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UV/Visible spectrophotometers Cecil Instruments has added extra software and accessory options to its UV/Visible spectrophotometers, making them even easier to use. The spectrophotometers provide for fast, easy and precise measurements, with wavelength ranges extending to 1100 nm. The units may be used within many fields, such as food and beverage, molecular biology, environmental testing, clinical chemistry, genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, sports testing, production facilities, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical research, and optical and surface coatings testing. They can be operated in a choice of six languages with instantly expandable ESEF software options and password protection. The spectrophotometers may be supplied with a wide range of additional features, such as PC use, USB ports, integrating spheres, nano cells, food and beverage programs, molecular biology methods, temperature control, automatic cell changers, variable path-length cell holders, water testing methods, high-performance wavelength scanning, multiple wavelength analyses, multicomponent analyses, automatic calibration curves, spectral derivatives and dissolution testing accessories. BEST Lab Instrumentation Pty Ltd

DC linear actuator for positioning maxon motor has released a 6 mm micro linear positioning drive with internal gearing. Micro DC motor linear positioning systems are suitable for applications that require accurate positioning and high forces while maintaining minimal weight and a small footprint; eg, syringe pump actuation and lens or sensor adjustment in a production or laboratory environment. The linear speed, length and forces can be controlled and adjusted by combining a suitable brushed or brushless DC motor, encoder and motor drive electronics. Up to 11Â N continuous and 15 N intermittently can be achieved with linear speeds of 25 mm/s. With a linear actuator, thrust bearing system and planetary gearhead in one assembly, the product weighs only 2.9 g. This makes it suitable for specialist robotic applications. The device is available in two versions: a ceramic version for high efficiency and longer lifespan; and a metal version which is more cost effective for less demanding applications. maxon motor Australia Pty Ltd

Surface area and porosity instrument The Micromeritics ASAP 2060 surface area and porosity instrument is equipped with 10 and 0.1 mmHg high-resolution transducers to permit krypton (low surface area) and micropore measurements, respectively. The single-port system provides pressure measurement from 0 to 950 mmHg and features resolution up to 1 x 10-7 torr (0.1 mmHg transducer). Increased throughput is available with up to three additional units on a shared turbo pumping system, without adding the additional multiple dedicated vacuum systems. The instrument provides research-grade results and MicroActive software to the user. Particle & Surface Sciences Pty Ltd

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