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more cohesive if you select one width and remain consistent with it as you hang the other items in the group. So, though there’s no set rule about it, most people will find that a spacing of 1 to 3 inches will be about right, depending on the amount of wall space to cover and the size of the framed pictures. When hanging multiple pictures on an expanse of wall and contemplating the proper amount of space to put around each one, it’s always a good idea to let a little math into the equation, too. (Measure twice, hammer once...) You can use an old-fashioned measuring tape and a jot pad, or let an online picture hanging and gallery wall calculator do the math for you! The internet is ripe with free online calculators; here’s just one: Gallery Walls Go with the Flow

A gallery wall is a look that homeowners can use with great effect. Whereas a casual arrangement will be of a smaller scale and tucked in among your décor, a gallery wall can consist of photographs hung virtually from floor to ceiling over an expanse. This arrangement is especially interesting because viewers take in the entire effect, rather than focus on just one piece. Hallways and stairways are great places to set up a gallery wall because these spaces tend to have a long run of wall that makes it easy to add more photos as life goes on. A gallery wall, in other words, evolves over time.

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