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pH and conductivity meters Metrohm has available the 912 Conductometer, the 913 pH Meter and the 914 pH/Conductometer. The meters are robust and easy to use. The meters are both precision instruments for the laboratory and companions for mobile use in the field. During field use, the meters are powered by batteries. Afterwards, they can be recharged, even on the road on the cigarette lighter with the use of an adapter. The 914 pH/Conductometer offers parallel measurement of pH and conductivity, while the 913 pH Meter features parallel recording of two pH values. Both versions indicate the temperature(s) of the sample(s). The 912 Conductometer measures the conductivity, salinity and temperature of the sample. Ergonomic design ensures the meters fit comfortably in one hand. Each key on the clearly organised user interface comes with a secure pressure point. Hence, the meters can be operated intuitively with one‘s left or right thumb while the other hand remains free to hold the electrode(s) in the medium in which the measurement is done. All three versions meet the requirements of IP67. In the office, the meter is simply plugged into the USB port of the PC and the collected data is exported straight to the LIMS or Excel or can be managed in tiBase, the Metrohm titration software.

Volatile organic compound monitor Suitable for those in the oil and gas, industrial safety, air-quality, hazmat and military sectors, the ppbRAE 3000 is a volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor with data logging functionality. The monitor is available to rent from TechRentals. RAE Systems’ VOC monitor uses a photo-ionisation detector (PID) with a 10.6 eV UV-discharge lamp. The monitor also comes with integrated correction factors for 220 compounds, and humidity compensation with integral humidity and temperature sensors. The device features a range from 1 to 10,000 ppm, a 3 s response time, and sensor and lamp auto cleaning. It is also waterproof to IP67. TechRentals

MEP Instruments Pty Limited

AUSTRALIAN PHENOME BANK Archiving and retrieval of your mouse models

• Secure your strains with cryopreservation • Access the strain you require from the collection • • • • •

Fully curated database Creator of strain maintains ownership Sperm cryopreservation: $370/strain (5 mice) Latest IVF technique for strain re-animation from frozen sperm IVF with sperm from C57BL/6 background: 98% efficiency MOUSE HOLDING SERVICES


Short and long term rates available covering management and technical services

Contact Stuart Read


Mouse collection containing SNVs in >80% of genes

Accurately identifying variants in mouse & human


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Efficient archiving and retrieval of mouse strains


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