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ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL FOR ELECTRICAL ENCLOSURES EXAIR’s digital ETC (Electronic Temperature Control) is now available for the company’s Dual Cabinet Cooler Systems installed on large or high-heat


load enclosures. An ETC Dual Cabinet Cooler System will keep electrical

A broad range of lifting and materials handling technologies specifically designed

enclosures cool while minimising

for waste-to-energy (WTE) and biomass applications is being introduced to Aus-

compressed air use. Systems produce

tralasia by Konecranes. The technologies — including unmanned full automa-

-7°C air to eliminate high-temperature

tion, remote operation stations, remote monitoring and maintenance reporting

malfunctions and protect sensitive

products — are focused on applications such as biomass, refuse and ash/slag.

electronics from harsh environments.

The company’s WTE cranes can be equipped with Global Technical Support

They are available in cooling capacities

connection, remote monitoring and a computer interface capable of semi or fully

up to 5600 BTUH.

unmanned automation or a remote for manual handling. They also have a range

The ETC accurately maintains a con-

of features and benefits to maximise production and minimise running costs.

stant temperature in the electrical

The waste handling cranes are meanwhile designed with smart features, which

enclosure that is slightly under the

manage critical crane functions to reduce structural stress, increase efficiency

maximum rating of the electronics. It

and prolong equipment life. Sway control minimises load sway from bridge and

permits just enough cooling for the

trolley motions, reducing collisions between the bucket and the pit walls or hop-

electronics without going so cold as

per and preventing equipment damage. It increases operator confidence, reduces

to waste compressed air. A digital LED

training time and allows the crane to operate to its full potential.

readout displays the temperature of the

Konecranes Australia

electrical enclosure, then displays the user temperature setting when pressing the ‘push to set’ button. When that setting is exceeded, the Cabinet Cooler System is activated.


The product is suitable for NEMA 4, 4X and 12 environments and works with the UL-listed Dual Cabinet Cooler

The GasGard 100 Control System provides

Systems, which are available with cooling capacities of 4000, 4800 and 5600 BTUH. The systems include an automatic drain filter separator to keep moisture in the compressed air out of the enclosure. The ETC is offered for 120 or 240 VAC and all products are CE compliant. Compressed Air Australia Pty Ltd

an easy user interface, intelligent architecture and innovative functionality. The system offers a scalable, high-performance data acquisition/data logging platform. Users can form a complete gas detection solution by equipping the systems’ fully integrated measurement, display and recording platforms with MSA’s line of transmitters and sensors. Open Ethernet connectivity with web-based configuration and data monitoring functions lets the controller handle many monitoring and historical logging functions. Real-time trends can be viewed from the user’s PC web browser without specialised software. Data monitoring and reporting functions allow for customised reports and layout configurations for viewing trending analysis and more. The email alert feature allows users to view continuous plant status updates when they can’t be physically present. The product’s flexible, modular architecture manages one to six measurement modules on the backplane. Each GasGard 100 Controller serves as a measurement node, avoiding long, dense sensor leads throughout machines or processes. MSA Australia Pty Ltd

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Sustainability Matters Feb/Mar 2017  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...

Sustainability Matters Feb/Mar 2017  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...