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water utility

This project has provided wetland habitat

climate change will greatly influence the live-

for local wildlife and improved the urban

ability and the future prosperity of our city.

amenity for local residents to enjoy.

Demand forecasts

Priority sewerage program

Sydney Water has just completed a new

Our $157m Priority Sewerage Program has

50-year demand forecast that encompasses

allowed thousands of customers on Sydney’s

a range of future water-use scenarios for

fringe to connect to town sewer for the first

our projected growing population. We are

time. The new scheme will help the com-

taking a long-term strategic approach to

munity by reducing risks to public health,

managing demand. Our overall focus for

improving public amenity and protecting

water efficiency now is to deliver services

the environment as residents will no longer

that our customers value, in a way that

have to rely on septic tanks and pump-out

keeps bills low.

services, which could save them hundreds of dollars, help reduce odours and eliminate

Research programs

anaerobic digestion and increase energy yields. • We are conducting a trial where glycerol, a by-product of biodiesel manufacture, is added to the wastewater treatment process to improve energy generation. At the same time, this reduces the waste stream and reduces impacts on the environment. • In a partnership with private company Oxyzone Pty Ltd, Sydney Water developed an Ozone Trailer, using ozone as an alternative to chlorine disinfection of new water pipes. This innovation is

• Sydney Water, in association with other

now providing an annual saving of ap-

water utilities in Australia and inter-

proximately $1.4 million to Sydney Water,

Liveable city programs

nationally and Australian universities,

with disinfection now taking a third

Sydney Water realises that we need to do

won the Global Grand Award at the

of the time without the need to use a

more for our customers than provide water

International Water Association’s (IWA)

chemical such as chlorine. The process

and wastewater services to make our city

2014 Project Innovation Awards held

also uses less water and the ozonation

more liveable.

in Lisbon for the Sewer Corrosion and

offers significantly improved health and safety aspects for employees.

dampness and seepage on their properties.

To this end we manage and protect over

Odour Research program (SCORe). The

200 built and natural heritage sites including

project helps to maximise the service life

As the managing director, I am proud of

the Tank Stream. Last year we discovered

of sewer networks and savings in the

what Sydney Water has already achieved

a remarkable Indigenous artwork site in

order of hundreds of millions of dollars

and we are certainly looking at making an

the heart of suburban Sydney which, in

are expected to be achieved through its

impression in the future, helping to shape

conjunction with the Local Land Council, we

application across the globe.

the lifestyle of Greater Sydney.

• A similar collaborative research project

To create a truly liveable city in the future

We maintain a cycleway on our land

is currently being conducted on condition

will require everyone working together -

around the Prospect Reservoir, which we

assessment and leak detection on critical

transport, utilities, builders - to plan and

have recently reopened following Water

water mains. The aim is to remove the

implement integrated systems which put

NSW’s upgrade of the Reservoir Wall.

guesswork from critical pipe inspection.

sustainability at the forefront.

will protect for future generations.

A further program has been an anti-graffiti

The research is not just about heading

The success of this liveability will be

program we have undertaken in partnership

off major incidents but more importantly,

measured by how well all the planning

with Marrickville Council where renowned

ensuring that water mains are not being

stakeholders collaborate with each other,

street artist Sid Tapia created a modern

replaced before they need to be, which

how well we engage with the community

art piece on a 75 m2 section of one of our

leads to substantial cost savings and less

and importantly, from Sydney Water’s per-

buildings adjacent to the stormwater channel

wastage of a valuable resource. It has

spective, how well we partner with our

in Sydenham. The success of this project

been estimated that the Australian water


provided the catalyst for a similar project

industry could save $160 million over 20

where artist Thomas Jackson painted an

years using the results of the project,

80 m2 mural on a concrete tank at Sydney

which is due to be completed in 2016.

Water’s Wollongong Water Recycling Plant.

• Sydney Water and Randwick City Council are partnering on an innovative trial that

The future

could see kitchen food scraps processed

Sydney Water is looking to the future to

at a sewage treatment plant to produce

ensure we continue to ‘lift the bar’ to

electricity and to reduce waste going

achieve improved levels of customer service

to landfill.

and to keep downward pressure on costs.

• Sydney Water is also researching ad-

We also want to ensure that Sydney is an

ditional opportunities to generate green

enjoyable city to live in.

energy through co-digestion at our

Issues such as population growth, urban

wastewater treatment plants to increase

densification, long-term water security and

the amount of biogas produced from

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