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CABLE MODEM NETWORK ANALYSERS VeEX’s spectrum analyser and Calan-compatible CM3000 Series Sweep Systems and DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem network analysers are the latest additions to service and plant verification testing and troubleshooting solutions. With an intuitive user interface, VGA colour touch screen and Windows CE operating system combined with a comprehensive measurement suite and an extensive PC toolkit, the CM3000 series simplifies and speeds plant maintenance and increases quality of service. Its fast spectrum mode allows the user to view short duration ingress, impulse noise, electrical interference, CPD and other impairments on a single screen-even under upstream QAM signals. The one-button proof-of-performance CCN, CSO, CTB and HUM measurements option simplifies the testing and troubleshooting process. The WinCE Operating System helps protect the user’s investment, provides future flexibility and allows the addition of many PC-like functions, providing a one-instrument solution. Platform highlights include: simplifies proof-of-performance testing; easyto-use WinCE system minimises training and maximises testing accuracy


and consistency; provides cable TV technicians with a next-generation plant

When a tanker ship is having maintenance, the

maintenance tool with sweep and spectrum analysis; compatible with existing

leak check of the tanks is an important part

CaLan sweep installations — works side by side with legacy deployments;

of the final safety procedure. The tanks are

advanced gated measurements allow characterisation and troubleshooting

purged with an inert gas, such as nitrogen, and

closer to the source; interfaces to the web-based realGATE test management

an oxygen analyser is used to check for trace

system, providing a full array of management tools for tracking assets, ana-

oxygen levels in the purged tank. Depending on

lysing test data and implementing workforce management; open architecture

the type of vessel, the maintenance crews will

design provides support for a variety of devices and future applications; and

need to be able to detect oxygen levels from

use Wi-Fi option, Ethernet or cable modem to access back office systems

1000 down to 50 ppm.

and manage test results.

Portable oxygen analysers, such as the GPR-

Key features include ad-

1100 from Analytical Industries, and so are easily

ditional applications for live

carried to the point of use. They also need little

search, Telnet, SNMP, FTP, re-

power to operate — the GPR-1100 operates

mote desktop plus options

continuously for 30 days, over 8 h with the pump

for Wi-Fi, Signature Capture

running, on a single battery charge — and will

and more; high-resolution true

measure down to less than 10 ppm O2. Simple

non-interfering 5 to 1000 MHz

and intuitive operation is paired with a robust

downstream sweep system with

casing that prevents accidental damage in a

manual and automatic gain and

heavy industrial environment.

slope offsets; fast spectrum with

To maximise the lifetime of the sensor, the

0.3 µs sample rate; equaliser

analyser is available with quick-connect fittings

stress, frequency response and

to protect the sensor from ambient air when not

group delay measurements in

in use. Users can expect sensors to last up to

digital and cable mode; i-QAM option identifies impairments in a QAM signal;

24 months, with replacement sensors readily

gated CCN, CSO, CTB and HUM tests on active channels; DOCSIS 3.0 cable

available and simple to fit.

modem with up to 8 DS and 4 US bonded channels; futureproof flexible and

A range of sample conditioning options are

upgradeable DSP software-defined receiver technology; fast 5 to 200 MHz

available for filtration, pressure reduction and flow

upstream sweep, plus ingress detection and display; Wi-Fi 802.11g wireless

control. As not all tanks have pressures positive

USB adapter option; fast 1 GHz spectrum analyser with 1000 MHz span and

enough to generate a flow to the analyser, the

1 MHz to 30 kHz RBW; 6.4″ full VGA, colour touch screen (daylight visible);

analyser can be supplied with an internal pump.

BPI+ and PacketCable digital certificates installed; weather and shock resistant;

The instrument is available with full ATEX

Net-Tools including ping, trace, throughput and IP details via Wi-Fi, Ethernet

certification for use in hazardous areas.

and cable modem; and user-programmable automated 24-hour testing.

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