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pH meter The FiveGo pH is a handy, portable meter that provides rapid and reliable results on the go. The device can be used in applications including the field, the laboratory, the food and beverage sector, agriculture, industry, water and the environment. The product has the storage capacity for up to 30 measurements and mV/ORP measuring mode. It meets IP54 specifications for protection against dust and water. It also has automatic endpoint recognition and calibration with automatic buffer recognition. The meter features five self-explanatory operating and function buttons for easy measurement, menu access, saving and recalling results and calibration recall. The device will also provide information on the condition of the electrode and the battery level. It allows for fast changeover between pH and mV parameters or between conductivity, TDS and salinity. The product’s large and intuitive display simultaneously shows readings, temperature and endpoint

RNA-binding protein immunoprecipitation kits Merck Millipore has introduced the Magna Nuclear RNA-binding Protein Immunoprecipitation (RIP) kits. The kits are designed to allow the discovery and analysis of both coding and non-coding chromatin-associated RNAs. Two versions of the kit are available, enabling users to analyse RNA both strongly and weakly associated with chromatin; one version uses cross-linked chromatin while the other uses native chromatin. Native RIP allows recovery of high-affinity, more direct interactions while the crosslinked method is designed to capture higher molecular weight complexes and more readily trap weaker interacting RNAs. Compared with other kits available to researchers, the product is said to deliver lower background signals and high signal-to-noise ratios, and has been demonstrated to work in RNA-seq to enable NGS-based discovery and profiling. The kits offer flexible and scalable input requirements; RNA can be recovered from as few as 5000 cells (cross-linked) or 100,000 cells (native).

criteria along with helpful icons. This allows for easy

Merck Pty Limited

use by any technician, along with a large five-button

keypad for easy manipulation. The unit is available from LabFriend in four different options: basic kit with LE438 pH electrode, IP54 connection caps and several buffer sachets; field kit with carry bag; four sample bottles; or a food kit with LE427 puncture pH electrode, IP54 connection caps and several buffer sachets, with carry bag and four sample bottles. LabFriend

Accelerated chromatographic isolation Biotage has launched ACI (Accelerated Chromatographic Isolation), converting simple flash purification into a faster and more economical way to isolate pure compounds. The product is expected to improve the efficiency of the laboratory, embracing developments in purification technology to guide chemists towards improved chromatography. Traditional purification taking more than 15 min is reduced to 5 min; a 250 mg scale laboratory-scale experiment can now be purified in less than 3 min on a 10 g column with an ACI-enabled Biotage Isolera flash purification system. Biotage Isolera systems already recommend cartridges based on the sample size and programmed TLC data; they work out the best solvent gradient based on compound and provide real-time indication of eluting compounds using UV, ELSD or mass detection. Working seamlessly with the system, ACI’s simple wizard quickly guides chemists through the system. Existing Biotage Isolera systems can be upgraded to ACI systems, and ACI will come with all new production systems. John Morris Scientific Pty Ltd

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