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Gene Expression

miRNA Expression


Copy Number Variation

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NanoString technology uses unique molecular barcodes that hybridize directly to target nucleic acid molecules. Use custom-designed assays to detect and quantify gene targets with digital precision from any species, or select from a portfolio of application-specific kits for gene expression, copy number variation, and miRNA analysis.

PanCancer Immune Profiling Panel

PanCancer Pathways Panel

Profile human immune response in all cancer types with our new 770-plex gene panel

A novel 770-plex panel representing all major cancer pathways including key driver genes

109 genes to cell surface markers for 24 different immune cell types and populations 30 genes for commonly studied CT Antigens Over 500 genes for measuring immune response 40 Reference Genes (including 30 overlapping controls with the PanCancer Pathways Panel) Customise with up to 30 extra gene targets of your choice (additional cost option)

770 Essential Genes Representing 13 Canonical Pathways 606 Pathway Genes: Notch, Wnt, Hedgehog, TGFB, MAPK, STAT, P13K, RAS, Chromatin Modification, Transcriptional Regulation, DNA Damage Control, Cell Cycle, Apoptosis 124 cancer driver genes 40 reference genes Customise with up to 30 extra gene targets of your choice (additional cost option) © NanoString Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY.

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