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PRESSURE TRANSMITTER The Series IWP pressure transmitter is suitable for pressure measurement in industrial conditions requiring

COAGULATION CONTROL SYSTEM Chemtrac introduces the Coagulation Control System, utilising the company’s Streaming Current Sensor and HydroACT analyser platform. Models accepting up to three, six or 12 sensors can add any combination of the following: UV254 organics, turbidity, chlorine, pH, ORP and conductivity. The product incorporates all the key measurements needed for optimising coagulation

high performance, stability and long service life. The transmitter delivers a 4–20 mA signal in response to the pressure being measured against its stainless steel diaphragm for process system monitoring and feedback control. Featuring a 4-digital LED display, the product delivers long-term stability and protection in environmentally challenging conditions. Made of cast aluminium and IP65 rated with an industrial conduit entry enclosure, the high-quality sensor circuitry is able to maintain precise operation under dirty and wet conditions. The series is thus a suitable choice for petroleum, chemical and metallurgical industry applications. Dwyer Instruments (Aust) Pty Ltd

into one analyser. Kenelec Scientific Pty Ltd



Airstroke actuators from Firestone

provides continuous monitoring of

provide a compact and easy

combustible gas concentrations at

way to continuously orient a

path length of up to 150 m. The

solar tracker’s payload towards

product’s dual detection range

the sun to optimise the amount of

enables sensitivity to both small

energy produced. The rubber and fabric

and large gas leaks.

actuators can be used to solve the problem

The detector is performance ap-

of stationary solar collection panels becoming inef-

proved for use in harsh environments

ficient as the sun shifts from a 90° angle to the panels.

(-55°C). Multiple communication

Inflated or deflated by fixed or mobile compressed

outputs (analog, HART, Modbus,

air (typically 7 bar), the actuators move photovoltaic

AMS support) provide complete

systems to minimise an angle of incidence between the

status and control capability in the

incoming sunlight and a photovoltaic array. Alternatively,

control room.

an actuation alternative uses the expansion and contraction of

The product features unitised display

Freon gas as it is heated and cooled within the actuators to extend and

for ease of operation and reduced

retract them and change the angle of the collection panels.

cost. Its automatic gain control

Since there are no seals sliding against exposed surfaces, the air springs can often

compensates for dirty optics, rain

survive abrasive and corrosive environments. They are identical in construction to

and fog.

the airbags used in truck and train suspension, so they are very tough. In addition

MSA Australia Pty Ltd

to having no internal rods of seals to wear, unlike conventional metal cylinders, they

MSA’s open-path IR gas detector

have the ability to rotate through an angle without a clevis. The ability to bend with load (and to tolerate high side loadings) means the air springs are easy to install in compact spaces and will perform where rigid alternatives would break or wear. Sizes are available from 80 mm to more than nearly 1000 mm in diameter, in single, double and triple convolutions. No lubrication is required and the lack of seals means lack of friction and jerkiness in operation. Air Springs Supply Pty Ltd

40 Sustainability Matters - Oct/Nov 2015

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Sustainability Matters Oct/Nov 2015  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...

Sustainability Matters Oct/Nov 2015  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...