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WeTech Technovation Challenge March 2014 Newsletter WOMEN ENHANCING TECHNOLOGY (WeTech)

WeTech Launch in India

On February 8, 2014 the Institute of International Education (IIE) formally launched the Women Enhancing Technology (WeTech) program in India. WeTech is a program helping more women and girls enter into, and succeed in, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) education and careers. Announced last fall at the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting, this program is led by IIE and carried out with a consortium that includes Goldman Sachs, Google and Qualcomm Incorporated. In India, WeTech will help build the pipeline of girls entering into ICT by offering afterschool activities, exposing girls to role models, and engaging parents and teachers.

WeTech Inauguration Day, February 8, 2014

Ceremonial lighting of the lamp to inaugurate the event

Panel discussion on importance of inspiring girls to join careers in ICT

WeTech Technovation Challenge Teams

Team Sessions

App Inventor Demo Session

Reception and Networking

Team Leads share thoughts on Technovation Challenge The energy of the girls in my team is laudable! They have this inherent spark in them to innovate something and hence we named our team “ Chingaari”. The Technovation experience has so far been remarkable and it would only get better. This exceptional platform would provide immense exposure to the girls and would serve them with an opportunity to realize their dreams. Chhavi Agarwal, Goldman Sachs Team Lead for Chingaari team

“Extremely inspiring opportunity and a platform to showcase what women can do. Strongly believe that it will bring incredible change in my skills and power to grow.” Dhana Kodithi, Qualcomm Team Lead for AppStormers team

Students share their Technovation Challenge Experience “Being a biology student who has never coded before, this was scary at first. But then I realized, this is probably going to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. So I'm certainly looking forward to this techno-filled challenge.” Shreya Jain, NPS Koramangala school, Voyagers Team with Goldman Sachs.

“Technovation is turning out to be an amazing roller coaster ride for all of us. It teaches us to work as a team and come up with effective solutions to problems we may encounter. It provides us with an amazing platform to showcase our creativity and skills. So thanks for this marvelous opportunity” BETI (Daughters of India: Benign Enterprising Technological Innovation ) team with Qualcomm.

Team Sessions at Goldman Sachs in March

Qualcomm Technovation Challenge Team

BETI - Daughters of India: Benign Enterprising Technological Innovation team with Qualcomm.

WeTech Technovation Challenge Teams • 12 teams across 6 schools in Bangalore • 60 participants, 28 mentors and 10 teachers Team Leads

Team Names

Goldman Sachs


Goldman Sachs

Girl Geeks 7

Goldman Sachs

Transformers 5G

Goldman Sachs


Goldman Sachs

Carmel Tech Geeks

Goldman Sachs


Goldman Sachs


Goldman Sachs


Goldman Sachs

Jain College

Goldman Sachs

Power Tech Girls


BETI – Benign Enterprising Technological Innovation AppStormers


Message from Trish Tierney -

Thanks to all of you for participating in WeTech Inauguration Day. It is very exciting to see the 12 teams generating ideas and demonstrating an aptitude for not only app development, but also business, marketing, leadership and team spirit. Congratulations to the 60 young women that are the founding cohort of WeTech in Bangalore. We cannot wait to see the innovations you design, and the impact you will have on your community. On behalf of WeTech, I would also like to honor the dedication and support of the parents and teachers. Special thanks to the women and men of Goldman Sachs and Qualcomm for serving as inspiring role models to the Technovation Challenge teams. Your contributions make this program a success. We look forward to sharing more updates and exciting news in the coming weeks. Best regards, Trish Tierney, Director, IIE’s Center for Women’s Leadership Initiatives

Upcoming Weeks • Weekly sessions to design the app, create business plans and finalize pitch for the Technovation global challenge • Opportunity for participants to meet with Anuranjita Tewary, founder of Technovation • Tech talks for engaging students and team leads • Graduation ceremony in May/June 2014

• Join the WeTech Technovation Challenge Facebook Group to stay connected with other teams •

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WeTech Technovation Challenge March 2014 Newsletter WOMEN ENHANCING TECHNOLOGY (WeTech)

Wetech Technovation March Newsletter  

Updates on WeTech Technovation teams for the 2014 Global Challenge

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