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EDITOR’S CHAT Well, that’s it. After editing the Quarterly for the last 5 years it’s time to move on. It has been a privilege to have worked with many members of West Wolds U3A recording your activities and thoughts on a wide range of topics. I’m happy to say that a fresh editorial team will be taking over in 2017. There will be a new Editor and Designer of the quarterly with an assistant Sub Editor. I know who they are and I’m sure they will make a great cohort and will further develop your magazine with your support. I wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Best wishes from Geoff

A lovely flower arrangement by Jeanne Welch

COPY DATE FOR THE MARCH ISSUE Articles for the next edition should reach the editor no later than 24 FEBRUARY 2017 Send it to Page 2

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT Although by the time this is published I will no longer be Chairman this falls to me to write before I retire! I am looking forward to just coming to General Meetings and having time to look at the tables and generally chat with the many friends I have made at U3A. I will find it strange not going to committee meetings and meeting up with that group of friends. The new committee take over at the end of the AGM and choose who will do which jobs at their first committee meeting at the beginning of December. I wish them well and will enjoy not having to do the work, although in the main it is not onerous and if everyone takes a turn at something , whether it is being on the committee, being a group leader, being a greeter or taking a turn at refreshments it spreads the load and we can all enjoy ourselves. Everyone has a responsibility to do their bit because of our U3A ethos. Thank you to all the people who have helped make our U3A the success it has been and please continue to do so.   Best wishes from Gail

Heather Barratt’s display of memorabilia of second world war evacuees from Hull Cover Picture The U3A Country Walkers on their September Holiday setting off from Hartington in Derbyshire for a 6 mile walk . Geoff Goddard Page 3

Three Tiny Churches near Tetford U3A 9 Mile Walkers 21 September 2016 It was rather misty as we set off, but by the time we parked in Tetford the sun had started to peek through and promised a pleasant autumn day. With a good turn-out of 10 keen walkers we were booted up and ready for a prompt 10:00 start. The early part of the walk followed the route of a Roman road leading west from Tetford to reach the Belchford road and a short breather to admire the views before the first significant climb of the day. Thankfully a permissive path meant we didn’t have to make the whole climb onroad, returning to the verge just before the junction with the Bluestone Heath Road. In contrast to the straight lines of the Roman Road below, this ancient ridge route follows the lie of the land along the escarpment with amazing views to the south.

Leaving the road we descended through pasture and woodland to Oxcombe. Hidden behind the impressive farm house and buildings, surrounded by apple trees (complete with mistletoe) and fruit bushes, is the tiny family church of All Saints. After a brief exploration and a few minutes enjoying the peace and quiet we set off on the next stage of our journey. After a short delay to retrieve a hat we followed a grassy bridleway down through fields then up the hill to another

isolated church, St Peter’s at Farforth. This building is still used for occasional services and has interesting embroideries of Psalms. Page 4

Another stretch through fields and woodland brought us out to the road at Ruckland, just opposite our third tiny church.

but being very badly scalded in the process. He died of his burns on 10th May 1916. Despite being a decorated hero and married to a Tetford girl, he was refused burial in Tetford graveyard as he was not a native of the village. No-one else would have him so he was buried in the next parish at Ruckland.

We reluctantly left our peaceful seats and ‘girded our loins’ for the final and longest climb of the day. The track passed a series of Dedicated to St Olave, this ponds with a wide variety of unusual church may be the rather noisy water fowl. At smallest in Lincolnshire. A really Worlaby farm we glimpsed tranquil setting surrounded by Worlaby chapel, which has now trees and with far-reaching views been converted into a house. made it a lovely spot for our Re-crossing the Bluestone Heath lunch break. Road we continued up to the A sombre note here is a final hedge, where the view Commonwealth War Grave down to Tetford opened up. dedicated to Stoker 1st Class Emerging through someone’s Ernest Clarke DSM. Ernest garden (yes, it is the official Clarke was posthumously awarded the DSM for his actions route!) on to the lane leading back into Tetford, the final on board HMS Laertes. The delight was a field of rare breed Laertes was a destroyer which cattle grazing in the sun. We all attempted to head off attacking seemed to have enjoyed the walk German ships during the bombardment of Great Yarmouth and were surprised by the and Lowestoft on 25 April 1916. hidden gems and the variety of landscapes visited in such a small The ship was hit by shellfire damaging the boiler room. Clarke area. stayed at his post and released Alice and Allen Forster pressure valves, saving the ship Page 5

General Meetings 2016 January 12th

“Taste Of Lincolnshire” by Neil Curtis (Butcher)

February 9th

“Three Little Rich Girls” by Jean Howard

March 9th

“Life In The Music” by Andy Smith, song writer & multi instrumentalist


Local History Programme 2017 January 10th

"Steppin' Stones " and Tom Lane - an entertainment for the New Year

February 14th Joe Willisch March 14th

Richard Pullen - "Rise , death and rise of the British Motorcycle industry

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THE WEST WOLDS QUARTERLY DIARY INSERT Remove this insert from your magazine, fold along the lines indicated



Chairman Gail Dennis Tel: 01673 843575

Press Liaison Brian Ward Tel: 01472 852273

Business Secretary David Oliver Tel: 01673 880188

Visits Organiser Brian Ward Tel: 01472 852273

Treasurer Eunice Hughes Tel: 07794 683096

Webmaster Steve McCarthy Tel: 01673-308364

Membership Secretary Lyn Henry Tel:Tel: 01673-843851

Magazine Editor TBA Sub Editor TBA

Groups Co-ordinator Ken Howitt Tel: 01652-678490 Archivist Paul Davison Tel: 07746-626482


Neighbourhood Representative David Oliver Tel: Tel: 01673 880188 Charity Commission Liaison David Oliver Tel: Tel: 01673 880188

Speaker Finder Mandy Murphy Tel: 01673 565295 with assistance from Heather Barratt Tel: 01673 849393 and Sheila Nash Tel: 01673 866569 Catering Co-ordinator Margaret Foster Tel: 01427 668050

Following the election of the new committee the people filling these roles will change. See the next edition of the quarterly.

Why not visit our website at Page 7




10:00 German


14:00 Bridge 14:00 Digital Photography

09:30 Paper Engineering 10:00 German


13.30 Card Craft 14:00 Bridge 14:00 Turkish Delight Desert Dancers

10:00 German


14:00 Bridge 14:00 Digital Photography

09:30 Paper Engineering 10:00 German


14:00 Bridge 14:00 Turkish Delight Desert Dancers

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14:00 Film 14:30 Spanish

10:00 Local History 10:00 IT Workshops

14:30 Spanish

10:00 Country Walks 10:30 Strollers 14:30 Spanish 19:00 Film

10:00 IT Workshops 10:00 Music Appreciation * (*Last Tuesday of month)

14:30 Art Appreciation 14:30 Spanish


10:00 Country Walks 10:30 Strollers


10:00 French 10:00 Patchwork * 10:00 Keep Fit

14:00 Drama 14:00 Patchwork *


10:00 Beginners Family History 10:00 Latin 10:00 Line Dancing 10:00 Biblical Hebrew 10:30 Cycling 14:00 Scrabble

10:00 Embroidery 10:00 4 Mile Walkers 12:00 Luncheon Group 14:00 Canasta 14:00 Poetry

09.45 GENERAL MEETING Festival Hall Market Rasen Everyone Welcome Tea, Coffee, Event Notices Guest Speaker

19:00 Mr Ukulele Group

14:00 Drama

10:00 Telling our Stories

10:00 French 10:00 Keep Fit 10:00 Patchwork * 10:30 Cycling 14:00 Drama 14:00 Patchwork *

14:00 Readers Group 1

10:00 Embroidery * (*Last Wednesday of month)

14:00 Readers Group 2 14:00 Knitting and Crochet (Oct—April) 19:00 Mr Ukulele Group

10:00 Cross Stitch 10:00 Keep Fit* (* And 5th Thursday, if there is one) 14:00 Drama

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10:00 Family History 10:00 Latin 10:00 Line Dancing 10:00 Biblical Hebrew 10:30 Cycling

10:00 Latin 10:00 Line Dancing 10:00 Biblical Hebrew 10:30 Cycling 14:00 Scrabble* (* And 5th Friday of the month, if there is one) 10:00 COFFEE MORNING Jossals, Market Rasen 10:00 Latin 10:00 Line Dancing* 10:00 Biblical Hebrew 10:30 Cycling* (* + 5th Friday, if there is one) 14:00 Singing Together 14:00 Mah Jong

INTEREST GROUP CO-ORDINATORS ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS COMPUTING Lyn Henry 01673 843851 ART APPRECIATION Linda Coveley 01673 857153 BIBLICAL HEBREW Alison Atkinson 01673 849979 BRIDGE Bryan Storey 01673 849625 CANASTA Jan Watkins 01673 308791 CARD CRAFT Cynthia Burke 01673 849506 CROSS STITCH Cynthia Burke 01673 849506 CYCLING Heather Barratt 01673 849393 DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY Allen and Alice Forster 01673 678034 DRAMA Gail Dennis 01673 843575 EMBROIDERY Pat Hage 01673 849447 FAMILY HISTORY Steve Field 01673 857519 FAMILY HISTORY – BEGINNERS Jacqueline Reid 01673 849490 FILM GROUP John Bartlett 01673 857480 FRENCH Pat Spolton 01673 828568 GERMAN Jo Howard 01673 862015 IT WORKSHOPS Steve McCarthy 01673 308364 KEEP FIT Dawn Stopper 01472 851133 KNITTING AND CROCHET Sue Jacobs 01673 828898 LATIN Gwen Parsons 07749 044413 LINE DANCING Margaret White 01673 849274 LOCAL HISTORY

Jean Childs 01472 859347 LUNCHEON GROUP Pam John 01673 844260 MAH JONG Jacqueline Reid 01673 849490 MUSIC APPRECIATION Ron Jones 01673 843438 PAPER ENGINEERING Lyn Henry 01673 843851 PATCHWORK Lyn Henry 01673 843851 POETRY Eva Smith 01673 842218 READERS GROUP 1 Audrey Storey 01673 849625 READERS GROUP 2 Lyn Henry 01673 843851 RECORDER GROUP Geoff Goddard 01673 842287 SCRABBLE Audrey Storey 01673 849625 SINGING TOGETHER Heather Barratt 01673 849393 SPANISH Alison Atkinson 01673 849979 TELLING OUR STORIES David Atkinson 01673 849979 TURKISH DELIGHT DESERT DANCERS Gillian Anderton 01673 844382 THE 4-MILERS Mary Ellis 01673 842584 THE 9-MILE HIKERS Helen Wilson 01673 828315 THE COUNTRY WALKERS Ken Howitt 01652 678490 THE STROLLERS Cynthia Burke 01673 849506 UKULELE Heather Barratt 01673 849393 VISITS Brian Ward 01472 852273

THE GROUPS CO-ORDINATOR IS: KEN HOWITT 01652 678490 LIFTS: If you do not have transport it is usually possible to arrange lifts to the various venues. A contribution to the cost of fuel is also welcome. Page 10

GROUPS NEWS Pub Crawls Despite several comments to the contrary, this was a serious suggestion and enough members have shown an interest for David Kew to start the ball rolling – or the beer flowing. If you feel inspired or thirsty enough to join them in their research into hop-flavoured malted beverages, contact David on

Ethical & Moral Dilemmas Discussion Group This is another new group about to launch. It is intended that it will run, perhaps, for a number of months rather than being of long duration. The title is , hopefully, self-explanatory – but, for further information, contact Steve McCarthy 01673 308364.

Russian One of our newer members is keen to help set up a group to learn the Russian language. At the moment it is envisaged that it will function like some of our other language groups – i.e. a group of enthusiastic learners working through a published language course together. If interested sign up at the next general meeting.

Biblical Hebrew This group will now start at 10.00am on a Friday.

Digital Photography Allen and Alice Forster, 01652 678034, are the new co-ordinators of this group.

Cycling Until 31.3.2017 Gordon Jennings , 01673 844222, will be coordinating this group.

Ukulele Until 31.3.2017 Tim , 01673 849571, will be co-ordinating this group. Ken Howitt Groups` Co-ordinator.

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DERBYSHIRE WALKING HOLIDAY “Last of the summer sunshine; walking in Derbyshire”

chose whether to cook for themselves or go out to eat. The staff were incredibly helpful and Walking holidays in the UK are friendly; instantly replacing a always a gamble on the weather, broken toaster, repairing showers but this year the U3A country and, more dramatically, coming walkers won the jackpot. We had to the rescue of Pat Woodcock’s the best 4 days in September car which she had managed to broken only by a torrential park teetering on a steep slope -it summer thunderstorm one took 4 hefty groundsman to lift it evening when we were out of danger! One small hiccup comfortably at home. we couldn’t resolve was the lack Twenty Country walkers joined of an ensuite bedroom in one our group at Sandybrook lodge – but the hot tub on the Country Park one mile north of veranda did provide some Ashbourne in the southern Peak compensation. District for 4 nights from 12th to Our holidays are very relaxed. 16th September. We were split up Everyone has the choice to join among 4 comfortable selfthe walks or do their own thing, catering lodges and everyone

Page 12

but most joined the organised group walk every morning. And these were spectacular walks. The leaders had chosen some of the most beautiful areas of the Dales. On Tuesday we did 5 miles along Monsal Dale from Monsal Head. Wednesday it was 7 miles along three dales (Berisford, Wolfscote and Biggin) from Hartington. Thursday gave us a 5 mile circuit from Ilam Park along the Manifold Valley. The most active among us extended the walks - Geoff Goddard notched up 28 miles – while others completed only part of the walk, but everyone revelled in the wonderful scenery, friendly company and near perfect weather (it was a bit warm at times). Thanks to Angela Davis, Graham Dawes, Helen Wilson, Elizabeth Holmes and Allen and Alice Forster for leading the different walks. The afternoons were at leisure and there was plenty to choose from. Several of us cycled one of the easy off-road cycle trails – we can recommend the Tissington trail especially on a sunny late September afternoon – its magical. Others explored towns and attractions like Bakewell, Hartington Ashbourne and

Haddon Hall. While others relaxed on their lodge veranda and enjoyed the park’s swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna. Helen and Elizabeth managed their own version of a triathlon on Thursday – walking, cycling and swimming in one day. All of us sampled some of the excellent tea shops. The week was rounded off by a group meal at the nearby Fanny Bentley pub. All in all it was a great trip to a lovely area and we hope to return next year.

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Helen Wilson

THE GOLDEN YEARS To those born before 1940 We were born before television, before penicillin, polio shots, frozen foods, Xerox, plastic, contact lenses and the pill.

“software” wasn’t a word.

We got married first and then lived together (how quaint can you be?). We thought “fast food” was what you ate in Lent, a “Big Mac” was an oversized raincoat and “crumpet” was had for tea.

In our day cigarette smoking was fashionable, “grass” was mown, “coke” was kept in the coal house, a “joint” was a piece of meat you ate on Sunday and “pot” was something you cooked in. “Rock music” was a fond mother’s lullaby, the “Beatles” weren’t even born, “Eldorado” was an icecream. A “gay person” was the life and soul of the party and nothing more, while “aids” just meant beauty treatment or help for someone in trouble.

Before 1940 “Made in Japan” meant junk, the term “making out” referred how you did in your exams and “stud” was something We were before radar, credit cards, split atoms, laser beams and that fastened a collar or shirt and ball point pens, before dish wash- “going all the way” meant staying ers, electric blankets, air condition- on the bus right to the bus depot. Pizzas, McDonalds and instant cofers, drip dry clothes…and before fee were unheard of. man walked on the moon.

We existed before house husbands, computer dating, hybrid cars and when a “meaningful relationship” meant getting on with cousins and “sheltered accommodation” was where you waited for the bus. We were before day care centres, group homes and disposable nappies. We had never heard of FM radio, tape decks, electric typewriters, artificial hearts, word processors, or young men wearing earrings. For us “time sharing” meant togetherness, a chip was a piece of wood or a fried potato, “hardware” meant nuts and bolts and

We, who were born before 1940, must be a hardy bunch when you think of the way the world has changed and the adjustments we have had to make. No wonder we are so confused and there is a generation gap today…BUT – by the Grace of God – we have survived.

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Joe Willisch

A FRIDAY CYCLE Well we had good weather today when we cycled the Ancholme Valley Way up to Broughton. We were 6 cyclists in 3 cars today. We cycled up into Broughton Wood and then crossed through Wressel on to the Mountfarm Tearooms for refreshments and a spot of something nice and to practice our circus routine! Our audience loved it. Two rabbits and one pheasant.

Returning we used the Castlethorpe Bridge (photo) over the Ancholme and back to Brigg on the cycle way. Gordon Jennings 01673 844 222 Note: Heather, the Cycling Group Coordinator is away until March 2017 so all enquiries should be addressed to Gordon.

A ‘CHALLENGING’ NEW GROUP A somewhat different new group is in the making which while still within the West Wolds U3A will also belong to the National ‘Discovery Award Scheme’. The scheme itself, while loosely based on the ‘Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme’, and created with the Duke’s blessing , is for the more mature person. It encourages a person to take a more pro-active role in their own life by presenting them with 4 broad challenges, - to take up a new hobby or interest, to do a physical activity which keeps them fit, to help in the community, and to undertake a journey of discovery, either physically or mentally. A person chooses for himself exactly what he wants to

do in each category, i.e. he sets himself his own challenges! There are 3 levels- bronze, silver and gold with an award at the end of each. The group meets together for social activities, but mainly to support and encourage each other, in hearing and telling each other about their challenges. You would not believe what some people in the U3A get up to!! If you are up for a challenge please ring Mary Howes on 01673 849554 or email for further details.

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Youth Youth is not a chapter in your life, it is a state of your soul. It is a vibration of the will, the motion of the imagination, the strength of the senses, the victory of the spirit over cowardice, the triumph of the adventurous drive over idleness. If seventy or seventeen, in the heart of every person, dwells the longing of the miraculous, the considerable astonishment at the sight of the eternal stars and the everlasting thoughts of matter, the fertile venture, the insatiable infantile curiosity what the next day might bring namely the intense gladness of life’s enjoyment. Only you, yourself can make up your mind, where and when it is appropriate to decide, when to be steadfast and when it is appropriate while being in love, to be magnanimous. Joe Willisch Page 16

December 2016  

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