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Pump provides sustained operating efficiencies

The key operating requirement for any sewage handling pump is its ability to pass solids without clogging, ie, either a full or a partial clog of the impeller and/or volute. A full clog exists when the pump has ceased to pump. This condition is easy to detect and highly undesirable - an immediate service call is needed to remove the pump and manually clean out the clog.


partially clogged pump,

throughlet equal to or larger than what the

“This fundamental design change to a

however, is harder to de-

toilet of the day could pass. The last few

self-cleansing impeller was adopted quickly

tect because the pump

decades of research and development, coupled

by our customers,” said Terry Gralton, Xylem

delivers flow at a varying

with experience from hundreds of thousands

Oceania’s wastewater manager. “Operators

reduced rate. This can go

of pump installations, have proven that this

found they experienced fewer pump chokes

unnoticed for long periods

simplistic logic of throughlet size is incorrect

and reduced electrical power costs when

of time, resulting in a number of adverse

and misleading. It has been found that the

using the N-pump.”

operating conditions. These include increased

vast majority of full and partial pump clogging

In recent years, options have been further

energy usage, reduced Q/H performance,

occurs from long fibrous material such as

developed to provide operators the ability

longer run times and vibration. If the pump

rags accumulating on the leading edge of the

to customise the Flygt N-pump to suit their

is operated continuously, the pump efficiency

pump’s impeller and/or between the rotating

on-site conditions. Impeller material options

will gradually decline to levels as low as half

and stationary wear rings. Yet the practice

include hard iron and duplex stainless steel

of the clean water efficiency or lower. A

of specifying a minimum throughlet size

materials, providing increased service life

pump operating for extended periods of time

for wastewater pumps within requests for

when high corrosion and erosion conditions

at substantially reduced overall efficiencies

tender specifications is still prevalent today.

are present.

results in much higher consumed power and

The Flygt N-pump, from Xylem, utilises a

In addition to material options, the pump

completely different hydraulic design to that

can also be equipped with new impeller

running costs. Impeller design is fundamental to how well

of traditional sewage handling pumps, such

designs to better handle sewage with abnor-

sewage pumps can operate without clogging.

as the closed channel and vortex impeller

mally high concentrations of rag and solid

Traditionally, it was assumed impellers with

designs. The pump has been designed with

materials. The Adaptive N-impeller provides

large throughlets would eliminate clogging.

a semi-open impeller with backswept leading

the ability for the impeller to move axially

Throughlet size is determined by the largest

edges working together with a relief groove

when needed, allowing bulky rags and debris

diameter of a hard, solid, spherical object that

located in the lower section of the pump

to pass through the pump. Also available is

can pass through the pump. The concept is

volute. The design allows the impeller and

the option of a chopper impeller to reduce

old, dating back to 1915, and was developed

hydraulic areas to clear itself of any build-up

clogging in heavily ragged sewage pumping

at a time when energy costs were not of

of rag or fibrous materials. This self-cleaning

stations. High-efficiency IE3 drive motors

significant importance.

function ensures the hydraulic profile of

are available when required to minimise the

Pump manufacturers and operators intui-

the impeller is maintained, resulting in the

drive motor’s consumed electrical power.

tively believed that pump clogging could be

pump being able to operate with sustained

Xylem Water Solutions Australia Ltd

avoided simply by having an internal pump

high operating efficiencies.

38 Sustainability Matters - Jun/Jul 2015

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Sustainability Matters Jun/Jul 2015  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...

Sustainability Matters Jun/Jul 2015  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...