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DNA dye for live and fixed cells Corrosive storage cabinet range

DRAQ5 is a robust, far-red fluorescent dye

The Polystore corrosive storage

and fixed cells. The product is highly photo

cabinet is suitable for containing

and chemically stable and easy to use,

corrosive chemicals and substances in

requiring no lyse, wash or RNase treatment.

the laboratory. Available in a wide range of sizes,

The dye is suitable for use in multicolour

the cabinet offers a safe, stylish storage option featuring

analysis and is compatible with a range

no internal metal parts, fire-retardant polypropylene construction,

of other dyes (eg, GFP and FITC) as it

self-closing, lockable doors and a liquid-tight sump. The cabinet can be custom-made to the user’s requirements and dimen-

that rapidly stains dsDNA and nuclei of live

does not excite in the UV range, avoiding complications of autofluorescence.

sions. It is available with adjustable and removable shelving. The corrosive

The dye has many applications and is

storage cabinet has undergone many years of development and testing and

highly compatible with existing protocols

is compliant to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3780 and AS/NZS 2243.10.

across a wide range of instrumentation

Additional sizes have been introduced into the range, including 150,

platforms. It is a suitable DNA stain in

200 and 250 L, all with dividers to separate acids and bases under the

applications including IF nuclear counter-

one footprint. This adds to the existing range of 50 and 100 L, providing

staining; HCS/IVT counterstaining; nucle-

a complete storage range to suit all requirements.

ated cell gating; DNA content/cell cycle

Laboratory Systems Group

analysis; in-cell Western assays.

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