Westwind Spring 2018

Page 36

Mercutio In Drag By Natalie Sierra A Kingdom of gauzy pink lovers Swooning holographic Mercutio’s’ shimmering in real time With painted on brows and quivering plasticine chins Their breasts wrapped tightly beneath threadbare tuxedo coats A multitude of winged gods come to suck your tongue and whisper saccharine stories of you as an infant How they watched you through faceted eyes from the living room alter Votive and incense lit You thought that strange, even predatory how they waited until your body flourished The scent of your new alien body is complex-e but then you remembered what your mother said about those in power and how they are all hawks and now It makes sense She gave birth to your father every morning and by nightfall he ruled over her with talon and beak Warm heart devoured but by morning it had grown anew again You tell the gods what you remember but they pretend to not understand. But they know. They’ve known it all along. They know everything.