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West York Church of the Brethren 5101 Darlington Road York, PA 17408 Gregory L. Jones, Pastor

The West Yorker

December 2016 “The mission of the West York Church of the Brethren is to love, nurture and build the community of Jesus Christ.�

West York Church of the Brethren 5101 Darlington Road York, PA 17408 Phone: (717) 792-9260 Prayer Line: (717) 792-9260 (Option “5”) E-mail: Website: Sunday Worship: Sunday School 9:00 am Worship Service 10:00 am


The West Yorker

Christmas Eve Service Saturday, December 24th 6:30 p.m. A special service is being planned to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Please join us! UPCOMING EVENTS: Christmas Caroling @ Brethren Home - December 3 2nd Sunday in Advent - December 4 Leadership Team Meeting - December 6

Christmas Day Worship Sunday, December 25th 10:00 a.m. Join us as we celebrate “The Gifts of Christmas” A special story for all ages. There will be no Sunday School.

Newsletter Deadline - December 7

3rd Sunday in Advent - December 11 Bread & Cup Service - December 11 CEC’s Christmas Program - December 13 WYCOB Escorts at TBH - December 17 4th Sunday in Advent - December 18 Day of Prayer for Children & Youth - December 21 First Day of Winter - December 21 Christmas Eve Service - December 24 Christmas Day - December 25 Office Closed - December 26 New Year’s Eve - December 31 New Year’s Eve Social - December 31

Bread & Cup Service Sunday, December 11th 10:00 am Worship Service

December 2016

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DENOMINATIONAL, DISTRICT & COMMUNITY EVENTS (For more info on denominational events, go to Friends of Cross Keys VillageThe Brethren Home Community Professional Artists Series Presents

Don Horneff Pianist

Saturday, December 17, 2016 at 7:00 pm The Nicarry Meetinghouse at The Brethren Home Presented free of charge

Escorts are needed from WYCOB for this Professional Artists event. Please let Nancy Ausherman know if you can help.

Celebration of Lights Sunday, December 4th - 3:00 pm Nicarry Meetinghouse *************

Village Brass “‘Bones, ‘Tones & Tubas” Christmas Sing-Along

Sunday, December 18th - 3:00 pm Nicarry Meetinghouse *************

DON’T FORGET TO SAVE YOUR HOLIDAY POSTAGE STAMPS for The Brethren Home. You may put them in the box on the table in the narthex. Thank you!

Giant gift cards for CAS will be sold in the narthex Sunday, December 4th between 9:30 and 10:00. If you are unable to be at church that day, please call Nancy Anthony. ANYONE WHO WISHES TO PURCHASE GIANT GIFT CARDS FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS MUST PURCHASE THEM ON DEC. 4TH OR CONTACT NANCY ANTHONY BY DEC. 4TH. ******************

CAS is always in need of paper goods - paper towels, Kleenex, wipes, toilet paper, paper plates, copying paper and construction paper. Articles can be placed in the CAS box in the Narthex. Donations of these items mean that CAS will have more money to spend on services for the children. Thank you for your continued support for CAS. ******************

Eshbach Family Railroad will be open for their annual train Display Nov. 26 @ 6 pm; Dec. 4 @ 3 pm; Dec. 9 @ 7 pm Dec. 18 @ 3 pm; Dec. 29 & 30 @ 2 pm & 4 pm To schedule a visit, please email: No admission charge but ALL contributions will support Children’s Aid Society.

The Child Education Center We are accepting applications for the 2016-2017 school year. Classes are held Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday. Applications are available through the church office. ******** Delivery of Mr. Ed’s Fudge orders will be Thursday, December 8th from 12 to 1 pm. Thank you for your support of our fundraisers. ********

Child Education Center’s

Christmas Program Tuesday, December 13th at 6:30 pm

Spring Grove Alumni Chorus

(with Alumni Instrumental Ensemble) will present a Christmas Concert

“Christmas Memories”

Sunday, December 4th at 7:00 pm

St. Paul Lutheran Church in Spring Grove

December 2016

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GROCERY CART MINISTRY Each month we are collecting certain items for our Food Pantry. For the month of December we are collecting MUSTARD, KETCHUP AND JARRED MARSHMALLOW. (We are collecting the same as November). You can place your donation in the shopping cart that is in the narthex. THE ITEMS WE ARE REQUESTING ARE THE ONLY ITEMS WE NEED THIS MONTH. Thanks for your help!!

The Adult Sunday School class is sponsoring a Mitten Tree again this year. Please bring mittens, hats, gloves, scarves and socks to put on the tree.

We will be going Christmas Caroling at the Brethren Home for the residents on Saturday, December 3rd from 6-7 pm. We will meet in the lobby by the gift shop at 5:45 pm. We will also be going for pizza at Infinito’s in Hanover at 4:30 pm for those who want to join us. ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US!

MARK YOUR CALEDAR!!!! New Year’s Eve 2016 at

January Newsletter

West York Church of the Brethren More details to come!

Deadline for articles for the January Newsletter is

December 7, 2016 (Due to the Christmas Holiday the newsletter will be available by December 18, 2016.)

Thank you.

Vision for new hope

“A shoot shall come out from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots. Isaiah 11:1

Note from the Treasurer Contributions for 2016 Our last deposit of the year will be Sunday December 25th. Contributions placed in the offering plate after Dec 25th will be counted towards 2017 giving. Any year end contributions mailed to the church will be counted as a 2016 contribution if they are mailed to the church and postmarked in 2016. If you have any questions please contact Jake Hershey, Treasurer

December Special Offering Our special offering for December is Church of the Brethren Advent Offering The Church of the Brethren’s Advent Offering reflects our commitment to speak peace on earth and goodwill to all people. It supports core ministries like Congregational Life Ministries, Global Mission and Service and the Office of Public Witness that carry the love of God into all the world.

December 2016

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At the October 30th Congregational Forum, the following were approved: Leadership Team Leadership Chairman - Larry Marshall Music and Worship Chairman - Linda Zumbrum

Related Ministries Representatives Friends of Cross Keys Village - Nancy Buckingham Camp Eder - Ted Schmittel Children’s Aid Society - Nancy Anthony Brethren Volunteer Service - Joyce Whitcraft

Other Leadership Team Members for 2017: Dave Miller - Property & Grounds Chairman Bill Fulmele, Service & Outreach Other Approvals Bill McDowell - Stewardship Annual Conference 2016 - Brenda Myers Deona Schmittel - Education District Conference 2016 - Nancy Buckingham Connie Emory - Church Clerk Darlis Parker, Pastor Greg, Tom Ausherman - Deacons Larry Marshall Jake Hershey - Treasurer Please offer your support and prayers to these people.

READ THROUGH THE BIBLE - 2017 If you are interested in reading through the Bible in chronological order in 2017, please contact Pastor Greg or the office. We will see that you get the Chronological Bible Reading Plan and the monthly Bible Study Companion. If you did not do this reading plan in 2015, perhaps you are interested in doing it in 2017.

Adult Sunday School class - NEW STUDY A Guide For Biblical Studies: Creation: A Divine Cycle. God’s ongoing action in blessing and reconciling the whole creation. (Tom Whitcraft) “Seeking Amazing Grace” Adult class Book of Matthew (Larry Marshall) Monday Morning Bible Study - Book of Mark (Janet Jones) Care and Share Women’s Group - “Bless These Lips: 40 Days of Spiritual Renewal” (Judith Wallace)


The Parking Lot Greeter Ministry is now underway. A schedule for those willing to help with this ministry has been prepared. Please sign up on the schedule in the narthex. Any questions, please contact Ken Miller.

Christian Apologetics: Knowing what you believe and how to defend what you believe in a world that doesn’t believe. Pastor Greg is leading small group studies for Youth and Young Adults on:  The Truth  The Existence of God  The Historical Jesus  The Reliability of the Bible  The Question of Evil  Ethics in an unethical world We meet Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm at the church. If interested in attending please contact Pastor Greg.

December 2016

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The Nativity In my hometown, they probably have the Christmas decorations strung on the street lamps by now. Throughout the town, the merchants will have reindeer and Christmas trees in their store front windows. By now, my old back yard neighbors probably have their evergreens strung with lights. And, just like here, many of the churches in town have their nativity scenes placed on their lawns. The Presbyterian Church will be playing Christmas songs from their steeple for all downtown shoppers to hear, Santa will have his “workshop” just east of the square, and Pague and Fagen Hardware Store will be full of new Christmas decorations. When you stop at the hardware store, make sure you talk with Jerry, especially if you want to find something. The inventory is tucked away in crevices and corners; it’s stacked on boxes and bins, piled to the ceiling. Finding what you want is rather difficult. I once needed a part for my 45-year-old furnace. Jerry found it behind some books on the counter. A while back, while I was shopping and eating some Christmas cookies that Shirley brought to the store, a customer asked if they had any nativity scenes. She had looked up and down several aisles. It was not with the power tools, not next to the nail bins, and not out front by the lawn mowers (yeah, lawn mowers in December). Finally, in her quest to find Jesus, she asked Jerry. He found it by the toaster ovens (of course!). So often, people search in odd places for the Christ Child. I wonder how long the shepherds searched until they found Jesus lying in a Manger. How long have you been looking for Jesus? With all the clutter around us today, He is often hard to find. I often wonder if the people who are shopping this season have even thought about finding Jesus. Do they know that He is the reason for this season? And if they asked, would any of us be able to help them find Jesus? The customer who came looking for Jesus in the hardware store was smart enough to ask for help. It’s a good thing she didn’t ask me because I had no idea. She went to someone who knew the answer. Someone who could help her find what she was looking for. I hope we can be that helpful to others this Christmas season because, just maybe, someone will want to find Jesus, and we should be ready to help them. I wonder what new decoration Jerry will have in the hardware store this year? I hope he remembered to order a new nativity scene in case someone comes looking for Jesus. Pastor Greg

“And it came about when the angels had gone away from them into heaven, that the

shepherds began saying to one another, ‘Let us go straight to Bethlehem then, and see this thing that has happened which the Lord has made known to us.’ And they came in haste and found their way to Mary and Joseph, and the baby as He lay in the manger.” (Luke 2:15-16).

December 2016

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December 2016

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The Wellness Corner … by Judith Wallace, MSN, RN Faith Community Nurse

HOLIDAY HEALTH We look forward to the Christmas season as being a joyful and fulfilling time. Unfortunately, we often let preparing for family gatherings, the hustle and expense of shopping for the perfect gift, fighting the crowds and going to parties or events, get the best of us and turn this into the most stressful experience of the year. By the time the old calendar comes down and the new goes up, we're out of energy, out of money, and out of sorts. These feelings of stress that turn our joy into anxiety are not honoring to God and certainly do nothing to promote good family relationships. Why not decide to stop holiday stress this year before it begins. Be recognizable as a Christian during Christmas! 1. Decide what's truly important and necessary. Having Christian priorities means putting Christ at the top of the holiday list. 2. Let extended family members know well in advance of your holiday season plans. Explain that as a family, you've decided to change your focus to things that can make a difference for someone else. Perhaps that means there will be less gift giving among family members and more to needy families. Or perhaps it means you won't be spending every available dollar on decorations and holiday parties, but rather on things that will make your family truly understand and appreciate the intent of the season. 3. Evaluate all your scheduled holiday activities and only participate in those that you can honestly say you're attending because they bring you joy and contribute to your Christian holiday season. 4. Give other people a break. Putting pressure on others to meet your expectations adds a lot of unnecessary stress on them. Remember, they're facing the same things you're facing during the holidays. 5. Take care of yourself – your body belongs to the Lord. Set realistic goals for eating, sleeping and exercising. Avoid an overly restrictive diet this holiday season. If you enjoy your favorite foods in small portions, you’ll feel more satisfied. Aim to exercise 30 minutes 3-4 times per week; brisk walks are stress busters and good for your waistline. Even better, you can boost your mood if you walk during the daylight hours. The sunlight stimulates the production of "feel good" brain hormones. Get enough sleep – exhaustion results in stress. LAUGH! Laughter is known to reduce stress hormones and also helps your immune system function better. 6. Set realistic expectations for your holiday celebrations and enjoy the imperfections. Stop obsessing over doing it all. Setting unrealistic demands on yourself for the perfect party, perfect decorations or the perfect way to spend the holidays will add to your holiday stress and may set you up for disappointment. 7. If you are grieving, consider temporarily suspending old customs. Start some new customs such as helping at a food pantry or homeless shelter over the holidays. Or, invite someone to join you for a iday meal at a restaurant.


Most importantly, reflect on the reason for the season at the end of every day. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” For more information about this or other health topics contact me on the nurse tab at Be Well!

December 2016

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Serving our Congregation in December Acolytes 4 Ben Grove 11 Alana Grove 18 Carley McDowell 25 Alana Grove Greeters 4 Tim Coonan 11 Connie & Willie Emory 18 Brian Allabach 25 Chuck Wallace Nursery Caregiver 4 Tara Hoover 11 Brenda Myers 18 Genie Grove 25 Open Sound Board Operator 4 Sean Grove 11 Merl Keefer 18 Ron Buser 25 Bill Fulmele Power Point Operator 4 Landon Eshbach 11 Nathan Keefer 18 Bill Zumbrum 25 Bill McDowell POWER POINT Worship Leader 4 Bill McDowell 11 Tom Ausherman 18 Tom Whitcraft 25 Landon Eshbach Hospitality Table 4 Joyce Whitcraft & Marge Shue 11 Nicole Grove 18 Pennie Jacobs 25 Ted Schmittel HOSPITALITY Children’s Story 4 Brenda Myers 18 Pastor Greg Children’s Church Worship Leaders 4 Steve & Nicole Grove 11 Linda Fulmele 18 Linda Fulmele 25 Linda Fulmele

December 1 Andrew Feeser Chad & Tyra Whitcraft 2 Edith Brenneman Merl Messinger 5 Wendy McDowell Janice Spurlock 6 Pennie Jacobs Bob & Jo King 7 Will Verbjar 8 Mike Smith 9 Carter Fluke 11 Nancy D. Smith 14 Steve Grove 17 William Leland Verbjar 18 Bentley Marshall 21 Shirley (Genie) Grove Jonathan & Gretchen Greiner 24 Erma Miller 27 Kira Greiner Denise Hoover 28 Bernard Anthony Kazuko King Bill Zumbrum 29 Barb Coonan 30 Julee Bricker Janet Jones Larry Krebs Michael Schilberz, Jr. 31 Cheryl Buser Kathy Hinkle

December 2016

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Ted and Julie Smoker and their family are in Guatemala to do mission work with the K’ekchi farmers. If you would like to stay in contact, please go to their website or email them at

Thank you to the Care & Share Group for the cards. I do greatly appreciate it. Jean Brown ********

DAY OF PRAYER FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH Wednesday, December 21st is our monthly Day of Prayer for our Children and Youth. Please find time during this day to pray for our Church’s Ministry to Children and Youth.

Thank you to the 50th Anniversary Committee for all the time and work they did for our celebration on November 12th and 13th. It is most appreciated. Dave & Reda Miller Tom & Joyce Whitcraft Pastor Greg & Carolyn Jones Nathan Keefer

Ron Horn, Jr. Pennie Jacobs Landon Eshbach

The 50th Anniversary Committee would like to thank: ٠ Wanda Keefer & Linda Fulmele for their help with the food for the fellowship time following the Sunday morning worship service. ٠ Carolyn Jones and Wanda Keefer for the decorating for our anniversary celebration. ٠ Ron Horn, Jr. and Oona Raffensberger for sponsoring our meal Saturday evening from the Memorial Fund of Evelyn Horn. ٠ Nathan & Wanda Keefer and Landon Eshbach for the power point presentation. ٠ Carley McDowell and Landon Eshbach for the 50th Anniversary logo they each created. ٠ All those who shared memorabilia and photos for use during this celebration. ٠ Warren & Theresa Eshbach, Dawn Waugh, Beth Marshall & Judith Wallace for their help with the Saturday evening music program.

What a wonderful celebration of West York Church of the Brethren!

To M West York fa il : Tha k ou so u h for are pa kage. The part i oosted oral for idter s. I a ot tha k ou e ough for gi i g e the e tra ho olate oost duri g stressful eek. I a 't ait to see ou gu s duri g Tha ksgi i g reak! I hope ou are all doi g ell. Tha ks agai ! M Ke a S h itel ********

Thank you to Darlis Parker, Don Ausherman, Bill Fulmele, Connie Emory, Nancy Anthony, Janet Heiner and Pat Eutzy for being wheelchair escorts for the Brethren Home worship service on November 6th. Your help is much appreciated. Nancy Ausherman ********

I’d like to thank Pastor Greg for all of his help during our Camp Eder search committee meeting held here November 6th. He was so helpful in getting the Skype set up, running and then troubleshooting. He even stayed during the whole afternoon and evening setting up the Skype for each of our 3 candidates. We couldn’t have done it without you. You are a blessing. Ted and the Camp Eder Search Committee ********

Thank you to everyone for your cards, visits and prayers during my recovery from my broken leg and cards for my birthday. God bless all of you. Lillian Brenner

Prayer Requests If you have a prayer request you would like to share with the church, please fill out a prayer card (found in the narthex) and give it to Pastor Greg or the Worship Leader. You may also call Barb in the church office.

For pastoral emergencies:

Pastor Greg may be contacted through the church office at 792-9260 or his home number 717-308-7499. If Pastor Greg is not available please contact Pennie Jacobs.

December 2016

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Senior Day Wednesday, November 30th - 9:30 am 10 am - Paint Your Own Pottery (Cathleen Lerew) 1 pm - Hosanna Ringers bell choir

Lunch: Turkey potpie, brussel sprouts, pumpkin pie Cost: $17/person RSVP: call 717-642-8256 or email

******** Camp Eder Cookie Camp December 2-3, 2016

Join together as friends and family to fellowship while baking cookies for Camp Eder’s Christmas Tree Festival. Registration forms with more information can be found on the narthex table.

******** 5th Annual Christmas Tree Festival December 9, 10 & 11 - 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm Saturday Brunch - Dec. 10th 9 am to 12 pm Candlelit services each night at 8:00 pm

Tree decorating contest (you vote!) Horse drawn carriage rides Luminary garden honoring loved ones live music, thousands of lights Food, cookie & bake sale & other Christmas items Children’s Activities Help fill the trucks: ٠canned & other non-perishable food items (Fairfield Food Pantry); ٠gently used children’s clothing; new children’s socks/undergarments that must be packaged (God’s Closet - Children’s Aid Society). See poster hanging in the church narthex. Sponsorship forms are on the narthex table.

Healing Hearts We invite you to join us for a time of sharing and mutual support with other parents who have experienced miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, and newborn birth. Date: Third Thursday of the month 7:00-8:30 pm Place: Country Meadows of Leader’s Heights 2760 Pine Grove Road York PA 17403 For additional information, please contact See the poster hanging in the hallway.

The Wellspa Spiritual Care a d Educaio Depart e t a ts to let our hur h k o he a e er is i the hospital. PLEASE ide ify our church at registraio a d ad ita ce i to the hospital. A ordi g to HIPAA regulaio s, if ou pro ide this i for aio to the hospital, our hur h a e oiied of the ad issio .

When Grief Colors the Holidays How to Manage During the Festive Season Monday, November 28, 2016 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm York Hospital Education Pavilion 1st Floor, Classroom 10 A/B See the poster on the hallway bulletin board for more information.

We wish everyone at West York Church of the Brethren a blessed and joyous Christmas season and a happy 2017! Thank you all for your friendship and support this past year. I look forward to working with you in 2017! Barb and Rodney Sloat and Jeffrey Stover

West York COB Prayer Line What Is It? It is an avenue for ALL of us to use! It is not for sharing prayer concerns, but for calling to hear what prayer concerns have been shared. It is a recorded message that Barb, our church secretary, updates a couple times a week to keep the congregation informed of those who need prayer. The number to call is 792-9260 (Option “5”). If you have a prayer concern to be added to the prayer line, please call the church office. God Bless You for Praying!

Dec 2016 newsletter  

December 2016 Newsletter