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Flash point instrument PAC has announced the release of its nextgeneration flash point instrument, the Herzog OptiFlash Pensky-Martens. The product is simple to use, easy to clean and safe to operate. It detects flash points up to 400°C and complies to global standards such as ASTM D93, ISO 2719, EN ISO 2719, IP 34, JIS K2265 and GB/T 261. With the product’s intuitive user interface and built-in automation, users can easily start a test without having to spend time doing manual tasks like installing the flash point and temperature sensors, as well as installing the test cup for each test. Its innovative design also makes it easy to clean, allowing the user to not only disassemble the cup cover without any tools but also to clean

Biobanking tubes

highly viscous samples, like bitumen. This improves

Biobanking tubes from Greiner Bio-One are designed to fit more sam-

the reliability of the test results significantly since

ples in less space. With secure seals, robust walls and medical-grade

users can now run a quick clean before running

polymers, the range protects samples from evaporation, leakage and the

any new sample.

rigors of cold storage and thawing processes.

With its ultrafast optical flame detector, the

The company’s 96-well, SBS footprint racks hold 250, 600 and 1000 µL

instrument can detect a fire or even small flames

working volume tubes with custom or pre-produced 2D coding. The tubes

in an extended range around the test cup. It

and racks will integrate easily with existing decappers, liquid handling

replaces the previously released PAC flash point

systems, storage systems and scanners.

instruments - the Herzog HFP 339, Herzog HFP 360 and ISL FP93 5G2.

Interpath Services Pty Ltd

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

Liquid nitrogen isn’t the most friendly place for lab labels. That’s why Brady FreezerBondz™ labels are tested and re-tested in the harshest lab conditions. Whether facing liquid nitrogen, freezers or even the heat of autoclaves, FreezerBondz are designed to adhere to frozen tubes and vials down to -196ºC and work across frosted, frozen or room temperature surfaces. |

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