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what’s new

Laboratory information management system

Purification system

Lims1 is an easy and flexible laboratory information manage-

release of the Reveleris Prep purifica-

ment system. The fully integrated system takes care of all

tion system - a dual-mode instrument

data requirements including sample registration, allocation

that allows organic chemists, pre-

of testing, result entry, data acquisition from instruments and

parative chromatographers and other

external sources, approvals and reporting.

researchers to perform both flash and

The system combines ease of use with a high degree of flexibility. Productivity modules provide enhanced capabilities for specialised tasks and can be added to meet individual needs.

WR Grace & Co has announced the

preparative liquid chromatography (LC) using a single unit. Researchers can easily switch be-

Version 9.3 was released earlier this year and users are

tween flash and preparative chromatography modes with a simple touch of

said to be reporting enhanced productivity in the areas of

the screen, giving them complete control over the purification process and

sample registration, analysis and approval. Enhanced tracking

saving them time. The dual mode capability eliminates the need to change

of recurring samples has reduced data entry at registration,

locations or departments when switching between flash and prep LC processes.

provided historical feedback at time of result entry and pro-

The instrument saves space in the laboratory and is said to reduce capital

vided unlimited categories and filters for summary reporting.

costs for equipment between 40 and 50%. The system incorporates Grace’s

Upgrades to Lims1 Script Server provide improved automa-

Revealx detection technology which triggers fraction collection from multiple

tion for routine data transfer tasks. Files can be dropped into

detector signals, yielding higher purity compounds in less time.

defined directories and from then are automatically processed.

Grace Davison Discovery Sciences

Uses include importing of instrument data, external results

and field results. LTech Australia Pty Ltd

Top-loading autoclave The Priorclave C60 top-loading autoclave is suitable for laboratories with limited floor space or a high-density load requirement. The product is equipped with castors, enabling it to be easily moved when required, and easily plugs into a 13 A socket to power up. It has a 60 L stainless steel chamber and requires just 472 x 620 mm of floor space. Through the push-button Tactrol 2 microprocessor control system, users program the sterilising parameters of time and temperature as well as select special features such as free steaming and media warming. Free steaming can improve air removal in difficult loads and/or reduce temperature lag between the load and the autoclave, reducing process time at higher temperatures. Media warming cycles the temperature between 45°C and 55°C once the pre-set temperature of 45°C is reached, which is continuous until the door is opened. This allows nutrient media to be held as a liquid until it is needed. Access to the sterilising chamber is gained through the Quickseal single-action door closure/opening mechanism, which is designed for one-handed operation and incorporates thermal and pressure locks that prevent opening at unsafe temperatures and pressure to prevent personal injury. Priorclave has incorporated Biomaster Protection into the exterior epoxy coating - an effective and permanent treatment for control of harmful bacteria providing durable protection against the threat of cross contamination. Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

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