd s A nt h o ny Sy ros

respectable arrogance, and the “supafly” Mos Def. Cool. 183 wetheurban



toe prints

wetheurban 184

Designers this Spring/Summer season didn’t hold back! Models graced the runways of Alexander Wang and DKNY wearing these prints loud, proud, and bold!

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PSYCHIC S O F A wo rd s A nt h o ny Sy ros

wetheurban 186


hile society has become accustomed to the 90-degree angle of the average sofa and the 180-degree backache that is the common mattress, neither of these is natural to the human body. In fact, a recent study by Pfizer blamed these unnatural angles coupled

with our constant state of sitting (from school, to the office and back home) for the back pain that more than 1,200 of surveyed 18-34 year-olds admitted to experiencing regularly. Alexander Rehn, a Swiss designer known for the multifunctionality of his pieces, may have taken the first step toward eliminating these unnatural positions with his Cay sofa. Part tangram and part origami, the Cay sofa seems to anticipate your movements, adjusting, shifting and folding contingent on where a person sets himself on the sofa. It’s not some sort of futuristic robot couch, although it looks like something straight out of Star Trek. The Cay doesn’t actually have any electronic parts to speak of. It is instead an

intricate combination of uniquely shaped cushions, angled hinges, and a series of multilength legs that adjust based on weight and weight distribution. The sofa combines the mobility of a dorm room beanbag with the sterile beauty and intelligence of modern interior design. While Rehn is still working on the Cay sofa in prototype, he expects a worldwide release soon. 

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meric artist highight>>>>


Turkish artist, Meric Canatan WHAT

Photographs and illustrates his own sketches and portraits on his iPad HOW

Shoots using Instagram and sketches using the popular Sketch App.

wetheurban 188

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wetheurban 190

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lost in paris

photography alexander jordan model rose jocham @ profile styling emily hawkins hair and make up alexis day using label m for hair and ysl for make up photography assistant ryan welch trousers, shoes and top by Maison Martin Margiela. wetheurban 192

193 wetheurban

dress by Trussardi wetheurban 194

195 wetheurban

shoes and fur jacket by Maison Martin Margiela, Jumpsuit by Azzaro. wetheurban 196

dress by Trussardi 197 wetheurban

skull vintage wetheurban 198

at by Trussardi, top by Cos, skirt and shoes by Maison Martin Margiela. 199 wetheurban

dress and shoes by Maison Martin Margiela. wetheurban 200

shoes and dress by Maison Martin Margiela. 201 wetheurban

dress by Margiela Dedile and shoes by Maison martin Margiela wetheurban 202

203 wetheurban

A Q&A With Rick Genest photography Meagan Cignoli words WILLIE GREENE

wetheurban 204

205 wetheurban

photography Meagan Cignoli stylist Javon Drake assistant John Ha wetheurban 206

Have you always been interested in fashion, or is this just a cool facet that kind of landed in your lap to help you do what you really love? You can say that I have always had an interest in DIY fashion. I have created my own style of jackets, pants, my own cap. And I have my own taste in footwear. It all relates to the punk hip hop world of fashion.  

Have you become more personally fashion conscious since beginning your modeling career? I have become exposed to a wider range of styles. But I have maintained my previous interests in the clothes I like to wear.

Do you feel generally welcomed by the fashion industry? Oh absolutely! I have met some very interesting and creative people, talented artists in this industry. I feel very welcomed by the industry.

What’s a chill day like for Rick Genest? How do you like to relax? I enjoy chilling with my friends, going to private parties, listening to music, going to underground shows. And for the past number of months I have enjoyed working with my trainer and acting coach.

Do you listen to any current music? Have any favorite bands? I enjoy listening to the music of Marilyn Mansion, Tom Waits, The Unsettlers, Bjork, Psalters, and some local Montreal bands like Bad Uncle.

What was childhood like for you? My parents instilled a strong sense of family values and hard work. I have fond memories of my earlier years. In my formative elementary school years, my  teachers considered me to be near the top, strong in maths and sciences. I did really well during my early high school years too.

207 wetheurban

“ ... i’m still a

Navy Cotton Zip-Front Sweater, Acne Jeans, Levis photography Meagan Cignoli wetheurban 208

project in development “

209 wetheurban

Grey Cotton Sweatpants, Nike photography Meagan Cignoli wetheurban 210

211 wetheurban

wetheurban 212

I have met some very

I feel very welcomed by the industry

photography Meagan Cignoli 213 wetheurban

How does your mom feel about the tattoos/your lifestyle? She’s cool with who I am.

Where were you in life, this time last year? I was in my 25th year, attending the university of life!

Do you go on dates often? Is Zombie Boy a secret hopeless romantic? What’s a date? Sure I’m good at keeping appointments! But seriously I like to chill with my friends. I’m surely not hopeless!!

Describe your ideal woman I like to hang with many types those who enjoy my interests; performers, artists, musicians, and generally down to earth and unpretentious women.

Any other body modifications in the works? I just did some nice work on the front of one of my legs. I also did some nice additions in Rio this summer. So yeah I’m still a project in development.

Would you ever do any extreme modification like removing your nose or ear to help further complete your look? Woah! No such plans in the next few weeks!

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what would you be doing with your life? I have not changed my life that much. So I would not be doing much different than I am doing now. I would still be perfoarming and enjoying the world of life’s experiences.

Who’s Rick Genest years down the road? Eventually I hope to get a place for my friends to hang out, with me or without me. I want to be able to give back and help my friends and people in need.  

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Navy Silk & Cotton Sweater and Black Cotton Trousers, Acne Neon Green Trainers, Nike Silver w/ Black Diamonds Bumble Bee Ring, David Yurman photography Meagan Cignoli 215 wetheurban





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nce upon a time we used to idolize film stars,

be extravagant – it’s why every move is planned for maximum

rock stars, sport’s stars. We would hold them

effect. She knows what the people want. She knows the artistic

up as bastions of moral integrity, unable to be

devices to get people interested. After her 2009 MTV Music

corrupted by the vices that blighted us mere

Awards performance, where she staged her own death, she

mortals. No matter who we idolised though, we would always

told Anderson Cooper, “that’s what everyone wants to know,

be disappointed. There would always be one point that would

right? What is she going to look like when she dies…when she’s

shatter the illusion. The stars would fail us. Some were small

overdosed on whatever they think I’m overdosing on…Everyone

failures, but more often than not these stars would fall from their

wants to see the decay of the superstar.”

constellations to the ground with such ferocity and with such an

She knows that repulsion brings fascination. She knows

explosion that we would be giddy with excitement and demand

that the messier it gets the more we get excited. It’s what Amy

more. In popular culture we replaced God with Monroe, Kennedy,

Winehouse knew but unfortunately she fell too deep into it, lost

Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, or whoever else and ask them to

in the darkness scratching at the walls until they fell in on her.

repeat the bible story of redemption, resurrection before they attempted salvation. Most failed. Most died trying.

Lady Gaga isn’t the only one who understands the art of fame. Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj – they all play the fame

It’s different now though. We don’t require our stars to create

game well but have learnt not too live it like the Jim Morrisons

a cultural product for us to be able to fawn over them. Fame is

and Keith Moons, who took it too far by actually dying, and not

no longer a by-product of talent. It is talent. Since Paris Hilton

to take their sexual politics as far as Bowie or Madonna. Today’s

showed us that she knows how to fuck, fame has become its own

star knows that the real art of fame lies in recycling not breaking

art form.

new ground. A comfortable re-hash of shock in what is a most

The story of Paris is one that we all share. In the digital age

shocking and uncomfortable world right now. For instance, their

we are the generation that grew up broadcasting, supported by

outfits bear the flesh but never give a whiff of sexual appeal –

digital archives that give us a copy of a life lived. Everyone is now

although Katy Perry is undoubtedly beautiful, who can say they

their own celebrity – the idea of fame is woven into the fabric

fancy her in her cartoonish outfits?

of our life. It’s the culture of me. We update everyone of our

This is how we want it though. We don’t identify with powerful

whereabouts because they want to know; tweet every thought

voices. The art of fame requires you to know your audience and

because they want to hear them. Surely they want to listen, we

Lady Gaga et al know this. They know we don’t identify with

say, because we are fascinating.

powerful voices anymore, that we communicate in voiceless

But that’s the problem. We are not all fascinating all of the

ways to invisible recipients. We have resigned ourselves to the

time and with everyone broadcasting to invisible audiences

freedom of being lost in the noise of the digital age. Lady Gaga

it has become harder to be heard. To be heard you have to

has shown herself to be the master artist of fame – she knows

understand the art of fame, like Lady Gaga has. She knows the

that fame is to give us a taste of human vulnerability and misery

rules. She knows that what people crave is what Jack Kerouac

whilst cocooning us from the true misery. She gets it. She calls us

saw in Neal Cassady in On the Road, “the only people for me are

her “monsters” but that we are all beautiful and special. We are

the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad

everything and we are nothing.

to be saved, desirous of everything at the same, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow Roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Aww! What did they call such young people in Goethe’s Germany?”” She understands that everything must 217 wetheurban

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Fh-Studio Production photo & concept Faiรงal Hajji model Julia D wardrobe stylist Weronica Dejneka make up Joanna Rudowicz hair Tal Fisher ( Carte Blanche Salon ) wetheurban 222

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ordon Holden is an artist and designer that doesn’t call himself either of those titles. “I know what i do, I make things, but I’ll leave it up to everyone else to let me know what I am”. Born in 1985 in suburban United States of

America, Gordon has discovered that the only way to live in a world that strives for perfection is to do just the

opposite. Starting out just over a year ago producing pop culture infused art for his website has morphed into a bog and a store selling items from shirts, paintings, and digital art to sunglasses, stickers and postcards. All can be found at his online Market Shop. His work captures visual and tactile expression through a backwards mishmash of past and present pop culture, and personally-derived abstract apprehension. His complex marriage of text and imagery is a playful cynical observation that produces works that are both whimsical and thought-provoking.

I believe that art is just a huge... I believe that art is just a huge painting to some people- and to other people, they are a part of the painting. Those are the people that make it exciting to look at. 

In 2012 the earth will be... In 2012 the earth will be cloned. Not once, but twice. Wait, never mind. We don’t even have hover crafts yet. This is bullshit!

I’ve never been the type to... I’ve never been the type to dress accordingly. Seasons are confusing. Especially when it comes to being fashionable. Fashion is great though, only if you don’t take it too seriously. School is for... people who want to follow the rules and spend alot of money for a fancy receipt with your name on it. Ben Affleck went to the same school as i did for a semester, did you know that?

Infusing art together with fashion is... Pop art. People like fashion. It’s disposable. But then again, so is art.  

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Hip Hop Heads // original artwork. Freelance artist living and working in London what


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WeTheUrban Magazine Issue 4  

WeTheUrban, an online publication dedicated to fashion, art, music, and culture (and Tumblr's current most followed blog of the like) is set...

WeTheUrban Magazine Issue 4  

WeTheUrban, an online publication dedicated to fashion, art, music, and culture (and Tumblr's current most followed blog of the like) is set...