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Best practice organics collection in Albury Wodonga The councils of the Albury Wodonga

“The results are extremely

region have set the best practice

pleasing and show that local

benchmark for food and garden

residents have readily accepted


this new recycling service,” said




Australia, following their recent


commencement of combined garden

“Given that our three-bin

and food collection services for

collection system has only been


in operation for a short period of

The region has been found

time, we’re extremely proud of

to have a contamination rate — a

the local community for playing

rate of non-food and garden waste

their part in not only reducing

placed into the organics bin — of just 0.8%, which is better than all

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the amount of organic material going to landfill, but ensuring the

other councils who have introduced similar collection services.

contamination rate is exceptionally low. This also ensures a high-

Average contamination rates across NSW and the rest of Australia

quality compost is produced.” The three-bin system for residents

range from 1–14%.

is part of Albury Wodonga’s Halve Waste campaign, which has a

Andrea Baldwin, team leader waste management at Albury City

target of reducing waste to landfill by 50% by 2020.

Council, noted that the Albury Wodonga councils “have invested

“Our local residents have seen the benefit of the Halve Waste

heavily in community engagement and education” surrounding the

program and should be proud they have set the benchmark for

new service. The councils’ campaign was fronted by Masterchef

using the organics recovery bin system,” said Baldwin.

winner Julie Goodwin, who made appearances in TV adverts

MRA Consulting Group

and print media.

Microgrid stabilisation system to boost renewable energy use in Kenya Power and automation technology

and voltage. The flywheel-based

company ABB has won an order

system can inject or absorb power

from Socabelec East Africa

up to its nominal rating and helps

to design, supply and install

to integrate intermittent renewable

a PowerStore flywheel-based

energy into a grid, so users can

microgrid stabilisation solution

operate their hybrid plants in an

for the Marsabit wind farm in

optimal way. The system has been

northern Kenya. The technology

successfully deployed, often in

is being developed by ABB’s

harsh and remote environments,

Microgrid and Renewable Energy

in locations all around the world.

Integration team, based in Darwin.

“Sustainable development of

Marsabit sits on the edge of

Africa and fostering microgrid

the desert in a windy area of

solutions are both key focus

northern Kenya, and is not connected to any national grid for

areas in ABB’s Next Level strategy, and dedicated 1000-day

its power needs. Being a remote community of 5000 people

programs have been constituted for them,” said Claudio Facchin,

served by an isolated microgrid, it requires a secure, stable

president, Power Systems division. “Our microgrid technology

power supply based on easily available and preferably clean

solutions can significantly boost renewable integration and can

sources, like wind. Today’s electricity supply for the area relies

play a key role in helping isolated and remote communities to

on diesel generators and two 275 kW wind turbines.

gain access to clean electricity as in this case.”

ABB’s containerised, 500 kW PowerStore stabilisation system

Kenya plans to quadruple its energy output in the next five

will be integrated into the existing power network and will interface

years, bringing on board an additional 5000 MW of power capacity

with existing diesel power station controls. This will maximise

with the aim of providing the majority of its approximately 50

renewable energy penetration by stabilising the grid connection

million citizens access to electricity by 2020. The country’s

and utilising any excess wind energy generated. The project is

renewable energy sector is among the most active in Africa.

scheduled for completion in 2016. ABB PowerStore is a compact and versatile generator whose primary purpose is to stabilise

ABB Australia Pty Ltd

and protect power systems against fluctuations in frequency

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Sustainability Matters Oct/Nov 2015  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...

Sustainability Matters Oct/Nov 2015  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...