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TRACTION TRANSFORMER ABB’s Effilight traction transformer is designed to reduce the weight of onboard components and ensure more energy-efficient rail networks. The product can potentially reduce the total weight of a train’s traction component by up to


20% — equivalent to the weight of around 20 passengers. This weight optimisation can help train carriages attain the maximum load per wheel set and reduces wear. Traction transformers feed power at safe voltages to essential train functions like traction, lighting, heating and ventilation, passenger information, brakes, signalling and communication. Traditionally made of iron and copper, these transformers are among the heavier components on a train. They use oil for insulation and cooling, but this contributes to a significant proportion of the transformer’s total weight. The Effilight transformer uses a high-technology cell design that reduces the amount of oil needed by up to 70%, without compromising functionality. The technology enables weight reduction and energy savings for train manufacturers and rail operators. With the weight savings achieved through the innovative design, higher quantities of energy-efficient materials like copper can be used in the transformer, resulting in reduced energy losses by up to 50% compared with standard solutions of similar weight. This helps optimise energy consumption and total cost of ownership. ABB Australia Pty Ltd

LG Chem has announced its next-generation residential battery storage system. The system has been completely redesigned both internally and externally, leaving a recently developed battery cell as the centrepiece. The company now offers lowvoltage (48 V) and high-voltage (400 V) variations in order to meet energy requirements of photovoltaic systems users in Australia and New Zealand. The RESU models come with the capacities to generate from 3.3 to 9.8 kWh in the low-voltage and 7 to 9.8 kWh in the highvoltage variation. With a battery from the series, users can save on energy costs by utilising solargenerated power in the evenings.

DIGITAL PANEL METERS Bestech Australia has introduced a series of digital panel meters with rotation, speed and flow rate measurements. The WPMZ series addresses issues such as complicated operation and displays that are hard to read. The meters feature a 2.4″ TFT full-colour LCD display which allows simultaneous display of two channels. A user-friendly settings menu makes it easy to select between display values, bar graphs and trend graphs for quick analysis. The series consists of two separate meters, the WPMZ-5 and WPMZ-6. Both units feature an input frequency range from 10 MHz to 500 kHz for single-channel input and up to 250 kHz for two-channel input. A response speed of 25 ms ensures smooth operation and fast feedback.

The storage series includes two high-voltage battery systems, RESU7H and RESU10H, along with the low-voltage battery systems RESU3.3, RESU6.5 and RESU10. The high-voltage models provide a variety of inverters that consumers can select in order to convert solar DC into usable AC. With the expansion kit RESU Plus, it is possible to combine two models within the low-voltage class together. The range of capacity thus moves in the low-voltage range from 3.3 to

The WPMZ-5 provides rotation and speed measurements and can be connected to

19.6 kWh. All models are available

a number of sensors including magnetic speed sensors, photoelectronic sensors, slit

in silver and champagne gold.

sensors and rotary encoders. An example application would be the control of rotation in a delivery roll and pull roll conveyor belt system by measuring rotation speed.

The models are available in an IP55-certified, waterproof casing,

The WPMZ-6 provides instantaneous and integrated flow rate measurements with a

making them suitable for instal-

maximum sampling rate of 100 times/s for analog inputs. An example application would

lation and configuration outside

be to stabilise the mixing process by monitoring the difference of flow rate between

the house.

two different liquids. Bestech Australia Pty Ltd

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Sustainability Matters Feb/Mar 2017  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...

Sustainability Matters Feb/Mar 2017  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...