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life-cycle assessment or bury them in our yard and after a while they just turn into soil nutrition.

slowly and without oxygen, resulting in a higher carbon footprint. But the picture changes completely when the packaging waste is separated at source. Paper becomes a better alternative if at

Does this solve our problem?

least 46% of paper packaging gets recycled. For compostable

This is the question Taronga Zoo asked Edge Environment.

packaging to be the more environmentally friendly alternative in

Taronga switched to serving food and beverages in compostable packaging at their events, such as the Twilight concerts. How-

comparison to plastic, at least 75% of the compostable packaging needs to be composted rather than landfilled.

ever, they’ve had trouble getting people to separate the waste. At the end of the day, when everybody’s rushing to the ferry, the

So what can Taronga Zoo do?

stubbies and the compostable sushi tray mingle in the same bin.

Edge’s recommendation, for Taronga and any organisation with

Edge used LCA and its sustainable procurement expertise to

similar dilemmas, starts with establishing procurement guidelines

provide Taronga with the best solution. LCA allowed the company

that are science based. This will ensure that supply chain deci-

to compare, from cradle to grave, the environmental impact of

sions are guided towards minimal-impact operations, not only for

compostable packaging versus plastic and paper packaging.

material purchases but also waste management services.

The result

tion organisation to educate visitors and stakeholders about the

It may surprise some that if all the waste ends up in landfill,

relevance of minding our waste.

plastic packaging is preferable to paper or compostable — as

Edge Environment Pty Ltd

organic products, the latter release methane when decomposing

Simultaneously, Taronga should use its position as a conserva-

VALVE ACTUATOR Rotork has introduced the IQ19 — a nonintrusive, intelligent, electric actuator with an optimised combination of valve stem

CORROSION PROTECTION FOR MANHOLES PROTECTA-Mag is a concentrated, controlled-viscosity, stabilised suspension of magnesium hydroxide. It prevents corrosion by raising manhole surface pH, thus inhibiting the formation of acid-producing bacteria (eg, Thiobacillus concretus).

diameter acceptance and torque output to facilitate the automation of valves and penstocks typically found in the water and effluent treatment industries. The actuator combines a stem acceptance of up to 51 mm diameter with torque output up to 135 Nm and output speeds up to 72 rpm. The combination meets the operating requirements

The product contains special ingredients to allow it to adhere to concrete surfaces

of large numbers of penstocks, sluice

and set into a durable film. It is hydrated from Calix reactive magnesium oxide,

gates and gate valves.

imparting good neutralisation capability due to the high surface area. Spraying is

The actuator incorporates a range of

carried out without stopping flow of the sewer.

functionality and asset management fea-

The overspray of product entering the sewer flows is complementary and beneficial

tures, including data logging capabilities.

for any downstream sewage treatment plant (STP) and odour control. Magnesium

It features the IQ double-sealed IP66/IP68

hydroxide is non-hazardous and non-dangerous, thus preventing occupational

watertight and temporarily submersible

exposure to toxic or harmful chemicals. According to the company, initial monitor-

enclosure, which permanently protects

ing results indicate that a sacrificial magnesium hydroxide coating continues to

internal electrics from the ambient envi-

protect the integrity of concrete sewer pipes in spite of continuous sewer flow for

ronment — even during site wiring with

more than three years; for manholes, the protection can last more than five years.

the terminal housing cover removed.

Calix Limited

Rotork Australia

40 Sustainability Matters - Feb/Mar 2017

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Sustainability Matters Feb/Mar 2017  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...

Sustainability Matters Feb/Mar 2017  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...