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their footprint, along with other out-ofthe-box alternatives such as under-counter refrigerators and dishwasher drawers. Minimize elements that take up visual space at eye level. Wall cabinets are a case in point. Sure, you need them for storage, but must they have doors? Removing cabinet doors to expose shelves will increase the feeling of space in a cramped kitchen. Every piece of furniture (yes, cabinets are furniture, too) must work together in the design, enhancing the space in both form and function. Finally, think about using design elements that draw the eye upward. Vertical accents—stripes, floor-to-ceiling shelves, even long cabinet handles turned vertically—create both the illusion and feeling of spaciousness. Embrace the coziness! A small kitchen can be wonderful, exuding a sense of warmth and closeness that its cavernous counterparts will never achieve. Taking the time to divine the design yields the storage you need as it minimizes clutter. The final product will seem bigger, brighter and airier—a kitchen you and your family will treasure for years to come. ✦

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