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Food pathogen detection system The Thermo Scientific SureTect Real-Time PCR System combines speed and performance in an easy-to-use, compact platform. The system is designed to quickly and accurately detect chosen target microorganisms in a broad range of food matrices and samples from food manufacturing environments. With a single enrichment step, no secondary enrichment or regrowth is required, enabling fast, simple testing. The system uses pre-filled lysis tubes for convenience and reliable, consistent cell lysis. The small instrument footprint allows for installations where bench space is at a premium. Software is

Stainless steel vial filling system

both simple and intuitive, allowing for straightforward training,

TAP Biosystems has announced a stainless steel version of the

quick set-up and simple tracking of results.

fill-it system, designed for safely dispensing biohazardous materials

Thermo Fisher Scientific

such as vaccine stocks. The product is suited to the demands of

working with highly potent vaccine stock. The system fits into standard isolator cabinets, thus reducing the product contamination risk as well as the operator’s exposure to this biohazardous material. It automatically decaps, fills and recaps a rack of 24 vaccine vials every 2 min. This ensures vialto-vial consistency and, because there is no need for any manual intervention, makes routine vial fill and finishing safer. Each vaccine batch is aseptically processed using GMP-certified, single-use tubing that is destroyed after use. The product’s stainless steel exterior prevents corrosion and potential routes of contamination such as rust spots. It can also be sterilised after each batch run with high-strength hydrogen peroxide vapour, further reducing product contamination risk. Sartorius Stedim Australia Pty Ltd

Laboratory acids for trace metal analysis Avantor Performance Materials has launched high-purity

IMMUNOPRECIPITATION WITH NANO-TRAPS® GFP-Trap® and RFP-Trap® are well established high quality tools for the fast, reliable and efficient one-step isolation of green and red fluorescent fusion proteins and their interacting factors.

laboratory acids optimised for trace metal analysis and designed to meet the needs of users in environmental, food, quality-control and other testing applications. Marketed under the company’s JT Baker brand, the Baker Instra-Analyzed Plus acids product line features a selection of widely used acids specially formulated to enable more accurate trace metal analysis in the very low parts per billion (ppb) range (most from 0.1-1 ppb). The acids offer users upgraded capability from Avantor’s Baker Instra-Analyzed acid line products. The line of high-purity acids is produced under strict protocols; quality tested for up to 64 key trace metals, such as iron

Nano-Traps are used for: • Pulldowns/Immunoprecipitations • Co-IP • Mass Spectrometry • Enzyme Activity Measurements • ChIP/RIP Analysis Nano-Traps are made by coupling recombinant single domain antibody fragments (VHHs) derived from the alpaca to monovalent matrices (agarose beads, magnetic particles or multiwell plates) Introducing 5 NEW members of the Nano-Trap family: • GST-Trap • P53-Trap • Mdm4-Trap • MK2-Trap • Dnmt1-Trap Experience the Alpaca Antibody Advantage

and lead, to ensure purity; and packaged in environmentally friendly recyclable HDPE bottles. Avantor Performance Materials

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