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Pressure reactor Asynt announces PressureSyn, a 125 mL working volume high-pressure reactor that combines good performance, ease of use and a high level of operational safety. Designed by chemists and engineers, the reactors provide a suitable tool for stirred, or non-stirred, high-pressure applications including hydrogenations, carbonylations, catalyst screening and polymerisations. Precision engineered from traceable certified 316 stainless steel, the safety features include a bursting disk and pressure relief valve. Reactors feature a bracket and key-operated locking system ensuring easy assembly. The clamping arrangement also prevents the clasp from being disassembled while the reactor is still under pressure. Each reactor’s locking collar has a unique key, which ensures only that key can be used to open that specific individual reactor. Each reactor is tested to 170 bar, witnessed and certified by Zurich Insurance, and is rated for use up to a maximum pressure of 100 bar and temperature of 200°C. A DrySyn adapter plate ensures secure placement of the product to any standard hotplate stirrer, giving enhanced heat transfer and the ability to control temperature from the stirrer’s temperature probe. An optional PTFE reduction adapter/sleeve is available for small-volume chemistry. Asynt

Small DC servo motors extended encoder range maxon DCX motors have online configuration and an automated production facility. This allows the user to directly modify the features of the motor and select various gearhead and encoder options suitable for many sustainable manufacturing applications. The selectable range of encoders has increased with the 3-channel range of optical 2RMF and SCH sensors. Once the encoder is selected, the resolution option is given. The encoders feature a wide input voltage range. The output signal is EIA standard RS422 using an 26C31 driver. With the configuration tool, the user can select a low backlash gearhead or maxon can supply zero-backlash, high-reduction gearheads that, when used in conjunction with the 5000cpt, will give the user a 20,000 quad count position capability. Multiply this by the gearhead ratio selection and the result is an accurate positioning drive. maxon motor Australia Pty Ltd

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