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Renewable Cities Australia Forum Emergent technologies, plans, challenges and achievements Professor Ross Garnaut AO.

• EV Council update on the path forward

With some of the world’s leading cities planning for 100% renewable energy, the Renewable Cities Australia Forum looks at how to increase clean and renewable energy uptake in Australian cities and towns.

for Australia

in a myriad of roles. Before he was executive director climate change and sustainability in

• Planning for an EV Future

the ACT Government, Dr Bygrave was CEO of

• Case studies of industry embracing elec-

Beyond Zero Emissions. He has led significant

tric vehicles

Australian climate change initiatives including the mandatory renewable energy target, the

Key speakers

carbon price and the National Framework for

Professor Ross Garnaut AO is well known

Energy Efficiency. A Visiting Professor at the

to many Australians for his work on climate

Global Change Institute at the University of

change. He’s the author of numerous influ-

Queensland, Dr Bygrave has also implemented

hrough the forum’s theme

ential reports to government (including The

renewable energy projects in the Pacific Islands

of ‘Plan, Innovate, Lead’,

Garnaut Climate Change Review) and many

and with the OECD (Paris).

business and government

books, monographs and articles on interna-

“Last year’s forum enabled both speakers

experts will share their

tional economics, public finance and economic

and attendees to share their experiences

plans, achievements and

development. A Professorial Research Fellow

at informal sessions,” said Mary Hendriks,

challenges in moving to

in Economics at the University of Melbourne,

convenor and program manager of Renewable

renewable and innovative energy systems

Professor Garnaut has held distinguished

Cities Australia Forum. “Open discussions

for electricity and public transport.


high-level positions and chaired the boards

included the challenges and opportunities in

Across the two-day forum, over 25 speak-

of major Australian and international compa-

changing to low-carbon systems and enabled

ers will detail the latest technologies and

nies and organisations. In 2015 he became

new relationships with government, community

case studies of leadership for going 100%

chairman of ZEN Energy Technologies, which

and business to be formed. With the added

renewable in Australia, sharing their progress

seeks to integrate optimal combinations of

benefit of networking drinks at the end of

and market understanding, challenges and

renewable energy and storage to minimise

day one, the 2016 event was a resounding


the cost of supplying zero-carbon electricity

success. This year will build on that formula

to Australian users.

and we are excited with the range and depth

Professor Ross Garnaut AO, chairman of ZEN Energy Technologies, and the Right

The Right Hon Martin Haese has been

Hon Martin Haese, Lord Mayor of the City

Lord Mayor of the City of Adelaide since

of Adelaide, will give the plenary keynote

2014. With an MBA and having lectured for

The Renewable Cities Australia Forum will

presentations. Dr Stephen Bygrave, executive

MBA students, Haese has served on several

again be co-located with the Australian Energy

director of climate change and sustainability

boards and was chairman of the world’s

Storage Conference and Exhibition and will

for the ACT Government, will meanwhile be

largest historic motoring event (The Bay to

feature a new Renewable Cities Zone on the

speaking on Canberra as a 100% renew-

Birdwood). He believes technology will provide

shared exhibition floor. The forum will show-

able city.

solutions for many of today’s problems and

case how cities and regions are transforming

opportunities and his immediate goal is for

their energy systems.

Day 1 themes include: • Updates from Australian city and business leaders on their progress • The corporate world’s role in growing renewable cities • Case studies on planning for 100% re-

of speakers who will present at Renewable Cities Australia Forum.”

Adelaide to become a smart, green, livable and creative city, and ultimately the world’s most

What: Renewable Cities Australia

liveable city. South Australia plans to have


more than 50% renewable energy by 2025.

When: 14–15 June

Dr Stephen Bygrave has worked on climate

Where: International Convention Centre,


change for more than 20 years with interna-


Day 2 features the inaugural Electric

tional organisations, academia, government,


Vehicle workshop, including:

54 Sustainability Matters - Jun/Jul 2017

community and the non-government sectors

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Sustainability Matters Jun/Jul 2017  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...

Sustainability Matters Jun/Jul 2017  

Sustainability Matters is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the latest products, technology and sustainable solutions for industry, governmen...