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energy efficiency

Small cause, big effect

of energy compared to conventional drives.

This lets you detect critical aggregates or

As they take life cycle costs into account,

The corresponding frequency inverters at

process steps and permanently maintain peak

those food manufacturers that are riding

Rotkäppchen are housed in a central switch

demand within tight tolerances. Energy ef-

the ‘green technology wave’ are taking a

cabinet container. Its waste heat is used in

ficiency as an integral part of the automation

precise look at what they can save, where

winter to heat a storage area.

— another way to tap savings potential. This

and how. It is often the little components

proves once again: the greatest potential to

that, in total, have a major impact on ef-

Energy flows at a glance

conserve resources and reduce costs is the

ficiency, as in the case of sparkling wine

Prior to any measure, the question first

efficient use of the energy already available.

producer Rotkäppchen. Many sophisticated

arises: where do you start to achieve these

solutions used in the production process

kinds of energy savings?

Many other technologies and methods to reduce energy consumption and carbon

contribute to the efficiency of sparkling

To find out which savings potential lurks

dioxide emissions were shown at the In-

wine bottling: dynamic handling units for

where, the actual state must be known. The

ternational Supplier Fair for the Food and

sealing the bottles, sturdy tabletop chains

building blocks for energy optimisation are

Beverage Industry: Anuga FoodTec 2015 in

for bottle transport and efficient motors for

online — capable measuring devices that

Germany this March. The next conference

the conveyor technology.

continuously record the energy flows for

will be held in Cologne, Germany, from

50 mechatronic drive units from SEW-

steam, compressed air, heat, cold, electricity,

20–23 March 2018. For further details about

EURODRIVE were installed in the bottling

gas, oil and water. A flowmeter optimised

the fair, visit

line. They already meet Class IE4 energy-

for energy circuits is, for example, able to

Anuga FoodTec 2015

efficiency requirements and save up to 50%

detect leaks in compressed air networks.

City of Melbourne recycling food waste In one of the quintessential laneway cafe districts of the City

beneficial impact on GHG emissions. Since being commissioned

of Melbourne, 60 local businesses are now diverting tonnes of

more than two years ago, the system has dehydrated over 150

food waste from landfill using the

tonnes of putrescible food waste

GaiaRecycle concept from Eco

that would otherwise have rotted

Guardians. The system, which

in landfill. The waste has instead

dehydrates inner-city food waste,

been converted into 50 tonnes of

is set up in the basement of

nutritious fertiliser, with a net

Ross House, near the Degraves

reduction of 98 tonnes of carbon

Street and Centre Place food and

dioxide equivalent emissions. Not

beverage precinct in Melbourne.

stopping there, the nutrient-rich

Along with the benefits

organic fertiliser produced by

associated with diverting food

the system is being deployed by

waste from landfill, the system has also resulted in a reduction

the City of Melbourne Parks & © Africa Studio/Dollar Photo Club

Gardens Department around the

of waste bins in the laneways, which has improved access and

City on flower beds and tree plantings, reducing dependence on

hygiene, opening up the way for the beautification of an important

chemical fertiliser.

tourism area. Just as importantly, hundreds of waste-truck journeys

Eco Guardians Pty Ltd

per year into and out of the city have been eliminated with further

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Sustainability Matters Oct/Nov 2015  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...

Sustainability Matters Oct/Nov 2015  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...