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Portable gas detector

Compact data logger with built-in Bluetooth The MSR Electronics MSR145WD data logger allows

The RKI Eagle 2 portable gas detector can be rented

the monitoring of measured data with a built-in

from TechRentals.

colour OLED graphic display, via a Bluetooth

Suitable for the oil and gas, industrial safety, air-

Low Energy (BLE) wireless connection or from

quality, hazmat and military sectors, the gas detector

any location using the optional web-based MSR

provides confined space protection for lower explosive

SmartCloud service.

limit (LEL), O2, H2S and CO. It also incorpo-

The bright, high-resolution, colour OLED display allows data

rates a photoionisation detector (PID) for

and graphic charts to be viewed from virtually any viewing angle.

volatile organic compound (VOC)

The BLE wireless radio link is particularly advantageous for ap-


plications that require monitoring of measured data from locations

The unit comes standard with

that are difficult to access, such as machine rotations. BLE allows

data logging; low-flow pump

the user immediate data visualisation irrespective of the location.

shut-off and alarm; auto calibra-

The measured values can be quickly transferred to a PC, lap-

tion/single gas calibration; and an

top or smartphone. Users can receive alarm messages via the

IrDA communications port. It is intrin-

MSR SmartCloud and, if required, share data from multiple data

sically safe and CSA approved. Other

loggers with a team at any time.

features include methane elimination

The device can be configured with up to five internal or ex-

for environmental use; powerful long-

ternal sensors. Available sensors include three-axis acceleration,

life pump up to 38 m range; and an

temperature, humidity, air pressure and light sensors.

alkaline 18 h or Ni-MH 20 h capability.

Due to its high-capacity battery and its ability to store over one


million measurements, the product is suitable for long-term data

acquisition applications. It can be supplied in a standard IP60 housing or a waterproof IP67 housing. Interworld Electronics and Computer Industries

Multiplexed cancer immune response profiling The nCounter PanCancer Immune Profiling Panel is a novel gene expression panel that enables researchers to develop profiles of the human immune response in all cancer types. In collaboration with cancer immunologists around the globe, the 770-plex gene panel combines markers for 24 different immune cell types and populations, 30 common cancer antigens and genes that represent all categories of immune response including key checkpoint blockade genes. Twelve separate samples can be fully profiled for all 770 genes per run and high-precision digital data is available from the system the next day. Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

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