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3D conformational comparison of biosimilars Enzo Life Sciences has introduced a novel line of conformational ELISA kits providing a sensitive, systematic and robust measurement of biosimilar conformation comparability at the

Gas adsorption sample preparation device

molecular level. The kit allows for 3D conformational comparison and higher-

The Micromeritics Smart VacPrep is a

order structure (HOS) characterisation between biosimilars

six-port system that utilises vacuum

and marketed MAbs. The technology can be applied to many

to prepare samples by heating and

stages of biologics development. The assay uses more than 30

evacuation. Each of the ports may be

polyclonal antibodies to cover an entire Mab, thereby measuring

operated independently. Samples may

its surface-epitope distribution systematically and sensitively. The assay is in a sandwich ELISA format where the plate is coated with a panel of antibodies raised against peptides derived from the full length protein sequence of a biologic. Taken individually, each of these antibodies is strongly antigenic to the peptide sequence that was used in its production. However, when these peptides are incorporated into a full length correctly folded protein, the antigenicity of many of them is masked by the 3D structure of the protein and only a limited number of the antibodies respond. The result is a histogram which can be likened to a ‘fingerprint’ for a correctly folded biologic. The product detects small amounts of conformational impurity (≥0.1%) and correlates well with bioassays and glycosylation analysis. United Bioresearch Products Pty Ltd |

be added or removed from degas ports without disturbing the treatment of other samples undergoing preparation. Degassing automatically terminates when the samples have completed all programmed steps. The software includes a set of default ramp and temperature parameters. Users also have the option of programming each port with a different set of parameters. A record of the sample preparation time and temperature can be recorded as part of the sample data file. The de-gas program may be started or terminated by using software installed on the computer attached to the analysis instrument or with push-buttons on the front panel of the product. The time-saving ‘Rapid-Start’ mode on each port gives the user the ability to walk up to the instrument, attach the sample tube with heating mantle and immediately start degassing a sample. Particle & Surface Sciences Pty Ltd

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