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what’s new Cell lysis RT-qPCR kits Bio-Rad Laboratories has announced the launch of a rapid cell lysis kit that allows researchers to obtain reverse transcription quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) data directly

Lysis and DNA purification system

from cultured cells without the need for

NucleoSpin isolation technology from

a separate RNA purification step. The

Macherey Nagel provides a lysis and DNA

SingleShot family of cell lysis RT-qPCR

purification system for nearly all types

kits provide high-quality gene expression

of food samples. Even low amounts of

results in less than 2 h.

partially degraded DNA can be purified

Available column isolation methods for purifying RNA are said to be time consuming and

from complex matrices including honey,

laborious, while other methods that enable RT-qPCR directly from cell lysates can damage

pollen, bread, flour, spices, cereals, meat,

the RNA and result in poor genomic DNA clearance. The kits eliminate such challenges

pharmaceutical tablets, cosmetic creams

and offer good reproducibility and accuracy of gene expression results. Minimal set-up and

and powders, and starter cultures.

pipetting steps create an automation-friendly workflow and, unlike other similar methods, the kits do not require an additional pipetting step to stop the cell lysis reaction.

Resulting eluates from the fast and easy protocol are ready to use for all

The kits are suited for high-throughput laboratories with large-volume workloads and for

types of subsequent detection methods,

researchers who are faced with a limited number of cells and require high accuracy in each

especially real-time and basic PCR

analysis. They include an RNA control template and qPCR assay to help researchers deter-

technology. Sensitivity is ensured as the

mine optimal cell number and lysate inputs for their RT-qPCR reactions.

system completely removes PCR inhibi-

The kits are validated for use with a wide variety of adherent and suspension cell lines

tors. The process can also be automated

and are offered in multiple formats, including one-step RT-qPCR and two-step RT-qPCR kits

on vacuum-based robotic workstations.

that are compatible with either SYBR Green or probe-based assays. They are also available as stand-alone cell lysis kits.

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