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96-well protein precipitation plates Restek’s line of Resprep sample preparation products has expanded to include 96-well protein precipitation (PPT) plates. The Resprep PPT3 96-well plates offer efficient protein removal with built-in, drip-free membrane and three-way versatility for filtration, so

Data collection and visualisation software

the user can easily prepare serum, plasma and

Mettler-Toledo has introduced its Collect+ data collection and visualisation software. The

other biological samples.

software shows users a visual overview of their operations, taking complicated process

The plates offer greater than 99% protein removal

data and making it easy to understand at a glance. It is designed for use by quality

and drip-free, in-well protein precipitation for a

managers, production managers, maintenance managers and procurement managers.

minimum of 24 h — with no fear of backflushing or

Production scales and other equipment can be connected to a central data collec-

contamination. A dual-layer membrane with different

tion system that stores the data in real time for archiving and analysis. The integrated

porosities in each layer prohibits clogging, speeds

dashboard tool can show process trends over time, highlight deviations and gauge

up filtration and, using the company’s recommended

performance in views that can be customised for specific production areas or em-

solvent-first method, streamlines sample prepara-

ployees. The software can also export data to Microsoft Excel for integration into other

tion even further.

reporting systems and distribute the information to anyone who needs it, no matter where they are in your facility.

The 2 mL deep wells are suitable for mixing by vortex or pipette, and the 96-well plates can be used

The product can be installed in a matter of minutes and can be accessed from mul-

to increase throughput in general filtration applica-

tiple PCs and on mobile devices. As it supports Windows operating systems, there is

tions. The versatile plates are compatible with all

no special server required. Nearly any device with data output can be connected, and

common filtration devices: vacuum manifold, positive

millions of measurements can be stored thanks to an optimised data collection engine.

pressure manifold and centrifugation.

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Leco Australia Pty Ltd

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Can you see it? No? Very good! The ideal valve for artificial ventilation and dental technology Small part, big role: The 3/2-way Cartridge Valve 6164 from Bürkert fits in any assembly – and blends in. Easy integration via “Plug & Play” paves the way for a slim build. Once set up, the high-performer delivers lifetime durability, even without maintenance. The tiny valve is highly energy efficient and switches almost inaudibly.

The 6164 Cartridge Valve: Compact, efficient, reliable. |

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